Tomorrow’s newspaper —Cull on CST

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Murray Kirkness says tomorrow’s ODT looks at Mayor Cull’s concerns about Carisbrook Stadium Trust.


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Published on May 17, 2015 TaylorSwiftVEVO
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Video: Taylor Swift performing Bad Blood. (C) 2015 Big Machine Records, LLC. “Bad Blood” from Taylor’s multi-platinum release 1989.

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Blue/Yellow Pompoms ft. in Shake It Off provided by Dunedin City Council.


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38 responses to “Tomorrow’s newspaper —Cull on CST

  1. Elizabeth


    Copied from another thread:

    Received from Bev Butler
    Wed, 13 May 2015 at 3:33 p.m.

    From: Bev Butler
    To: Lee Vandervis; Dave Cull; David Benson-Pope; Hilary Calvert; John Bezett; Doug Hall; Aaron Hawkins; Mike Lord; Jinty MacTavish; Andrew Noone; Neville Peat; Chris Staynes; Richard Thomson; Andrew Whiley; Kate Wilson
    Cc: Sue Bidrose; Sandy Graham; Chris Morris [ODT]; Vaughan Elder [ODT]
    Subject: Bev Butler’s Verbal submission re Draft LT Plan 2015
    Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 15:31:36 +1200

    Dear Mayor Cull and Councillors

    Below is my brief submission which I presented today prefaced by extracts from the Local Government Act.
    In requesting a full forensic audit, I am merely asking the Council to abide by the principles as set out in the early principles section of the Act.
    I have summarised a few of the principles which I consider relevant and highlighted references to accountability.

    Kind Regards

    “The Local Government Act provides for the creation of local government that has a purpose of promoting the accountability of local authorities to their communities. To this end, local government must enable democratic local decision making and action which meets the current and future needs of the communities for good quality local infrastructure, local public services, and performing regulatory functions for households and businesses in a cost effective way. Good quality means infrastructure, local public services, and performance of regulatory functions that is efficient, effective, and appropriate to present and anticipated future circumstances.

    The principles the local government must abide by are to conduct its business in an open, transparent, and democratically accountable manner. Furthermore, when undertaking commercial transactions the local government body must adopt sound business practices. To that end the local authority should periodically assess the expected returns to the authority from investing or undertaking commercial activity and satisfy itself that the expected returns are likely to outweigh the risks inherent in the investment or the activity. The local authority should ensure prudent stewardship and the efficient and effective use of its resources in the interests of its district of region including planning effectively for the future management of its assets.”

    Brief for verbal submission 2015
    In May 2012, the PricewaterhouseCoopers(PwC) report was released. This report was commissioned as the final stadium cost was in dispute.
    In the 2012 PwC report it stated that only $700,000 of the private funding for construction had been received and that much of the remainder of private funding, eg advanced seat sales was for revenue not construction.

    One of the conditions for the go ahead of the stadium was that 60% of the $55 million of private funding for construction had to be secured.
    In reality this never happened even though both the community and the High Court were told this to be the case.

    Given that the community and courts were seriously misled in so many instances, I continued to investigate the spending by the Carisbrook Stadium Trust.
    Over $70 million passed through the CST and there are numerous red flags that need further investigation. That is why I am calling on a full forensic audit of the stadium investigation and construction spending by the Carisbrook Stadium Trust.

    I first requested this forensic audit in May 2012 when the PwC report was first released and then again in subsequent years.
    Last year my submission was intended to raise attention to the red flags. However, the only apparent action the Council took in response to my concerns was, at the request of Cr Benson-Pope, to run my submission past the Council lawyers (I can only presume this was to see if I had made any slip ups even though I informed the Council I had already run my submission past my own lawyer). No slip ups were found and no apparent further action was taken to address the concerns expressed in my submission.

    So I am asking the Council again to instigate a full forensic audit of the CST stadium spending.
    What is the point of training staff to recognise red flags when no one is prepared to do anything about them?


    Related media story. -Eds
    ODT: DCC training to raise awareness of fraud (30.4.15)

  2. Anonymous

    I believe that this will not be the only involvement by the Auditor-General’s office in the affairs of the DCC in coming months.

  3. Alex Brown

    Cull won the Mayoralty on all this stuff because he convinced the Dumb Dunedin Ratepayers that he was the man for the job and he would bring big changes.

    Once Mayor it appears he’s been quickly inducted by Council’s Management as to how things really operate around here and it’s mostly for their own benefit and job protection.

    So forget about accountability, sackings or reigning in spending. It’s high risk and will upset the Dunedin Gentry. Far easier to utilise Council’s tricky accountants and PR staff and create the illusion of change.

  4. Elizabeth

    Alas. Alex Brown, he speaks the truth.

    What a sick dreadful little small-minded council we have. Not here to protect the poor and vulnerable. Who are they, ask the spendthrift wankers.

    • Diane Yeldon

      First the cricket lights, then the Mosgiel mega-pool. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. More spending of other people’s money which other people don’t actually have.

  5. Anonymous

    The previous Harland/Chin council created this nightmare of debt and now the current Cull council is escalating it. They believe a billion dollars of debt is a target and are determined to bankrupt the city. I don’t buy into their “green” ideology and it’s just a mask for something more devious. What they seem to be intent on is the destruction of Dunedin at any cost. What do they hope to gain from it? Well, it should have everyone shitting bricks because no doubt it will be bad for those who call this place home.

    I thought it impossible that someone else could make the situation any worse but Dave Cull and his followers have done just that.

    They’re all addicted to spending other people’s money.

  6. Elizabeth

    ODT: Council to seek legal advice after claims about stadium documents
    The Dunedin City Council is to seek a legal opinion after claims the Carisbrook Stadium Trust is refusing to hand it documents relating to millions of dollars of spending. The move was signalled at yesterday’s long-term plan deliberations after Mayor Dave Cull said the assertion from stadium critic Bev Butler was the trust had withheld documents from the council.

    ● Council chief executive Dr Sue Bidrose would be asked to prepare a report for council on the CST’s documents, including a legal opinion on the council’s right to access them.

    Note: This could really stuff things up if DCC handles the investigation like it has done for Citifleet. Shaken and stirred Bev Butler should remain exceedingly vigilant. In all respects, self-policing by DCC is an unmitigated disaster. DCC has a lot to lose, having had CST acting as its reputable agent.

    So many millions of ratepayers’ monies gone west, spent on the stadium project?

    Mosgiel pool – ‘Taieri Aquatic Centre’
    What’s to stop the private trust, Taieri Community Facilities Trust, exploiting a DCC invoicing and payment system along similar non transparent lines (gouging is a polite word for it).

    Watch this space.

  7. Cars

    Two thirds of New Zealanders believe councils are overstaffed, poor governors, shoddy managers and empire builders and these wallies in no way set off to reduce staff, dismantle unnecessary empires, manage better. No they continue to obfuscate, to advise that they are now doing better, that the car thiefs are all dead and buried, that they need to tell the populaces how well they are really screwing them.

    If they don’t recognise they are on a slippery slope to oblivion, perhaps only a street march to demand their demise is the only answer that we of the two thirds are very unhappy, will not be soft soaped and expect instant and dramatic improvement in effective management in the only ways possible.

    No rate rises above the annual inflation rates, better repairs of real services like water and sewage treatment and NO investment in shonky schemes, new Octagons, more staff for surveys etc etc.

  8. Mike

    Let’s not forget section 2 paragraph (6) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act which says:

    “Any information held by an independent contractor engaged by any local authority in his or her capacity as an independent contractor is, for the purposes of this Act, deemed to be held by the local authority”

    • Elizabeth

      That clause underpins much of the research carried out to date.

      And when, as documented elsewhere at this website – the duty to deliver information was contested by CST, research by Bev Butler showed that two independent legal opinions had been sought by CEO Harland; both opinions confirmed the necessity for CST to conform to the requirements of the LGOIMA.

    • Mike

      Yes and puts pay to Farry’s specious claim in today’s paper that the LGOIMA doesn’t apply to him because the CST is a trust.

      • Mike

        Hmmm interesting, I posted the above on the ODT website, but now all comments are disabled, obviously discussion of Farry’s shortcomings is a touchy point at the ODT

  9. russandbev

    Farry and his mates at the CST by way of his statements reported in the ODT today, are laying themselves wide open to even further suspicion. His inference that the DCC has lost what has already been supplied, along with his continued belief that his trust despite being an agent of the DCC is not subject to supplying any information required by the DCC just shows that there is much to hide. Any public body or their agent must operate in a fully professional and transparent way – it’s called accountability. Farry has proven over a very long time to be obstructive at best and I’d be really interested in knowing just how much he is reported as saying is actually true. I’m sure that the DCC – who as the contractor – will be anxious to get all the documentation (or lack of it) that exists round the imbroglio that is the stadium build.

    It will be interesting also to see whether some of the current Councillors are reluctant to see some light into this documentation. It was they who either believed arrant nonsense in regard to costs and lines in the sand, or chose to ignore the advice that they received from hundreds of submitters who, as it turned out, were absolutely right in their forecasts. Will they be anxious for their ineptitude to be exposed?

  10. russandbev

    I too noted that comments which initially were enabled are now disabled. An interesting thing to note as the ODT moderators can easily abridge or ignore comments as they regularly do. However in this instance, this is a matter of a trust contracted by the DCC and acting as agent saying that they have supplied all that the DCC have asked for, and on the other hand the DCC saying that this is not the case. I would have thought that in the interests of clarity and transparency the views of the ratepayers who have paid the CST as an agent for the Council would be just the same as those views of ratepayers questioning expenditure by the DCC directly. The ODT does seem to have a great deal of sensitivity around Mr Farry and one wonders just why this should be. Do they think that Mr Farry should be fully accountable through the supply of professional documentation to the DCC for the work of his trust? Or would the ODT be sensitive to any moves of legal action or other pressures to not delve too deeply into this matter by anyone remotely connected to this issue? It seems Mayor Cull has seen enough to lead him to say that he doesn’t believe that the CST have supplied all that the DCC have asked for – despite his cautious words, the situation seems pretty straightforward.

  11. Elizabeth

    There are enough of us now, including DCC, who can supply technical paperwork showing gaping holes.

  12. Alex Brown

    If Cull was intent on taking definitive and decisive action to obtain the information being with held by Farry and the CST, one must question why he is doing doing a story with the ODT.

    There are plenty of other far more decisive options available to deal with people and entities which, being required to account, fail to do so, particularly when it involved large sums of public money. Report the matter to the Police/SFO and expect them to obtain the evidence.

    Dave, pick up the phone and dial 111, just like you did with Citifleet. Oops that right, Bachop was already dead so reporting to the Police suddenly became a safe alternative for you and your office.

    220 Theft by person in special relationship
    This section applies to any person who has received or is in possession of, or has control over, any property on terms or in circumstances that the person knows require the person—
    to account to any other person for the property, or for any proceeds arising from the property; or
    to deal with the property, or any proceeds arising from the property, in accordance with the requirements of any other person.
    Every one to whom subsection (1) applies commits theft who intentionally fails to account to the other person as so required or intentionally deals with the property, or any proceeds of the property, otherwise than in accordance with those requirements.
    This section applies whether or not the person was required to deliver over the identical property received or in the person’s possession or control.
    For the purposes of subsection (1), it is a question of law whether the circumstances required any person to account or to act in accordance with any requirements.
    Compare: 1961 No 43 ss 222, 223, 224
    Section 220: replaced, on 1 October 2003, by section 15 of the Crimes Amendment Act 2003 (2003 No 39)..

    • Elizabeth

      Certain people have bought into the DCC/ODT panacea with their ego. Coverup is nigh. As is naïveté. This is a slouch handling method. What did I say?
      To that I add half-cocked at best.

    • Russell Garbutt

      Alex, the Police no longer have a fraud unit in Dunedin, they seem to have no expertise nor inclination to investigate complex fraud, and my belief is that the Citifleet investigations have already concluded or are about to be concluded. It would be no surprise that it will be decided that nothing more will happen.

      So, I have every reason to believe that a complaint made to Police on failing to account would go nowhere and every reason to believe that such a complaint – even if fully warranted – would not be laid. Just too many people would be embarrassed.

  13. Peter

    Malcolm Farry’s modus operandi, when confronted, is to ooze reassurance that he is willing to cooperate and be helpful. This wins the moment and gives himself time. Subsequently he stalls on providing the information and goes back to the old line that the trust is not subject to LGOIMA and resists handing over information to the limit.
    The trouble for Malcolm is that the old trick becomes old hat.

  14. Elizabeth

    █ Copy of 2 legal opinions provided to DCC – CEO Harland

    8.3.14 Carisbrook Stadium Trust subject to LGOIMA

    Supplied by Bev Butler via LGOIMA.

  15. Alex Brown

    This is all quite sickening when you consider how decisively the authorities acted against a Maori Group labelled as Mongrel Mob, for failing to account for about $20k of funding received from Whanau Ora.

  16. Elizabeth

    Cull & Co have had a full week since Bev Butler gave her submission on DCC’s Draft LTP – the morning of Wed 13 May 2015.

    A lot can happen to circle wagons in a week.
    No different to Citifleet sluggishness and the lack of immediate police investigation via DCC auspices. Orchestration.

  17. Elizabeth

    If Dunedin Police were dicking round with Citifleet (proven, given Mayor Cull’s attempted decimation of Cr Lee Vandervis) – imagine what’s possible with the “saving of CST and DCC” by the local constabulary.

    Circus music. Uneven drum roll.

  18. Anonymous

    Circling of wagons is going to be insufficient to cope with what I suspect is coming down the wire.

  19. Elizabeth

    Dead-End-with-Blood-Splatter [] 1

    Image: (just in case, forewarned)

  20. Elizabeth

    [cluedo: I didn’t supply any bullets][someone else did from inside]

    Taylor has that effect.

  21. I understand you have been playing records by Tayles, Lourdes’ newest ‘bestie’. This in contravention of APPRO. Moreover, ‘Bad Blood’ is Andrew’s movie about Stan, Jack Thompson. Here at the Nitwork, we expect wifdun to reflect NZ kulturkampf.

  22. Elizabeth


    Who is the Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust ?

    All Registered Charities in New Zealand appear on the Charities Register. The Register summarises each charity’s purposes, activities, sector and includes their Annual Return – a yearly report which details their income, expenditure and activities.

    Carisbrook Stadium Trust (CST), was formed in August 2006 as The Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust.

    Charities Register No. CC37552
    (Status) Registered (Date of registration) 30/06/2008

    (via whatifdunedin records; note discrepancy with dates via media reports / official websites and entries at Charities Register)

    Malcolm Saba Farry – Chairman of the Trust
    Ronald Douglas Anderson – Director/Shareholder of Arrow International
    Stewart Arthur Barnett – Businessman
    Arthur William Baylis* – Chartered Accountant
    Kereyn Maree Smith – currently CEO of the NZ Olympic Committee, previously CEO of the Academy of Sport and the Centre of Excellence for Amateur Sport
    John Francis Ward – Accountant of Invercargill and Chancellor of the University of Otago (resigned 8/9/09)
    Eion Edgar – Chairman of Forsyth Barr (appointed 8/9/09)

    (via Charities Register)

    Officer Name (Effective Date)

    Arthur Baylis 09/08/2006
    Ronald Anderson 09/08/2006
    Stewart Barnett 09/08/2006
    Kereyn Smith 09/08/2006
    Malcolm Farry 09/08/2006
    Eion Edgar 08/09/2008

    Past Officers

    John Ward (since) 28/09/2009

    █ For more on CST, enter the terms *cst*, *csct*, *carisbrook stadium trust*, *carisbrook stadium charitable trust*, *farry*, *edgar*, *ward* or *butler* in the search box at right.

  23. Elizabeth

    Council corporate services group manager Sandy Graham would meet Mr [Malcolm] Farry later today to view documents and ensure the council had everything it was entitled to. –Sue Bidrose

    ### ODT Online Thu, 4 Jun 2015
    Council gains access to CST documents
    By Chris Morris
    The Dunedin City Council has secured an agreement that will avoid ”a battle of lawyers” over access to stadium-related documents held by the Carisbrook Stadium Trust, council chief executive Dr Sue Bidrose says. However, Dr Bidrose said she could not give the trust’s spending a clean bill of health until after any missing material was handed over.
    Read more

  24. Anonymous

    Yeah. That’s transparent.
    Do it properly. Do it through legal channels.
    Don’t keep doing things that perpetuate the image of Dunedin City Council doing things behind closed doors. Expected better of this CEO.

    • Elizabeth

      While DCC is as it is there is no hope for transparency, not under the current mayoralty and chief excutiveship.
      Sorry Sue – not good enough.
      Malcolm Farry and the trustees of the Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust are culpable on so many accounting fronts.
      We know it, you know it – on the balance of documents already received.
      Ms Graham knows it.

      We watch with great amusement…..
      Our pencils sharpened.

      Ahoy Jim and Athol. And all the DCC culpability.
      How much can you bury this time by self-investigation of the council navel, Sue ?
      Got Deloitte ready? and what dead man this time?

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Anyone had really bad news from the doctor recently? There could be a high-level job for you at the DCC, employment contract and salary backdated…………………
        Think of your dependents, apply now.

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