NZTA non-green spend, noted by Murray Grimwood

NZTA (our dear Mr Jim Harland, ex DCC Chief Executive….) yesterday confirmed there would be a $408 million spend in Otago over the next three years through its National Land Transport programme.

New Zealand Transport Agency: Southern Region – Media Release
$400 million plus investment in the Otago transport system

Updated: 30 Jun 2015 01:00pm
The NZ Transport Agency has announced details of a programme with a provisional total of $406 million to be invested in Otago’s transport system over the next three years, through the 2015-18 National Land Transport programme. Link

Re $19.9 million safety improvements to Portobello and Harington Point roads:
(comment at ODT Online)

So, let me get this right
Submitted by murray grimwood on Wed, 01/07/2015 – 9:23am.

We are going to fill in yet more of the harbour, altering flows and flushing. We are going to use rock from Blackhead to do it. We are going to do this using 100% fossil fuels. We are – it goes without saying – not going to offset the carbon involved (nor the carbon involved in spending the wages/profits earned).
And all this to a road at a level where high-tide and a bit of wind already puts salt water on the pavement? What happens with more powerful storm events atop a 50cm higher sea?
Don’t call this a Long Term Plan; call it short-term, short-sighted and short on thinking.

NZTA highlights (via ODT Online)

● $36m with Otago Regional Council for public transport, including a new bus hub in Dunedin.
● $10m for cycling and walking network in Dunedin, including $3.5m for urban cycleways.
● $2.6m for seal extension on the Nuggets Rd, near Kaka Point.
● Finishing more sections of Harington Point to Dunedin cycleway [$19.9 million safety improvements to Portobello and Harington Point roads].
● Completing final stage of SH88 shared cycling and walking path between Dunedin and Port Chalmers [to be completed in three years].
● Completion of Dunedin’s one-way system cycleway [to be completed in three years].
● Completion of the four-lane section of the Caversham Highway.
● New two-lane Kawarau Falls Bridge.
● SH1 bypass at Edendale.
● Route improvements throughout region for freight vehicles.
● Widening the Kakaho Creek Bridge at Hampden.
● Investigations into improved route resilience on SH1 between Dunedin and Glenavy.

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6 responses to “NZTA non-green spend, noted by Murray Grimwood

  1. Elizabeth

    ### July 1, 2015 – 7:09pm
    Otago Peninsula road improvements get final sign-off
    The multi-million dollar road improvement programme for Otago Peninsula is going ahead, with final sign-off from the government. 

    • Hype O'Thermia
      JimmyJones is, I fear, shockingly lacking in tact towards other people’s expressions of faith.
      “……The thing is that at the established rate of sea-level rise of 1.3mm/year for Dunedin (Hanna/Bell, UoO), it will take 384 years to reach an increase of 50cm……….”
      Read the whole comment, it’s a gem!

      • Elizabeth

        Murray Grimwood doesn’t mention sea level rise, just storm events and these are typical for the area in any case.

        Harbour reclamation, in my opinion, isn’t best practice.

        • JimmyJones

          As far as I can tell the reclamation is negligible with no adverse affects. If the effect of this is to encourage more bicycling, then I don’t see much benefit, but previous reclamations have been useful. As a consequence we have Portsmouth Drive and a good chunk of industrial land and also most of South Dunedin. I suspect that Murray Grimwood would like to see South Dunedin returned to a swamp. Murray’s scary stories often includes sea-level rise and he includes this in his ODT comment.

  2. Elizabeth

    ### Last updated 13:28, July 3 201
    City councillors endorse new coastal development rules
    By Lois Cairns – The Press
    Proposed new planning rules restricting development in parts of Christchurch considered at risk from coastal erosion have been signed off by the city council.
    Cr David East though believes they are too tough and the council is over-reacting to the risk posed by climate change and sea level rise.
    The Christchurch City Council is proposing the restrictions in areas of the city and Banks Peninsula where there is a high risk of coastal erosion or inundation over the next 50 to 100 years.
    New development would only be permitted in those areas if the applicant can demonstrate they can mitigate the risks.
    Read more

  3. Calvin Oaten

    No doubt but that the “Climate Change” mantra is firmly embedded in the government’s policies and is picked up by local governments as well. Cull has constantly alluded to it as sea rise being the main South Dunedin problem of the future. We cannot get out of bed, turn on national radio without ‘climate change’ being the first thing that greets our ears. It is an obsession currently grabbing the headlines. Strangely, there does not seem to be a shred of ’empirical’ evidence either factual or scientific to back these contentions. It is arguably the biggest propaganda exercise by the United Nations since it was formed. The current push is all toward Paris in December when the UN and IPCC hope to convince the governments of the world to all come into line. If that happens then we can look forward to nonsense we can’t imagine. The gullibility of the human species is beyond belief. The costs to our economies will be a destroying factor which will drive us all back to the dark ages. Our city leaders are right in the vanguard of this as local policies indicate.

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