Exchange makeover —or pumps and pipe renewals, um

The Exchange, Dunedin [mp_natlib_govt_nz PAColl-8163-60] 1Image: National Library of New Zealand


### ODT Online Tue, 26 May 2015
Council goes with Exchange revamp
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council is to press ahead with a $1.1 million plan to revamp Exchange Square and create new car-free zones in the Warehouse Precinct. Councillors at yesterday’s full council meeting voted to approve both projects for public consultation over the next few months, which could be followed by construction later this year. Plans for the Exchange envisaged a $602,000 revamp, paid for from existing budgets and including a new layout, new grey-blue concrete paving, furniture, plantings and LED lighting.
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During Long Term Plan deliberations, the council had brought forward a $602,000 upgrade of Exchange Square. Tony Offen says he supports the council’s plans, but wants to have more direct input to help refine the details.

### ODT Online Thu, 4 Jun 2015
Exchange should be ‘showcase’
By Chris Morris
A new group created to push for improvements in Dunedin’s Exchange says the area should be a “showcase” for the city. Tony Offen, a Dunedin businessman and John Wickliffe House co-owner, has created the group Vibrant Exchange to work with the Dunedin City Council on planned improvements. The informal movement so far represented the building’s co-owners and their interests, but Mr Offen told the Otago Daily Times he hoped to expand the group’s reach over time.
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Businesses in the Exchange Area should not accept carte blanche anything proposed, detailed or supervised by the Conflicted Hat mural pushing make-believer(s) scarcely out of shorts. And who was it, dishonest enough NOT to declare the $600,000 unspent budget at Transportation Planning, which was SUDDENLY (!!) prostituted for the cause – when council departments had been asked to flag unspent budgets for potential retirement of council debt. Of course, this low manoeuvre stabs to the very heart of motives. Those of our DCC chief executive, frothed by the boy scout, sullied by the likes of Bendan Grope and Death Cull riding the back of the penultimate vote-catching Pet Project.

Anyhow, businesses/property investors are more fully capable of leading and dispensing greater aesthetics and improved public facilities than DCC, with its penchant for UGLY bloody curb protrusions and cycle lanes.

Then. South Dunedin went to flood.

█ Wikipedia: Princes Street, Dunedin

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34 responses to “Exchange makeover —or pumps and pipe renewals, um

  1. Elizabeth

    DCC: what the hell, let’s box on with street improvements while South Dunedin rots – and the staff names responsible for this crap are………………. (fill in as required). But more than this, CEO Bidrose is responsible. And so is Cr Benson-Pope and Mayor Death Cull. The sheer arrogance in misdirecting staff time and funds at this juncture.


    ### ODT Online Wed, 10 Jun 2015
    Feedback sought on closing part of street
    By David Loughrey
    The Dunedin City Council is calling for feedback on its plan to close part of Jetty St in the warehouse precinct. The council voted late last month to take the proposal to public consultation. The project is part of ongoing work to revitalise the precinct, and would close two one-way sections of Jetty St below the Cumberland St overbridge.
    Read more

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Great scheme. I’d be much fitter if I walked more. The trouble is, there are so few places I can walk. I NEED Jetty Street being turned into a traffic-free tile-dappled pedestrian only area. Without it my health is at serious risk, and many other Dunedin people are in the same situation. The council must be congratulated for this superb initiative, “improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists in the area” though there may be a certain amount of that catchy old tune “Build it and They Will Come” earworming its way through Dr Glen Hazelton from port to starboard without encountering any solid obstacles en passant. It is currently not easy to spot a fully-finger’d hand’s count of walkers or cyclists in the vicinity, barring cyclists making their way between the Oval and Queens Gardens thence to points beyond.

      Small quibbles though, for those of us desperate for a place to walk around in. Those fit enough to cycle have been planned for with cycle parking spaces aplenty. Some “extra” (as it’s called) car parking has been included, making up for loss of parking for the sake of desperate would-be walkers like myself. However I am a little concerned that there is no bus stop marked, for those who neither cycle nor drive but need a place to walk. I do hope the bus services to all parts of town will be upgraded to cope with demand, it would be an awful shame if some wishful walkers were unable to participate in this healthful activity so wisely planned by the DCC as they concentrate on necessities not nice-to-haves.

      I take issue with the suggestion that the Jetty St plan is worthy of nomination for the Civic Witlessness Award 2015. Nominations should be postponed until we see what’s around, closer to closing date.

  2. Gurgler

    Well we had the plan for closing Lower Stuart St, put foward by Jinty’s flatmates/confreres and now a plan to close jetty Street. Why don’t we close all of the streets to traffic, that will solve the problems as those roads now potential and actual wateways will be able to ustilise my water taxis.

    Or alternatively close Dunedin now, that will save us a fortune as the time it will take the council to run it down to virtual closedown will not cost us in the interim. Dunedin will not need a council or council employees or a stadium, a certain saving of over 70 million per annum and counting.

  3. Elizabeth


    The proposal would be funded by DCC’s “$500,000 urban amenity budget for 2015-16”.

    Of the 44 submissions received, 31 were for the proposal and 13 against. Eight people would have their submissions formally heard.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 9 Jul 2015
    DCC sets date for hearings on closing part of Jetty St
    By Damian George
    Submissions will be heard early next month on a proposal to close part of Jetty St in Dunedin’s warehouse precinct […] Bollards would be installed to block vehicle access to the one-way streets, which intersect with Vogel St between Cumberland and Crawford Sts. Dunedin City Council’s urban design team leader Glen Hazelton said a hearing date for the proposal had been set for August 5.
    Read more

    No longer “acting”. Still no professional accreditation to go with the title.

    • Elizabeth

      Too much emphasis on Mr Hazelton and his own agenda – no balance from Ch39 who think closure of this section of Jetty St is simply fait accompli (it may well be……… given affectations, second coming, and strings pulled by the bearded one).

      ### July 30, 2015 – 7:32pm
      Jetty St. proposal gains support from the community
      The city council’s plan to close parts of Jetty Street to traffic is largely supported by the community. Almost fifty submissions have been lodged on the proposal, with more than half in favour. But there are still some concerns to be considered.

      And all this shite about retail for the warehouse area – read: how to shut down other businesses in Dunedin. Who wants to “play” in Vogel St for crissakes.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        This is like the harbourside cote d’azur lite, sit at the outdoor cafes and admire the many styles from elegant to funky, of thermals and polyprop – and of course the ubiquitous yellow slicker.
        Yes, Dunedin has so many paying customers its existing cafes and businesses struggle to fit them within their walls, and outdoor tables threaten to bring even cycle traffic to a standstill.
        Thank goodness our visionary (hallucinating?) council is never short of ways to spread the load. Or eviscerate the CBD, as some curmudgeons would have it.

    • Elizabeth

      What is it with DCC’s Policy Planner (Heritage) slash Urban Design team leader, and the forthright believable NZ Fire Service. Hmm, some hats not fitting so well cumulatively at the council.

      ### ODT Online Tue, 4 Aug 2015
      Fire Service pours cold water on Jetty St closure
      By Chris Morris
      A plan to create a new pedestrian-only space in the heart of Dunedin’s warehouse precinct has run into opposition from the New Zealand Fire Service. […] 13 submitters opposed the planned change, including the Fire Service, which worried about reduced access to an area that was growing.
      Read more

      DCC Jetty Street Report 25 May 2015

      DCC Jetty Street proposal - site mapDCC Jetty Street proposal 1DCC Jetty Street proposal 2DCC Jetty Street proposal 3

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    Apparently there is a currently fashionable cafe in or round the corner from that Jetty St brainfart location, no doubt the number of people currently coming and going in the vicinity has been noticed. My informant was someone who knows people who go to fashionable cafes.
    Her observations were thus:
    1. It’s fashionable now, some other place will become the top trendy place soon because that’s what happens. People who care deeply about going to fashionable cafes, being seen in fash-cafs, go off them when too many un-fash people start going to them.
    2. Closer observation would have shown the brainfarter that people dash from their cars to the cafe and dash back because it’s a bitterly cold place, stepmother’s-breath bone-shredding wind whistles through all but Antarctic explorer clothing.
    3. The thought that anyone would hang around there except on the hottest days of summer, is delusional, ludicrous (deludical?). Anyway they’d be off to the beach or somewhere with trees and grass – Botanic Gardens, Woodhaugh, plenty of choice – instead of killing time with the noise and smells of traffic wafting over to the design a la design subset municipal tiled footpaths and concrete planter boxes.

    • Elizabeth

      All quite true. Thanks for labelling it, Hype. The café is fairly good despite this. Best outside crush hours.

    • Peter

      Hype. Thanks for the compliment. I have been to the fashionable cafe about three times and never ever considered myself fashionable by association. Till now! Who knows l might make it on the social pages.
      I like what is happening down there. It is actually no colder than elsewhere in Dunedin. I have always liked the part of Dunedin around the Octagon/Moray Plc area south compared to George St. I think Princes St and the Exchange are becoming more alive now which is good. A shame about Rattray St which has become a visual disaster thanks to peasant developers and negligent land owners.

    • Mike

      Hype: don’t worry they’ll eventually develop the wharf and open a trendy café there too – all those fashionable types you worry about will perish in the first real southerly.

      • Peter

        Mike. I think we might be a hardy lot down here. I see people sitting outside cafes in the winter, day and night. The cafes/bars have gas heaters, but it still must be chilly. One of them I noticed supplies nana blankets for the leggies.
        As dear Malcolm says, ‘We do it better in the South.’

        • Hype O'Thermia

          It’s one thing for cafes to be allowed to provide outdoor tables and chairs and nana blankets. I like it, I am in favour of not obstructing their choice to do so. I am firmly against my rates money being used for the DCC to do it though.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Fashionable types don’t “worry” me. But the very nature of fashion makes change mandatory – unlike style – and besides the behaviour of behaviour of those who set or follow fashion makes interesting watching. And fashion clicks onto good products as well as trivialities.
        Often however there is a strong push to be first with the newest, to find the newest coolest place or product. Sometimes the trendiest fad is hugely downmarket – seldom if ever mid-range. Silver service, piecart. But not Maccas or “family” restaurants!.
        My informant says the Jetty St cafe is indeed excellent. And before too long another cafe will open or be refurbished under new management, and will become the place to see and be seen. The people go currently go to the fashionable one because of its food and coffee, service, atmosphere, convenience of getting there from work etc and don’t notice or care who’s noticing them, will continue to go there because of their priorities, unless-until standards drop. Then they too will move on, though without the fash-imperative shaping their choice.

        • Peter

          Hype. I don’t think the DCC is funding outdoor tables and chairs and nana blankets. At least, not yet!
          Cafes come and go whether they are fashionable or not. People come and go. One day I will go. Some may say, Thank God for that.
          Calvin. Dunedin doesn’t do 24 hour ‘hordes’. It’s too small…and cold… for that. Go to Mumbai and you’ll find 24/7 hordes there.

  5. Calvin Oaten

    The whole Vogel St thing is a bit of a mystery to me. I went to the big carnival street day and wondered exactly what it was that got people so energised. I resolved to return alone to think about it all (a difficult task I know) I wandered from Rattray street to the maligned Jetty St, sat on one of the hardest seats ever and looked. Nothing. Looked again thinking there’s got to be something attractive. Nothing. The buildings have, or are being restored nicely by well intentioned people. One would have to believe that there is a profit motive there somewhere.That of course applies to those who are actively living in, working in or owning those properties. Apart from those I sat and watched for the obvious visitors drawn to this “new” experience. Nobody. In a whole hour I did not see a single person, vehicle or dog, other than the obvious residents. I asked myself why should I expect to see hordes of people milling around the precinct. Couldn’t think of a single reason. Perhaps if I went back at night to ooh! at the LED lighting? Nah, don’t think so. Looks to me like a ‘great rush of blood to the head’ on the part of Mr Hazelton and his crazy gang in the Town Hall. The building entrepreneurs of course must love it.

  6. Gurglars

    Calvin, if there are no extra people then the building restorers will be unhappy. The only “happy” people are those who have kept or got a job working for the DCC Jetty street restorers.

    Just another case of further employment for the DCC staff, just like traffic light additions and many other similar make-work schemes.

    It is pleasing to note that the New Plymouth council have at last bitten the bullet and are reducing managers AND staff.

    I wonder what Lawrence Yule, the tax raising leader of the local government ratepayer robbing outfit and Dave Cull, the leader of the 10,000 more DCC jobs for Dunedin will have to say about that momentous decision.

    Nothing I would say, it probably won’t be reported in the ODT either, such seditious articles may undermine the theft and robbery of Dunedin’s citizens which has been ever increasing in the past few years due completely to excess staff and stupid decisions by them.

  7. Calvin Oaten

    Peter, you say Dunedin is too small and too cold to do 24/7 crowds. Funny that. You’d think Mr Hazelton and his ‘erks’ would have known that. Still, that would have meant being prudent with the spending, but then where’s the glory in that?

  8. Gurglars

    Just in addition to my note above, the New Plymouth district council reported that the loss of 80+ managers/team leaders and at least 31 staff would not result in any loss of services. Seeing that the DCC do not upgrade wastewater pipes, replenish beach sand at St Clair, do anything but monitor? (presumably watch) the erosion of the beach and seawall, it appears that Dunedin could probably lose significantly more team leaders/managers and staff on a percentage basis (around 120 team leaders managers and about 50 staff) without ANY LOSS OF SERVICES.

    Who including the debt-ridden council would not want that outcome.
    The answer – a green frog.

    Answer below
    Around 120 team leaders/managers
    Around 50 staff

    Who would be happy?

    The answer:
    Over 50,000 ratepayers who would see the DCC financials right themselves.

    Some suggestions as to the areas Sue and Dave could eliminate TM, managers etc:

    1. Traffic light engineers (unless, firstly, they get rid of at least 50% of the existing lights).
    2. Dog squad, team Bachop did not unfortunately get rid of enough dog collection vehicles, our problem is too many CATS, not too many errant dogs.
    3. Beautifying planners, I’m personally sick of the extra curbs, diminishing carparks and ever increasing cycle lanes, are you?

    Half the staffing at museums, especially Toitu, if they’re not going to charge we can’t afford so many staff, how many staff do you need to allow free entry.

    All of the staff at the Chinese garden, ditto.

    Finance staff.
    Except anyone trying to unravel us from interest rate swaps.

    Carparking attendants, now we have cycle lanes no-one needs to drive to town anymore.


    Area above for you to fill in

    Bev Butler filled in

    LOIGMA repliers need to be axed.
    No answer would be more logical than the one given.

    The woman who knows is not only not here, but she is sick, apparently she’s got lockjaw leading to becoming a deaf mute. Oh and also she has lost the use of her right hand for writing the answer and her left hand for emailing it.

    Stop Press

    The DCC has just advertised for a training officer and a new training officer manager to train the absent woman in sign language.

  9. Elizabeth

    ### Wednesday, August 5, 2015
    Jetty St proposal divides locals
    A proposal to close parts of Jetty Street to traffic is causing fierce division among locals. Members of the public are weighing in on the idea at a city council hearing. And the debate’s revealing some serious issues.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Thu, 6 Aug 2015
      Submitters have say on Jetty St plan
      By Craig Borley
      […] Yesterday, the hearings committee heard from those supporting and opposing the proposal. […] The hearing was completed yesterday and hearings committee chairwoman Cr Kate Wilson said council staff would now consult emergency services on access to the Jetty St area and on alternative thoroughfare options. No timeframe had been put on when those discussions needed to be completed.
      Read more

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Yeah just what we need in a city with a static population – add more “vibrant” areas and the result will be all of them looking like the “one man and his dog” got so lonely they packed up and left.

        • Elizabeth

          Hype, you got it in one. Not enough hi-spec apartments full of people with high-paying jobs in the warehouse precinct to justify the growth in hospitality businesses the DCC and the developer friends are pushing as an idea. It’s purely academic. Not enough tourists either. Notice the 2GP stupidly focuses on “Tourism” and spec building for economic development. What a mistake. Where are the high paid jobs issuing from export of services, IT and product out of Dunedin. The warehouse precinct on the whole has not attracted the high-level ($$$) tenancies envisaged. GigCity dreams.

    • Elizabeth

      $500,000 ratepayer spend planned for a DEAD area of town, which DCC is setting up to compete with Princes St, Octagon and George St hospitality businesses. OMFG

      ### ODT Online Tue, 10 Nov 2015
      Way cleared for mall in Jetty St
      By Craig Borley
      A pedestrian mall looks all but certain for the one-way section of Dunedin’s Jetty St. […] The work’s $500,000 price tag was already budgeted for in this year’s Warehouse Precinct Amenities Improvements budget.
      Read more

      The forthcoming (BUDGETED) Jetty St, Exchange, Octagon and George St ‘street improvements’ are a large part of the reason why there is NO MONEY for assessing and protecting Residential Heritage in the City Rise – given DCC is set to allow, via the 2GP, property speculation in the area below the Town Belt. Effect? Rob the poor, give to the rich – resulting in cheapshit builds (little if any architectural quality) in the absence of DESIGN GUIDELINES to inform the 2GP zone rules for Medium Density (aka INTENSIFICATION).

      Then too, the existing architectural, character and heritage values of the housing areas below the Town Belt WAY SURPASS those of the CBD warehouses, by a freaking country mile –

      • Elizabeth

        On Ch39 News last night ODT reported that a woman Councillor has “come under fire for her actions before hearings” on closing parts of Jetty Street for a pedestrian mall.
        See today’s newspaper.

        • Elizabeth

          Read about Cr Hilary Calvert and her ill-placed attempt at information gathering –
          Of course, there is some sympathy for her position – we know how capture happens for amenity projects and ratepayer spend via DCC staff offices using the faithful about town. That can be more repugnant depending which project.

          Cr Calvert was right to seek wider views – this being of benefit to the rest of us – but simply not while she sits on the hearings committee. As we know, the history of the hearings committee is intriguing (understatement) – compared, Cr Calvert’s actions could look saintly. On the other hand, if Cr Calvert is thinking to run for mayor in 2016 she will need to be more intelligent, in the context of what the Dunedin voting public has been exposed to during Dave Cull’s reign, and Peter Chin’s beforehand.

          ### ODT Online Thu, 19 Nov 2015
          Councillor ‘unrepentant’ over email
          By Craig Borley
          City councillor Hilary Calvert made an “extraordinary” attempt to gather a list of motorists affected by the proposed Jetty St pedestrian mall, despite sitting on the hearings committee deliberating on the proposal. But the councillor and former mayoral candidate said while she understood the legal advice that scuppered her plan, she was simply trying to fill what she saw as an information void, was not repentant, and would do it again.

  10. Calvin Oaten

    It was looking like there was a resurgence of likely activity in the Exchange area with SFF locating its head office in the former chief post office, some really attractive restoration of classic heritage buildings and now the Distinction Hotel coming to fruition. Council has budgeted for a makeover of the Exchange quadrant in order to cater for the hoped for increase in patronage. All this might be a good thing, although it will put pressure on the Octagon hospitality precinct. But like an elastic band the DCC are determined to stretch to the breaking point the city’s hospitality industry by aiming to commit a cool half a million plus dollars to create a mall in Jetty St with the hope of hospitality folk setting up there. And let’s not forget the Harbour development dream. Just where all this money is coming from other than debt to be added to the ratepayers’ burden? More important where are all the patrons of these additional sites to come from? There is no growth of population in Dunedin to sustain it so it can only come (if it does) from the existing establishments. That is a recipe for insolvencies and a general decay being the result. Mr Glen Hazelton, be it on your conscience with this madness to create regardless of the consequences. It remains to be seen if our council will accept this foolhardy project.

    • Elizabeth

      Oh hey. Jetty St mall is already yay’d by Mr Mayor and his green eyed monsters.

      2GP Dave green monsters

      *Image: whatifdunedin with help from [free cute green monsters]

  11. Gurglars

    The key element here: The DCC budgeted for the $500,000 before conducting the public hearings.

    The submitters in favour – all hopeful beneficiaries of the council’s largesse.

    As usual the majority pay for the squeaky wheel minority.

    The real beneficiaries however are the DCC employees. They have created another makework scheme.

    It is clear from the catastrophic financial failures of the stadium, Toitu, the Chinese Garden and the DCC owned DMVL-managed convention centres that the DCC cannot get one idea right in a commercial business owned or managed by the city employees. It is time they sold off all of the above to anybody at any price and got out of these expensive debt-ridden makework schemes.

  12. john

    you are so right

  13. Elizabeth

    Great comment at ODT Online:

    Submitted by fromafar on Tue, 10/11/2015 – 10:50pm.

    However, council staff found “no cost-effective, practical or meaningful improvements” could be made. Several other routes were available to the affected motorists and it was not considered practical to make changes for such a small number of people.

    If you substitute “cyclists” for “motorists” then any number of impractical changes can be made and “hang the expense”. And alternative routes won’t be an option!


  14. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Fri, 4 Dec 2015
    Committee gives tick to Jetty St mall plan
    By Craig Borley
    A portion of Jetty St should be closed to traffic and be redeveloped into a pedestrian mall, a city council hearings committee has recommended.
    That recommendation, released yesterday, suggested vehicles be banished from the section of Jetty St from Cumberland St to Crawford St, which is beneath the overbridge. Access would remain, with some restrictions, to emergency, service and delivery vehicles.
    Read more


    From: Elizabeth Kerr
    Sent: Friday, 4 December 2015 2:41 p.m.
    To: Lynne Robins
    Cc: Elizabeth Kerr
    Subject: RE: Proposed Restriction of Vehicles from Sections of Jetty Street

    Dear Lynne

    This morning I learned from ODT that there had been a public meeting held last month (November) in regards to the proposed stopping of a section of Jetty St:

    “The hearings committee discussed the proposal in August before a second public meeting was held last month.”

    As a submitter on the application I wasn’t individually notified in writing of the public meeting.

    Were all submitters on the resource consent application informed of the meeting, individually in writing, by Dunedin City Council?

    If the meeting was used by the Jetty Street Hearings Committee (planning commissioners) to partly inform their considerations for the application, there would appear to be a problem with due process.

    The last notice I received was for the reconvened hearing, not a public meeting (copied below your message today).

    Please could you provide clarification in reply to my query at earliest convenience.

    Kind regards

    Elizabeth Kerr (submitter)


    From: Lynne Robins
    Sent: Thursday, 3 December 2015 4:48 p.m.
    To: Elizabeth Kerr
    Subject: Proposed Restriction of Vehicles from Sections of Jetty Street

    Thank you for your submission to the recent consultation on the Proposed Restriction of Vehicles from Sections of Jetty Street.
    The Jetty Street Hearings Committee finalised their deliberations on Wednesday 25 November 2015 and have released their recommendation which is attached for your information.

    It is important to understand that this recommendation is subject to final Council approval.
    It is anticipated that Council will consider the recommendation from the Jetty Street Hearings Committee at their Council meeting on Monday 14 December 2015.

    The Council agenda will be published on the Council’s website late Wednesday 9 December 2015 and can be viewed at the following link:

    Kind Regards

    Lynne Robins
    Governance Support Officer
    Dunedin City Council

    █ Attachment: SC454E0591715120316230 (PDF, 260 KB)


    From: Lynne Robins
    Sent: Wednesday, 4 November 2015 4:08 p.m.
    To: Elizabeth Kerr
    Subject: Proposed Closure of Jetty Street – Reconvened Hearing

    The Proposed Restriction of Vehicles from Sections of Jetty Street hearing was adjourned on 5 August 2015, pending receipt of further information. This has now been received and the supplementary agenda and additional information can be viewed on the following link.

    The hearing will reconvene at 9.00 am on Wednesday 18 November 2015 in the Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers.

    You are welcome to attend the hearing and may speak to the additional information supplied only. If you wish to speak, please contact me as soon as possible on 477-4000 to register.

    Please note that the intended process of the hearing will be as follows:

    • Presentation on the additional information
    • An opportunity for submitters to speak on the additional information
    • The hearings committee will then deliberate

    If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Lynne Robins
    Governance Support Officer
    Dunedin City Council

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