ODT weekend mix —Lee Vandervis

Updated post Mon, 1 Jun 2015 at 1:37 p.m.

This weekend’s newspaper magazine has THAT face plastered over page one. The accompanying feature article (pages 6-8) is now available online.

Lee Vandervis knows that people either love him or loathe him and he doesn’t care. Kim Dungey finds out what drives Dunedin’s most controversial city councillor. Otago Daily Times

Lee Vandervis ODT 30.5.15 Mix p1 bw800

After five years in London working as an acoustic engineer and building mixing consoles for the likes of Stevie Wonder and Pink Floyd, he returned to Dunedin in 1981 and set up his own sound and lighting business.

Pink Floyd Published on Jun 25, 2014
Pink Floyd – Money (Official Music Video)
The official promo video for ‘Money’ by Pink Floyd, taken from the album ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’.
Originally released in 1973, ‘The Dark Side of The Moon’ became Pink Floyd’s first number 1 album in the US, remaining on the chart for 741 weeks between 1973 and 1988. One of the best-selling and most critically acclaimed albums of all time, The Dark Side of The Moon also introduced the iconic album cover artwork by Hipgnosis, after a request for a ‘simple and bold’ design.
Music: “Money (2011 Remastered Version)” by Pink Floyd (Google Play • iTunes)

“I’ve had a ring from the chemist. He says you’ve bought these chemicals that could make a very large explosion.” –Mrs Vandervis, on her 11-year-old son’s decision to manufacture gunpowder.

ODT Mix 30.5.15 Lund Kerr on Vandervis p8 (3.1)Mix (page 8), ODT

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7 responses to “ODT weekend mix —Lee Vandervis

  1. John Evans, flabbergasted

    A bit like a Takahe, a very rare bird, a politician who will seek the truth, root out theft and defalcation and pursue those ends despite the efforts of the guilty to suppress, not only his investigations, but if necessary the person himself. When asked whether the Green party were interested in resolving theft by government officials both local and national, Russel Norman did not even know what the word defalcation meant and felt that was not a job for politicians!

    Which explains why a Green council in Dunedin is the very worst group we the ratepayers should endure given the theft, defalcation, fraud and criminal overspending going on at the Dunedin City Council in the past twelve years and today.

  2. Semper fidelis

    Yeah – I know about that word ‘defalcation’. Hard to pronounce; I always thought it was something to do with defecation. One could be persuaded to believe that there’s not a lot of difference. Defalcation is associated with fraud or misappropriation. End result is the two words are not too dissimilar in relation to outcome for ratepayer. It could be said that the defalcation of City leadership has resulted in the ratepayer being defecated upon.

  3. John Evans, flabbergasted

    And unfortunately all “errors” explained by that august body as S/!t Happens.

    Let’s hope they are replaced by a commissioner by August, now that would be a coincidence.

  4. Elizabeth

    Updated post at top of thread, link to ODT article now provided.

  5. Hype O'Thermia

    Notice the main cover photo. Smiling, warm, open necked shirt reveals a non-bloated neck. I’m a political neck watcher. Too much fine wining and dining and the jawline softens under a layer of fat, chins merge with neck and the shirt collar suffers wardrobe shrinkage.

  6. Elizabeth

    ODT 5.6.15 (page 14)

    ODT 5.6.15 Letters to editor Mason Timperley p14 (1)

  7. Cars

    Yes Tony and Cathy, lets balance the books, lets do a complete series of articles on every council senior employee, detailing their cars and where they purchased them, take photos of their pens, stationery, and ideally scrutinise their bank accounts, particularly depoaits, get some details on their outside activities also including the moonlighting etc., get some real details on the 550,000 hits on trademe and what they were buying and selling and the provenance of same. Lets at the same time scrutinise their past use of DCC credit cards, what they bought, how many coffees in the lower octagon on DCC expense accounts and credit cards, yada yada yada.

    It was quite clear that the ODT article was a squareoff because of all the b-s #%-spin the DCC was sending out about a frustrated Vandervis, who trying to get to the bottom of the rorts at the DCC and the badmouthing, silencing and marginalising of Vandervis , meant that most citizens were misread and mislead into believing he was some ogre rather than the only city councillor in Dunedin attempting to get the optimum use out of the rates stolen from us, the ratepayers.

    The article did nothing for me, but it obviously did impress some of those who have no idea and happy without one.

    Definition of a Rort.

    “Your not in it!”

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