NZ Herald plays up Bezett story! #nationalnews


Screenshot_2015-06-29-10-47-55[screenshot – NZ Herald 29.6.15]

A Dunedin resident is threatening legal action against a city councillor amid claims of bullying in a neighbourhood dispute. Steve Hawkins says councillor John Bezett told him to “be prepared to catch the bus” after using his Toyota Rav4 to block the Hawkins’ cars into their Portobello Rd driveway.
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Source: Otago Daily Times

█ DCC Profile: Cr John Bezett

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7 responses to “NZ Herald plays up Bezett story! #nationalnews

  1. Peter

    Rather embarrassing for John Bezett. Somewhat ironical is his behaviour coming soon after the Lee Vandervis Code of Conduct, which he voted for, where LV was pilloried for loudness and being angry. His ‘crime’ fades somewhat compared to this.
    Any sensitive little wall flower going to do a CoC on John? I bet not.

  2. Whippet

    This could be a case for the code of conduct committee. Bringing the Dunedin Council name in to disrepute
    Will be interesting to see if Wilson, Staynes and Thomson maintain their standards.

  3. Mike

    I note that yet again the ODT has disabled comments on their version of that article …. I was looking forward to all the other neighbours chiming in with their stories

    • Peter

      Yes, Mike, JB, was trying to show that the Hawkins’ were somehow a bit stroppy….had ‘attitude’….and other neighbours knew this and, by inference, support his view.
      Well, what would they have to say? Probably never know given the propensity here to not get involved.

  4. Elizabeth

    It’s fully possible that Cr Bezett has not erred, or has done so only under extreme provocation. The intricacies of the neighbour dispute are very likely beyond ODT to know or comprehend. They did, however, get a cute story!

  5. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Wed, 1 Jul 2015
    Bezett blockade at an end
    By Timothy Brown on
    A Dunedin city councillor has backed down from his blockade. […] Mr Hawkins said Cr Bezett visited him on Monday and “put his hands in the air and said, ‘You win’.” It was “not about winning”, but he was pleased the matter had been resolved, he said.
    Read more

  6. Peter

    Indeed, it was not about winning. This tells us a lot about JB and it ain’t pretty.

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