Hands off Mosgiel Memorial Gardens

Received from Brian Miller
‎Fri‎, ‎24‎ ‎July ‎2015 at ‎1‎:‎43‎ ‎p.m.

Hands off Mosgiel Memorial Garden 3

█ Trees and green space at Mosgiel Memorial Gardens poised for destruction if DCC develops a community pool on site. Photographs by Brian Miller.

Memorial Park, Mosgiel 1.jpgMemorial Park, Mosgiel 2aMemorial Park, Mosgiel 3.jpgMemorial Park, Mosgiel 4.jpgMemorial Park, Mosgiel 5.jpgMemorial Park, Mosgiel 6.jpgMemorial Park, Mosgiel 7.jpgMemorial Park, Mosgiel 8.jpgMemorial Park, Mosgiel 9.jpgMemorial Park, Mosgiel 10.jpgMemorial Park, Mosgiel 11.jpgMemorial Park, Mosgiel 12Memorial Park, Mosgiel 13Memorial Park, Mosgiel 14

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█ For more, enter “pool*, *taieri*, *mosgiel*, *secret* or *community board* in the search box at right.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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23 responses to “Hands off Mosgiel Memorial Gardens

  1. Peter

    Great photos, Brian. I have never been to these gardens. To take some of this beautiful garden area away sounds like sacrilege.

    I wonder if all the councillors have been there. It might be a good idea to enquire and offer a guided tour. Sometimes people make decisions divorced from experience….like moving chess pieces across the board.

    • Brian Miller

      Peter, these Memorial Gardens were built at a time when the word community meant just that. A lot of voluntary time and donations of trees and shrubs were made by the community, and the results today are simply outstanding. A lot of people get much pleasure from these gardens, as can be witnessed at anytime by the people taking in the garden environment.
      Mosgiel has lost much since amalgamation. The destruction of Saddle Hill, part of the railway line beautification project, Queens Park. Most of the blame can be laid at the feet of council and local developers who see money as their god. They have given very little back to the community from which they have profited so much. While we have watched the destruction of our iconic Saddle Hill for the benefit of council projects. The real insult to the people of the Taieri was to see the council throw millions to secure Harbour Cone that is so insignificant when compared to Saddle Hill.
      Unfortunately, we have a community board that lacks the ability to represent the community. I and others are now offering the people of the Taieri the opportunity to try and stop the rot, and to help us make a stand against the robbing of the assets of those who worked hard to make Mosgiel and the Taieri what it once was.

  2. Pam

    Some good firewood there to keep the pool boilers working, and with the firewood from the big tree in Green street to get the chop. The pool trust will be able to keep the heating costs down.

  3. Gurglars

    Good savings there Pam, perhaps that is the large financial contribution from Mosgiel private sources. Derived from the door to door efforts of community minded locals selling woodcuts, even greater contribution could be made by selling ceremonial woodchips impressed with the DCC logo to schoolchildren at $10 per chip.

  4. Rob Hamlin

    Excellent work lads. Keep it up – Then they’ll be able to move it out to the 4 km-long greenfields subdividers’ paradise of their ‘dormant’ Puddle Alley option, just like they’ve always planned to, while growing wings and saying that they really do listen to the public.

  5. Pam

    Gurglars. A great idea about the woodchips. The pool trust could promote it as “Chipping In”.

  6. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sat, 25 Jul 2015
    Mosgiel gardens site for aquatic centre opposed
    By Chris Morris
    A new group being established is vowing to fight plans to turn part of Mosgiel’s Memorial Gardens into a home for a new aquatic centre. The group, Hands Off Memorial Gardens […] already boasted about 10 members, spokesman Brian Miller said yesterday.
    Read more

    On Thursday Jinty MacTavish said the site of the existing Mosgiel pool “isn’t ideal from a flooding perspective”. The existing pool is on higher ground than the other three suggested sites at Memorial Park and Memorial Gardens. Doh.

  7. Elizabeth

    Link received.
    Sat, 25 Jul 2015 at 10:45 p.m.

    Rushleigh – The At Home Chronicle
    Wednesday, 8 February 2012
    Mosgiel Memorial Gardens – an unexpected treat


    • Hype O'Thermia

      Isn’t this typical:
      “Publicity could be better though – I couldn’t find anything about these gardens on the Council website which refers only to the adjoining playground and sports field.”

      Why on earth would anyone want to find out about beautiful gardens? WE know what’s important – sports grounds!

  8. Jacob

    Hype O’Thermia. Out of sight. Out of mind. Just ready for taking by the greedy for pecuniary gain.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      I’d call you a conspiracy theorist, Jacob, if I didn’t have a functioning memory regarding many years of local jiggery-pokery.

  9. Elizabeth

    Email received.
    █ Politics and (improperly non-declared) conflicts of interest @ Mosgiel Taieri Community Board (MTCB).

    From: Brian Miller
    Sent: Monday, ‎27‎ ‎July ‎2015 ‎7‎:‎42‎ ‎p.m.
    To: Elizabeth Kerr; ODT editor
    Subject: MTCB Submission on Proposed Sites for Pool – open for consultation

    Sarah Nitis is named on the Taieri Community Facilities Trust website (the trust that is promoting the proposed pool for Mosgiel) as being part of the Support and Presentation Team.
    She should be sacked from the Community Board immediately for not declaring her Interest and withdrawing from any community board involvement to do with the site selection, or any other business to do with the proposed Mosgiel pool.
    This is a sign of desperation by those involved in the Mosgiel pool proposal.
    It would appear that we have board members who are elected to represent their community who are prepared to run roughshod over the democratic process to get their own way.
    Brian Miller.
    Hands off Memorial Gardens.


    From: Sarah Nitis [Mosgiel Taieri Community Board]
    Sent: Monday, 27 July 2015 3:35 p.m.
    To: Bill Feather; Blackie Catlow; Mark Willis; Maurice Prendergast; Martin Dillon; Kate Wilson [Mosgiel Taieri Community Board]
    Cc: Jenny Lapham [DCC]; Sandy Graham [DCC]
    Subject: MTCB Submission on Proposed Sites for Pool – open for consultation

    Hi Bill and members
    Given the public consultation in relation to proposed sites for the new aquatic facility in Mosgiel has just recently ‘opened’ (since our last meeting) and closes prior to our next meeting – are we still able to make a submission?

    It would be very disappointing if the Board was unable to submit on the likes of this topic because the entire consultation process occurs between meeting times.

    I wonder if we could make a submission to read something like…

    The Mosgiel Taieri Community Board, by majority, has supported the proposal for a new aquatic facility as presented by the Taieri Community Facilities Trust. As such, the MTCB supports the Trust’s identification of Memorial Garden as the preferred proposed site.

    Just a thought :)


    • Jacob

      Is this the way that the Mosgiel community board operates, meetings by email. Is it any wonder that this board is recommended by the representational review committee to get the chop, when decisions are being made behind the scenes like this. A secret society.

  10. Elizabeth

    See Jock Phillips’ 2009 image of the Mosgiel War Memorial and surrounding plantings:


  11. Brian Miller

    This is another area of Mosgiel that nearly went to developers. Mosgiel’s War Memorial, known as ANZAC Park. It was all organised, even down to who was going to utilize the site, but the sale of Queens Park put a stop to Anzac Park getting into the developers’ hands. It is quite a story, might tell you all about it one day.

  12. Elizabeth

    Public Notice
    ODT 27.7.15 (page 26)

    ODT Public Notice HOMMG 27.7.15 p26

    Also to appear in the Taieri Times this week.

  13. Elizabeth

    ### dunedintv.co.nz Monday, August 3, 2015
    Proposed Mosgiel pool site draws opposition
    A proposal to build a new swimming pool in Mosgiel’s Memorial Gardens has some residents riled up. It’s one of four sites being considered for the multi-million dollar aquatic complex. And the newly formed group is vowing to fight, to save the town’s remaining green space.
    Ch39 Link

    39 Dunedin Television Published on Aug 3, 2015
    Proposed Mosgiel pool site draws opposition

  14. Elizabeth


    ### ODT Online Wed, 5 Aug 2015
    Good public feedback over pool sites
    By Chris Morris
    The preferred site for Mosgiel’s new pool is proving to be a hot topic of debate. Dunedin City Council staff say more than 60 electronic submissions have been received so far, on top of an unknown number of written submissions delivered directly to the Civic Centre at Mosgiel’s Library. The public feedback had come in just the first week of consultation on the shortlist of four sites for the pool, released on July 24.
    Read more

    █ Feedback must be received by Friday, 7 August.

    For more information and to fill in a questionnaire visit http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/mosgielpool-consultation or http://www.poolingtogether.org.nz. Hard copy information is also available at the Mosgiel Library and Service Centre

    Contact Cr Jinty MacTavish, Chair, Mosgiel Aquatic Facility Steering Group on 027 277 5631.

  15. Elizabeth

    Is this a softener for loss of a good part of Mosgiel Memorial Gardens for the DCC-blessed Mosgiel Aquatic Centre, not forgetting decimation and loss of plantings along Gladstone Rd rail corridor ?

    ### dunedintv.co.nz Mon, 5 Oct 2015
    Nightly interview: Andrew Lonie
    Residents are being asked to help the city council design recreation areas in Mosgiel. The reserves are within the Highland Park and Silver Springs subdivisions. Council recreation planning officer Andrew Lonie is working on the project and he joins us to talk about it.
    Ch39 Link

    39 Dunedin Television Published on Oct 4, 2015
    Nightly interview: Andrew Lonie

  16. Elizabeth


    ### ODT Online Wed, 28 Oct 2015
    Reserves set to go ahead
    By Shawn McAvinue
    Nearly $250,000 is set to be spent developing public reserves in Mosgiel subdivisions and the community has expressed its wishes for the space. Dunedin City Council recreation planning officer Andrew Lonie said the council had funding to develop a 0.67ha reserve at Highland Park subdivision and a 0.31ha reserve at Silver Springs subdivision.
    Read more

  17. Elizabeth

    Photo at ODT Online of productive farmland given to shite cul de sacs care of Dunedin City Council.


    “Work is under way on the new Highland Park subdivision between Hagart Alexander Dr and Wingatui Rd.” ODT 8.1.16

  18. Elizabeth

    I didn’t know Sydney was still alive until only recently, with the New Year fireworks display at the bridge.

    Ayrshire is the Scottish home territory both of poet Robert Burns and of Prof McIlvanney.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 9 Jan 2016
    Naming error ‘reminder of ignorance, carelessness’
    By Shawn McAvinue
    ….Prof Liam McIlvanney, the Stuart Chair in Scottish Studies at the University of Otago, said he cannot live with the spelling mistake in Ayreshire Dr, a street in the new Mosgiel subdivision, Highland Park. […] The developer of the Scottish-themed subdivision, Cranbrook Properties managing director Sydney Brown, said the street name was initially spelt correctly, Ayrshire, but a spelling error was made by a staff member on registering the name.
    Read more

  19. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Fri, 15 Jan 2016
    Spelling of street name to be corrected
    By Shawn McAvinue
    The spelling mistake in a Mosgiel street name is to be corrected. Liam McIlvanney, the Stuart Chair in Scottish Studies at the University of Otago, demanded the correction in the spelling mistake in Ayreshire Dr, a street in the new Mosgiel subdivision, Highland Park.
    Read more

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