Queen’s Birthday honours to rogues #TTCF #ORFU #PokieRorts

Ron Turner, Wellington. Photo by Ross Giblin [stuff.co.nz] 1### Stuff.co.nz
Last updated 15:04, June 1 2015
Weekes triplets grandfather awarded Queen’s Service Medal for service to community
A Wellington community stalwart, who lost three grandchildren in the Qatar mall fire, has been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. Rod Turner received the Queen’s Service Medal for service to the community, including a long career in the Army and dozens of volunteer organisations. The honour recognised “his leadership and selfless dedication to the community”. Turner spent 22 year in the military, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, before retiring and spending nine years as chief executive of the Children’s Health Camps.
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The piece of skirt responsible for funding irregularities* around the Centre of Excellence for Amateur Sport [for Professional RUGBY] has claimed a QB Honour. Paperwork showing this fraud is held independently.

ODT: Queen’s Birthday Honours 2015
Members MNZM
Kereyn Maree Smith, Auckland, services to sports governance.

ODT 1.6.15 QB Honours Kereyn Smith (detail)

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Tue, 2 Jun 2015 at 7:45 p.m.

Awards all round for those associated with gambling, pokies, serious audit failings and the negative findings of the NZ Gambling Commission.

Sad as the circumstances are for Ron Turner, he was a TTCF Trustee who approved grants to the Centre of Excellence for Amateur Sport in the hope of gaining ORFU’s pokie business after the ORFU had purchased the South Auckland Jokers Bars for about $3 million and so were desperate to align themselves with a pokie trust that would agree to illegally approve all the profits from those bars back to the interests of the ORFU.

The DIA investigated these arrangements and deemed that ORFU had an interest/ownership in the bars and therefore could not receive any proceeds from those bars. Facing potential financial disaster it would appear Kereyn Smith and other cronies associated with the ORFU agreed to front a new trust to counter DIA action.

Ex employees of ORFU, have confirmed that their contracts and pay were suddenly transferred over from the ORFU to the Centre of Excellence. The COE trustees then submitted grant applications to TTCF applying for salaries and costs that had previously been with the ORFU and avoided DIA scrutiny.

According to sources and documents, the very first grant of $500k from TTCF was needed and used for ORFU to meet its financial obligations to complete the purchase of the Jokers Bars and Ms Smith signature appears as sign off for the accountability.

There are serious anomalies which required proper investigation but as we know neither the DIA, the Police, the SFO or this Government are interested in proper investigations. Far easier to hold an award ceremony!!

Another TTCF trustee, Warren Flaunty, NZ’s most elected man, was convicted of careless driving after causing the death of a young motor cyclist in West Auckland in 2010.

█ For more, enter the terms *pokies*, *pokie rorts*, *ttcf*, *orfu*, *dia* or *kereyn* in the search box at right.

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10 responses to “Queen’s Birthday honours to rogues #TTCF #ORFU #PokieRorts

  1. Nova

    Trusts and Pokies and Elected officials continue to be a problem in Auckland also. The Elected Members having finished their last big project have now started a new trust to match a new TTCF/Council “partnership” project with the same trustees (including elected local board members). So the new model is pokies fund not going to grassroots community groups, but going to “partnerships with elected members” in partnership on council projects. Isn’t that just council growing their revenue stream? Isn’t it communism by stealth when they make the decisions and also control the expenditure outside the public eye. Another rates increase through the back door. No-one wants to talk about it or your community, your community group, your neighbourhood school will suffer the financial consequences.

  2. John Evans

    It seems to me that Bruce Jenner was ineligible for the Decathlon, she should have competed in the heptathlon. Why is there no world discussion into stripping her?



    John Evans Whats good enogh for the gander is good enough for the goose.

  3. russandbev

    It is more than a sad indictment on our society when very clear evidence exists that major fraud around the professional arm of the ORFU, the Centre of Excellence and TTCF was carried out, that the DIA admitted that “they had got away with it”, no other authority charged with investigation or prosecution was willing to pursue the obvious, and those involved were rewarded with the knowledge that they would not be held accountable. Now some are even to be recognised!!! Shades of Sepp Blatter. Corruption and/or fraud is alive and well.

  4. Cars

    Elizabeth, I must be continuously going to S (ome) P(art) A(arranged) to M(ediate).

    • Elizabeth

      Cars, indeed the auto spam detector has overtaken your latest series of comments. This is largely to do with your pseudonym “Cars”… a great title given DCC exploits… but its shortcomings are there are no spam alerts to the site moderator as the comments happen. Only comments automatcally going to moderation, through use of word filters, provide email alerts. Perhaps a new pseudonym ?

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    Carsy – as in, DCC’s gone down the – ?

  6. Gurgler

    Changing nom-de-plume to No cars? Or Gurgler as Hype suggests

  7. Gurgler

    Those Spokes characters have a lot of pull don’t they!

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