Significant tree: 28 Argyle Street Mosgiel – LUC-2015-296

As a community board member and a businessman-resident, Martin Dillon, it seems, has set a precedent for removal of (District Plan listed) Significant Trees from the streets of Mosgiel township. Not only this, his community board supports the destruction of many community-established trees at Mosgiel’s Memorial Gardens – to make way for a new swimming pool complex. Earlier this year the community board was ultimately responsible for destruction of the community’s beautification scheme at Gladstone Road (railway corridor).
That’s one hell of a lot of greenery you’ve seen wiped off the planet, Mr Dillon.

The tree is prettier than the freaking house beside it.

28 Argyle Street Mosgiel - LUC-2015-296 (significant tree) 3aSignificant tree – 28 Argyle Street Mosgiel – LUC-2015-296
Closes: 28/08/2015

Notification of Application for a Resource Consent – Under Section 93(2) of the Resource Management Act 1991.
The Dunedin City Council has received the following application for Resource Consent:

Application description
To remove a tree that is listed in the Dunedin City District Plan under Schedule 25.3 as T151 (Copper Beech).

Application documents
LUC-2015-296 – Public notice (PDF, 34.6 KB)
This document is the Public Notice for Resource Consent application LUC-2015-296

LUC-2015-296 – Submission 13 form (PDF, 78.2 KB)
This document can be used to make a submission regarding Resource Consent application LUC-2015-296

LUC-2015-296 – Application (PDF, 530.0 KB)
This document is a scanned copy of the application for resource consent LUC-2015-296

Notified resource consent details
Closing date: 28/08/2015
Consent number: Significant tree – 28 Argyle Street Mosgiel – LUC-2015-296

Name of applicant: M J Sproule & J A Maxwell

Location of site: 28 Argyle Street, Mosgiel, being that land legally described as Lot 3 Deposited Plan, 470637 held in Computer Freehold Register 636380

Address for service: M J Sproule & J A Maxwell, 34A Ayr Street, Mosgiel 9024

Online submissions: Online submission form

LUC-2015-296 [excerpts from application]

28 Argyle Street Mosgiel - LUC-2015-296 (significant tree)

28 Argyle Street Mosgiel - LUC-2015-296 (significant tree) 1

DCC on Significant Trees
Dunedin City District Plan — Schedule 25.3 Significant Trees (PDF, 275.6 KB)

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3 responses to “Significant tree: 28 Argyle Street Mosgiel – LUC-2015-296

  1. Brian Miller

    Martin’s the man. Sat as a commissioner on a consent hearing that approved the removal of a significant tree on Wingatui Road. Then within days had an application in for the removal of a significant tree on his own property that was granted. Martin is also on the trust for the new proposed pool in Mosgiel, with the Trust’s preferred site being Mosgiel Memorial Gardens, where at least 50 mature trees will have to get the chop. It must be great time to be in the chainsaw and firewood business in Mosgiel. It would be interesting to know if all this new chainsaw and firewood business will be seen by the council as achieving economic development out on the Taieri. Would John Christie of the council’s Enterprise Dunedin like to give us an indication of how many millions of these firewood and chainsaw sales will create employment, and add to the local economy?

  2. Brian Miller

    Has the Mosgiel Taieri Community Board abdicated its responsibilities and disqualified itself from representing its community ?
    The community board is elected by its community to advocate on behalf of its community.
    As you will see from the above resource consent application it is in the Mosgiel Taieri Community Board’s ward. The community board can expect therefore that they can have a board member to sit on any hearings within their ward. As Martin Dillon did on the Wingatui Road tree’s hearing.
    But the board has backed the pool trust’s preferred site for the proposed pool (and also has a representative on the pool trust). This site contains about 40/50 magnificent trees in a community-built Memorial Gardens. This must surely show that they have no respect for the gardens and a bias against trees; and the resource consent application above is about the removal of a tree. It should be noted that the board has not done any public consultation about the preferred pool site, to obtain the community views that it is supposed to represent. The question is has the board disqualified itself from being part of the hearings committee for the above resource application, for the removal of a tree. When it has shown a total disregard and supported the destruction of 40/50 trees in the Memorial Gardens?

  3. Jacob

    Another Tree up for the chop in today’s ODT, out at Mosgiel. If the community board are consistent Martin Dillon should get the job of representing the board on this one.

    {Link: -Eds}

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