Captain Cook Hotel adaptive re-use

Cook Hotel 1 [Google Street View Nov 2012]354 Great King Street [Google Street View Nov 2012]

### ODT Online on Wed, 5 Aug 2015
Bringing ‘The Cook’ back to life
By Damian George
Patrons will be able to toast the reopening of Dunedin’s historic Captain Cook Tavern by Christmas, the project’s architect says. The venue, a popular jaunt for Dunedin’s student population, was founded in 1860 but closed in June last year. […] Architect Ed Elliott, of Queenstown company Elliott Architects Ltd, said a large emphasis of the refurbishment was placed on preserving the building’s character when design plans were drawn up.
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█ The Cook Hotel is now at 70% seismic strengthening.

Otago Daily Times Published on Aug 4, 2015
Bringing ‘The Cook’ back to life
Patrons will be able to toast the reopening of Dunedin’s historic Captain Cook Tavern by Christmas, the project’s architect says.

Michael Brown established the hotel in 1864. The original “Cook”, a wooden structure, was pulled down in 1873 to make way for a brick and stone building which stands today. The replacement was designed by architect David Ross (1828-1908).

Cook Hotel - Otago Witness 29.11.1873 p19 News of the Week [Papers Past]Otago Witness 29.11.1873 Issue 1148 (page 19)

### Otago Magazine Issue 40
Whatever happened to…
The Cook?

There would be few Otago alumni who don’t have some sort of story about The Cook.
Built in the 1870s, The Captain Cook Hotel (to use its full name) has been part of North Dunedin as long as the University of Otago itself, becoming woven into the backdrop of student life.
When word of its imminent closure started circulating in 2013 it is fair to say there was widespread dismay at the loss of what was seen as a Dunedin institution. On the day it closed its doors, in June 2013, people who had not set foot in the pub since they were students made sure they went in to toast The Cook and to share their stories and memories.
Since then the two-storey brick building has been wrapped in a scaffolding cocoon while a transformation takes place. The owners – Chris James, Noel Kennedy and Greg Paterson – are having the building taken back to its original look, right down to the old traditional corner entrance to the downstairs front bar.
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5 responses to “Captain Cook Hotel adaptive re-use

  1. E Palmer

    Wow! No expense spared eh? Sounds like it’s going to be a much classier joint than it used to be – but will that mean a classier clientele? Here’s hoping the new look Cook gets treated with the mighty respect the old boy deserves.

    Contrary to popular belief, the old Cook closed because it wasn’t able to remain viable (same for the Bowler and Gardies), NOT because the University or DCC shut them down. Odds are our pooooooor cash-strapped students won’t be able to afford to drink in the new place. What’s more, if the old pub died as a consequence of the pre-loaders arriving tanked up already on cheaper booze, to enjoy a full night of the place on one purchased drink in return, how will the new Cook survive? It’ll take a miracle, but cheers and good luck to the developers in any case.

    Maybe that unaudited Studylink loan of $1,000 ‘Course Related Costs’ (yeah right!) paid annually into the private accounts of those studying full-time at the beginning of every year, is what many bars here count on to survive?

    Bullshit that it’s a minority of students in this town who spend that money irresponsibly! It’s seen as a right of passage for all who come here to get as far away from parental control as possible and go mental – Many don’t fair well after their first semester, but hey sadly for Otago University ‘C’s get degrees’ is the common call now.

    This ‘spend’ has got to equate to millions for the liquor industry in Dunedin during O-week. It’s a golden feeding frenzy to begin with, but soon dies to become a long cold, thirsty slog for the rest of the year, until the next ‘free’ payout.

    Hell, I’m totally happy to be proven wrong! Meantime let’s petition our Government to control and audit that Studylink grant next year – Afterall it represents $120M tax payers’ money nationally paid out every year. Sheezus, there’ll be anarchy in the streets – oh but wait … Isn’t that what we have at O-week and beyond already?

    Studylink money blown on strippers, alcohol and Taylor Swift tickets

  2. Elizabeth

    “This is the most famous bar in New Zealand. There is no better, bigger or more vibrant brand than the Captain Cook. It’s notorious, it’s infamous.”

    ### ODT Online Thu, 17 Dec 2015
    Things will be Cooking (+ video)
    By Vaughan Elder
    New Zealand’s “most famous bar”, the Captain Cook Tavern, will be for more than just students when it reopens early next year, its new operator says. Tenant and operations manager Sheldon Lye said the finishing touches were being put on the Dunedin bar over the summer before a planned opening in February or March.
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    Otago Daily Times Published on Dec 16, 2015
    Captain Cook Tavern
    Dunedin’s famous student bar the Captain Cook Tavern is set to re-open in February next year. The venue was founded in 1860.

  3. Elizabeth

    Site could be used as a car park….

    ### ODT Online Sat, 6 Feb 2016
    Former Cook tavern garden bar demolished
    By Vaughan Elder
    The former garden bar at Captain Cook Tavern has been demolished, but the building’s owners are yet to decide what will go in its place.
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  4. Elizabeth

    Tue, 17 May 2016
    ODT: Captain Cook to set sail on new voyage (+ video)
    New Zealand’s “most famous pub”, the Captain Cook, is reopening today as a gastro-themed pub for more than just students. The reopening of the historic venue comes almost two years after it closed in June 2014, amid concerns it could remain permanently shut.

    Otago Daily Times Published on May 16, 2016
    Captain Cook Hotel reopens
    The Captain Cook Tavern is reopening as the Captain Cook Hotel

  5. Elizabeth

    The upstairs venue hasn’t been paying its way due to students preloading and turning up to drink water…. and sadly the proposed companion development of the car park area to Albany St never went ahead therefore making the hotel look like an isolated prune on the corner. Whomever is responsible for the bad project planning, business planning, architecture, urban design across the entire site has blown it. The level of investment has been too meagre.

    The upstairs may convert to accommodation (note to acoustic design….).

    The booths on the ground floor, and the bar itself, are interesting – that part is good, except the acoustic control is ZERO – so when the deadheads want to watch rugby on TV in the bar area, guests in the booths can’t hear themselves and to converse ‘quietly’ they have to yell, it’s exhausting.

    The sushi bar (do’h) wasn’t a fit with the other activities.

    Hopefully the flaws can be hammered out with a new lessee/licensee who can persuade the old slacker doughboys (the property owners) to open their pockets properly for long term success of the operation.

    Infilling the off street carpark (not landscaped) with the build proposed – architecturally – would be a good start.

    Painting and refining the ‘cold and stark’ building exterior in a warmer hue with deft architectural finishing is essential.


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