Dunedin Food Banks: Donations of food needed

Similarly, cash donations for Food Bank purchasing of food are welcome (discuss online banking with Food Bank staff).

IMG_20150613_144801ODT 13.6.15 (page 4)

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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2 responses to “Dunedin Food Banks: Donations of food needed

  1. Gurglar ( as down the)

    Is this the portent of things to come for Dunedin?

    When each citizen starts their life between $7000 and $15,000 behind the eightball it may be unavoidable.

    Then create a student debt, add a few fines and tax people at 56% of total income annually and the die is cast, unless you escape.

    It is not difficult to explain increasing poverty.

  2. Elizabeth

    Hopes people ‘can’ help by donating to foodbank appeal
    The annual Octacan appeal is a vital component of the Presbyterian Support Otago Family Works foodbank supply, as ever-increasing demand puts pressure on the service.

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