Unpublished letter to ODT editor —Aftermath of Sunday TVNZ (10 May)

█ Dunedin Police are aware that intimidatory and threatening online messaging is continuing to escalate. Weekend car movements and number plates have been recorded.

Tue, 2 Jun 2015 at 10:57 a.m.

On 29/05/2015, at 12:13 am, Chris wrote:

Dear Mr Kirkness,

I read Timothy Brown’s story today about the harassment of Carol Devine with interest.

The reaction against her has been very revealing. Noah laughs it off but this surely one of the cases of “many a word in jest”.

I am disgusted by the manner in which Ms Devine has been vilified and ridiculed by elements of our community. You have to wonder whether her gender has something to do with it. Whether you agree with that or not, it is hard to escape the conclusion that Ms Devine has been the target of an orchestrated campaign of bullying.

Here I think the ODT has a role to play. A good local paper should serve as the conscience of our community and I think someone needs to hold these people to account. Most of them will be good kids swept up in the latest social media ‘fun’. If the media can get a few of them to stop and consider the hurt that their actions cause then that would be a very good thing.


Chris [full name withheld]

Almost 5000 people showed their intent to “attend” the event, which Mr Williams said showed it was “relatively successful”.

### ODT Online Thu, 28 May 2015
‘Party’ creator says no offence
By Timothy Brown
The creator [Noah Williams] of a Facebook “party” themed on a harassed Dunedin woman says the event is intended to be “harmless” fun and he will happily remove it if it is causing distress. Police have been investigating claims of harassment from a View St resident since she featured on TVNZ’s Sunday programme on May 10, in a segment about student behaviour in the city. A Facebook event named after the woman was posted online and called for people to “have a frothr, [sic] get f… [sic]” later this year.
Read more

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