DCC lacks impetus, AGAIN #infrastructure

DCC roading maintenance engineer Peter Standring confirmed the council was aware of “three areas of concern” in Malvern St where sinkholes had emerged.

### ODT Online Tue, 16 Jun 2015
Stream bank erosion sparks anger, fears
By Damian George
An angry Woodhaugh resident says he is “sick of being fobbed off” over an eroding stream bank he fears will lead to a major accident. Gaping sinkholes have emerged on sections of the street above the bank as a result of erosion caused by the Water of Leith, which runs parallel.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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13 responses to “DCC lacks impetus, AGAIN #infrastructure

  1. Gurglars

    Its not their job, Elizabeth to Fix, that is a menial job. These DCC employees are not indians they are Chiefs!

    They pay others to Fix.

    But when the well is dry, there is no moolah to pay the menial.

    That is why the mud traps were not emptied and it is why the Woodhaugh sinkholes will not be fixed.

    And it is all the fault of Global Warming, it’s not a lack of moolah due to past financial chicanery and defalcation and no-one will therefore be found guilty except oil producers who will not be invested in and should all be locked up!

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    But when the well is dry, there is no moolah to pay the menial – too right Gurglars. And these repeated “shock events” that don’t happen at pre-scheduled intervals come as – yes – shocks. Sand dunes attacked by rogue waves! What? That’s the last thing we could have expected, so don’t blame us. Sea wall collapsing? Holy batshit, OUR sea wall? But it was OK yesterday, well, it had been expertly repaired with pieces of recycled Pinex duct-taped over the holes, and now it’s not going to last for the next hundred years you say?

    How do you think we could have prepared for these extraordinary events, I mean, get real. We made cycle lanes, and if only the previous council had provided cycle safety facilities and Dunedin had concentrated on reducing fossil fuel use to zero, all these climate change catastrophes would never have happened. Don’t blame us for not planning for completely unpredictable events.

    And just to emphasis how seriously we take naysaying, any councillor joining in this disruptive negativity will be clapped into camel restraints until they recant with acceptable sincerity.

  3. Gurglars

    Managers who do not manage.
    Engineers who do not engineer.
    Financial Controllers who do not control finances.
    CEOs responsible for staff management do not manage their staff.
    Waste water managers who do not manage waste water.
    The list goes on and on and on and….

    We are the DCC,

    come and work for us, there will be no-one found guilt of any theft, fraud or wrongdoing, re new schemes, any idea will do, if it fails the ratepayer will pay.

    We are the DCC.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Gurglars – just when I thought the fad for Mission Statements was dead and buried.

      • Peter

        Hype. You mean you don’t have your own personalised mission statement? Important people argue and agonise over such things. I am disillusioned.

        • Hype O'Thermia

          I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours, Peter.
          Anything rather than see you disillusioned!

  4. Gurglars

    If we can’t send them to a managed retreat perhaps we could send them to a mission (or on a one-way mission).

  5. Gurglars

    I’d like to stand for a new council, what about Balfour? Tuatapere, Milford Sound perhaps.

    Standing for the Dunedin city council can be roughly equated to buying a house in London during the blitz, Hiroshima in 1945 or Haiti recently.

    Dunedin is a disaster zone. A new council cannot resolve the major structural problems that now exist in my opinion, that chance went begging at the last election due to the green and labour machine, the spendthrifts. Only a council determined to break finally the staff’s stranglehold on decision making would have any hope. I categorise the following, the staff need to be investigated over staff theft, the Delotte report is commissioned and completed and the report is not available to the councillors – it is redacted by the STAFF.

    What hope does any councillor have if he/she cannot view all reports and all findings unredacted.

    No, a commissioner determined to bring the DCC staff and councillors back to fiscal prudence and economic reality is the line of last resort and only feasible solution in my opinion and now, not later before more major damage is done.

  6. Peter

    Gurglars. I’m not sure whether your name ‘Gurglars’ will go down well if you stand for council. But if you can get on anonymously, I would be impressed.

  7. Gurglars

    Peter, I’ve experienced how the democratic process works and I have completely lost faith in it. The only hope Gurglars would have to be elected is if any or all of the following could be attributed to him.

    1. Found in flagrante delicto at the Parkside Hotel.
    2. Struck off as a lawyer or judge.
    3. Acted as a director of a health board that oversaw the theft of $16 million.
    4. Acted as a councillor that oversaw a DCC debt of $100 million that increased to $650 million plus in a matter of a few short years.
    5. Acted as a councillor introducing cycleways to a mountainous city with an aging population and the only roads on the flat that lead to the city are the main entrances and thoroughfares of the city.

    I actually don’t want any of these stupidities on my CV thanks.

  8. Peter

    Gurglars. It’s times like these when we need a leader. Colin Craig? Where is he when we need him? Nothing disqualifies you once you have done the obligatory fess up and expressed ‘sincere remorse’. Before you know it, you are back on the saddle….so to speak.
    (The nerve of some of these people.)

  9. Cars

    In Dunedin, Peter just who has “fessed up” and expressed “sincere remorse”.

    The only apology was from Lee Vandervis and that was considered unworthy by the kangaroos.

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