Code of Conduct show trial

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Fri, 27 Nov 2015 at 11:17 p.m.

Recently, Daaave Cull – he who cannot keep a true and proper Council minute record (as the Ch39 videos demonstrate) – ran an evil-illegal ultra vires punitive Code of Conduct campaign against Cr Lee Vandervis.

code of conduct cartoon (30-6-15)Mad Hatter 30.6.15 [click to enlarge]

Douglas Field Republished Aug 17, 2016
Mad Hatter’s ‘Show Trial’ of Lee Vandervis revised 10 7 15

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4 responses to “Code of Conduct show trial

  1. Gurglars

    Donkey Dick, now that is a wrap,
    Dickhead, much more pertinent.

    March Hare very good!

    Christmas Turkey, not bad!

    Liability is too demure,
    Chicken Little is close!

  2. Elizabeth

    Tabled at the Council meeting held 29 June:

    Report – Council – 29/06/2015 (PDF, 29.7 KB)
    Ordinary Meeting – 28 April 2015 – item 14 – Conduct Committee Report to Council – Minute Extract

  3. Elizabeth

    Stuart Anderson should serve in purgatory, South Pole at -80° C

  4. Elizabeth

    ### Last updated 12:39, November 27 2015
    Waikato ratepayers pay for investigation into mayor’s swear word
    By Chris Gardner
    A six-letter swear word muttered at a council meeting has cost Waikato ratepayers $10,469. That’s $1745 per letter.
    The figure, released by Waikato District Council, shows ratepayers were left with the bill after Waikato District Mayor Allan Sanson told Councillor Noel Smith to shut up during a Waikato District Council committee meeting. He uttered the “w—–” word some seconds later.
    The mayor’s use of the expletive prompted Smith to lodge a complaint under the council’s code of conduct. The council embarked on a two-week investigation, including the formation of a subcommittee with independant members, which met behind closed doors.
    Council chief executive Gavin Ion refused to deliver the resulting ratepayer-funded report to the media after taking legal advice, but a leaked copy revealed Sanson had admitted swearing.
    …. Taxpayers Union executive director and co-founder Jordan Williams described the situation as ridiculous. “Councillors not only should harden up, but it is ridiculous that a council would distract itself for the inappropriate use of a small word and waste ratepayers’ money on what, at most, amounts to a hurt feeling,” Williams said. “These codes of conducts are being used and abused for the most petty indiscretions.”
    Ratepayers across the district agreed.
    Read more

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