Student involvement in Dunedin drinking culture

Letter received [click to enlarge]
‎Tue‎, ‎26‎ ‎May‎ ‎2015 at ‎2‎:‎29‎ ‎p.m.

M-H-Letter received 26.5.15

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22 responses to “Student involvement in Dunedin drinking culture

  1. Cars

    The author makes good points, but he assumes/hopes that the police, the university and the council will do their chartered respective duties. How can a reasonable citizen like this writer expect a small group of students to act in a reasonable way when these bodies are clearly NOT, see the vice-chancellor’s lack of leadership, the police activities as per the “Investigate” article and the unbelievably sloppy police work in the DCC car theft business and also the Bain murder case and finally the DCC, well one only has to go as far as the stadium continuum and the prospective sale of assets to keep the sadly listing ship afloat.

  2. Elizabeth

    Yes Cars, once you are too big to care there is little chance of help to anyone ‘outside’ who owns a sense of community, and has been fried by the growing minority of SM miscreants who have no respect for anyone least of all themselves. However, I did see NZ Police visiting the Backpackers at 2 View Street today !! The police investigation continues.

  3. Cars

    SM is not investigated Elizabeth if the following persons are involved

    Policeman or their relies
    Politicians or their relies
    All Blacks (previously, but now any rugby player) and their relies
    Judges and Lawyers
    DCC politicians for truthful CV’s!

  4. Elizabeth

    It was thought the letter from MH was unlikely to have been published by ODT – so for speed and convenience the writer sought publication here.

    We know that some comments/letters sent to ODT following the Sunday TVNZ programme (10 May) haven’t been published.

    Hopefully NZ Police are working hard to find those individuals behind recent intimidation and harassment in the central city.

    Once again, this site is being closely monitored.

  5. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Wed, 27 May 2015
    Not closing, under-fire bar owner says
    By Chris Morris
    An Octagon bar owner insists his late-night venue will not become the latest to close, despite police opposition to a renewed on-licence after a string of assaults linked to the premises. An application from Arrack Co Ltd’s Steve Hannagan to renew the on-licence for Pop Bar, in the lower Octagon, has drawn opposition from police and health officials.
    Read more


    Bar owner warns that former patrons will be driven into “unregulated and dangerous house parties”.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 27 May 2015
    Owner slams councillors as bars close
    Two of Dunedin’s biggest student bars have shut suddenly, and their owner has pointed to Dunedin’s “utterly conservative” councillors as the cause. Monday’s closures of Boogie Nights and Capone, along with the shutting of Urban Factory last year, had cost 55 jobs, the bars’ owner, Rob Dale, said.
    Read more

    Um, 55 jobs – must have been really low paid ? ….


    ### ODT Online Tue, 26 May 2015
    Two student bars close for good
    Two of Dunedin’s biggest student bars have closed their doors for good.
    It was announced on the Capone’s and Boogie Nites Facebook pages that the bars were closed yesterday morning. Capone’s, in Frederick St, and Boogie Nites, in George St, have become two of Dunedin’s most frequented student watering holes in recent years.
    Read more

    • Ralphy

      One drinking hole closes another will take its place! Pop-up bars opening to 3am and sending them all home rowdy and disruptive anyway… or more crowded and dangerous pop-up parties all over town? Great future we’ve got to look forward to Dunedin! Still, it’s only the minority we’re talking about right?

      • Elizabeth

        Ralphy! Sure as hell ain’t no minority.
        Students (backed by which liquor barons…?) are circulating a party notice for Dundas this weekend – 4900+ people have liked it on Facebook and intend on being there. Uh-oh, work for the University Cop to broker this one out of existence !!

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    Bar owners get awfully whiney when everything’s not going entirely their way, don’t they! Entitlement large. Responsibility, waaahh lie down bleating like a cast hogget and drum heels on floor.
    Heartless, moi? Get off!

  7. Elizabeth

    Thanks to Fairfax, their report below means new intimidation is fully possible despite NZ Police warnings.

    The organiser said he did not intend to cause offence with the party invitation. He decided to make the Facebook page “for some laughs” and noted the “good reception”.

    ### Last updated 18:39, May 27 2015
    Almost 5000 indicate attendance at Dunedin student party
    By Hamish McNeilly (former ODT reporter)
    Dunedin police hope to put a stop to a party that almost 5000 scarfies have indicated they will attend. The street party, to be held on Dundas St in the student quarter on July 18, was advertised using Facebook. The invitation, dubbed “Carols 21st”, featured a doctored photograph of a resident who spoke out about student drinking behaviour.
    Read more

    █ Police said they were trying to contact the organiser to have the Facebook page removed.

  8. Ralphy

    Interesting that Mr McNeilly can use an old image of the Hyde St party to convey his story, but TVNZ gets bagged over it! McNeilly’s original article named and further shamed the victim in this story, yet protected her cyber bully! He was consequently shown up on Twitter for being no better than a cyber bully himself and has had to modify this article to be less er ‘one-sided’! 

    But wait… how DARE he show these scarfies up for the problem children they are! Isn’t ‘almost 5,000′ more than a small few? You’re giving them ALL a bad name, McNeilly. Hope you’re going to write a more balanced story on the majority of great students out there, who don’t act like school kids, who think their actions make them untouchable because after all, it’s only ‘harmless fun’ isn’t it? (Do our Cyber bullying laws apply to protect citizens who’s lives, identities and businesses are affected by such public ridicule?) Why put the University in an awkward position by highlighting yet another embarrassing issue?? McNeilly has gone nation-wide with this story and showing up our lovely Dunedin YET AGAIN. 

    {Moderated. -Eds}

  9. Elizabeth

    Brilliant opinion at ODT today with mean insights trailing through instructive contextual commentary. What better.

    Bad conduct not just a load of rubbish
    A healthy community is home to people of all ages and all walks of life, who care for their surroundings and each other, writes Meg Davidson, of City Rise.
    […] the disorder in the student area has repercussions for the whole city. We should applaud those working together to find a solution […] Minimising or excusing the situation encourages the appalling and shameful victimisation of those who do speak out.

  10. Elizabeth

    ODT 26.5.15 (page 6)

    ODT 26.5.15 To the point Lim p6

  11. Ralphy

    At last – one brave lone voice responds out of all the majority of responsible students out there. Clearly someone who saw the Sunday programme from the same perspective I did – that of desperate residents being tormented out of their homes in areas that haven’t already been slummed down by this growing anti-social partying. The Council can’t ignore the problem any more. Stop this behavioural creep killing our city DCC!

  12. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Wed, 3 Jun 2015
    Bar owner fights one-way door policy
    By Craig Borley
    The owner of an Octagon cocktail bar has dug in his heels over a police plan to implement a one-way door policy from 3am. Pop Bar owner Steve Hannagan fronted a District Licensing Committee hearing yesterday, and said the police proposal for him to begin the one-way policy from 3am would take a considerable chunk of his trade.
    Read more

    • Ralphy

      Who the bloody hell needs to drink to 3am in the morning – let alone 4am!!?? The only reason these drug peddling bar owners make money in that last ‘crucial’ hour, is because by THAT time of the morning their patrons are too far gone to give a shit about how much their night has cost them! Come on DCC make them close at 1am like they’re considering in Christchurch. They’ve put an estimate of alcohol related harm costing them $90 million annually. What’s it costing us here?????

  13. Elizabeth

    New Green Man owner makes multimillion-dollar investment in brand.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 3 Jun 2015
    Resurrected Green Man looks to Asia
    By Simon Hartley
    Dunedin’s Green Man Brewery has been resurrected with a new focus on export sales to Asia. Green Man has been bought out of liquidation, for an undisclosed sum. [Mingchun “William” Qiu, of Christchurch] plans to expand the Grange St, North Dunedin, enterprise, import new Chinese equipment and begin export sales.
    Read more

  14. Elizabeth

    ‘Fire engine’ joy riders accused of damaging car

    Not sure who or what these morons are, but how disgusting is the attitude of the owner of the ex-fire engine. His passengers are likely of similar kind. Somehow I think they won’t be coming to a street near you once investigated by Police.

  15. E. Palmer

    Another dickhead no doubt come from out of town to make a legend of themselves by showing off and doing-it-Dunners-style with their self-entitled, unapologetic, anti-social, drunken behaviour.

    He should be held accountable for the damage caused by facilitating this kind of ‘fun’. Getting away with it and costing innocent local residents, is becoming all to common.

    Dunedin it’s time to get your smartphones recording this nonsense from a safe distance, so that these idiots can be held more accountable. Next hurdle is getting the authorities to send a stronger message than they do now – especially if there’s a student involved.

    • Elizabeth

      Totally with you on that, E. Palmer. The fire engine saga is wolf tale, do hope there’s charges pending.

  16. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 18 Jun 2015
    Group to aid landlords and students vital
    By Harry Love
    OPINION Perhaps now some of the sound and the fury has died down, blame has been democratically apportioned (everybody has some) and nothing much has changed, this might be the moment to step back and take a sober look at the issues of student behaviour and alcohol.

    On May 10, TVNZ presented a somewhat sensationalist piece of journalism on the “crisis” of Dunedin’s student “booze culture” and the suffering it inflicts on its citizens.

    This produced a flurry of accusation and counter-accusation as to the causes of the problem and claim and counterclaim as to the solutions.
    Read more

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