Social media messages after Sunday TVNZ (10 May)

Sunday 10 May at 7pm TVI - promotion for SUNDAY

WATCH ‘Party Central’
█ Sunday TVNZ

Sunday TVNZ investigator: Libby Middlebrook
Producer: Jane Skinner

█ Facebook entries sampled after the ‘wake up’ Sunday TVNZ show – the student’s name and personal gravatar have been removed; Helen Back from City Rise (not Carol Devine featured on camera), responds:

Student at Facebook (Sunday TVNZ) name removedHelen Back at Facebook (Sunday TVNZ) name removed 1

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Images – screenshots and text from Sunday TVNZ / ONE News
Facebook entries supplied.


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25 responses to “Social media messages after Sunday TVNZ (10 May)

  1. Elizabeth

    Facebook: Build Dunedin – some balance by contributors… /BuildTheHotel/posts/773849899402724


    Facebook (Sunday TVNZ 10 May discussed at Build Dunedin)

  2. Elizabeth


    Tonight on TVI, Sunday will read out feedback to the programme it aired on 10 May – Dunedin ‘Party Central’

  3. Elizabeth

    Sunday TVNZ were all ready to read a statement from OUSA’s president Paul Hunt tonight as part of feedback to last week’s show – but clearly all feedback has been canned.

    Maybe on NZ Police advice (?) – and due to increased youth activity in View Street today; referred to as “beepers and creepers” (yes, belligerent party-hard students and their boozy mates – no doubt prompted, if not paid backhanders by those making large profits in the liquor industry).

    Where does it end for the good residents of View Street?

    Let me spell it out: it ends with criminal prosecution of the people responsible for harassing and intimidating residents, and or bringing damage to private property.

    Police patrols are continuing in the immediate street area. They will do so for as long as is necessary while there is threat to person and property.

    This is a serious policing matter.

    As a consequence, this website continues to be closely monitored.

  4. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Mon, 18 May 2015
    Further complaints of harassment
    By Timothy Brown
    Police are investigating further claims of harassment against a Dunedin woman who feels she has been made the face of an “anti-student” campaign. […] She told police cars were driving up and down her street all hours of the night and people were calling out her name, Acting Senior Sergeant Craig Dinnissen said.
    Read more

  5. Elizabeth

    ODT 18.5.15 Letter to the editor (page 8)

    IMG_20150518_224213[smartphone screenshot]

  6. Elizabeth

    Dunedin TV non-scientific poll (thus far)

    Are Dunedin tertiary students out of control?
    Yes 30% (38 votes)
    No 70% (88 votes)

    Total votes: 126
    Ch39 Link

    • helenback

      What a ridiculous spin they’ve put on the issue with this question! While the Sunday programme might have featured a notorious student flat, not all out-of-control parties are student affairs! Thanks to sanctioned events like the Hyde St party, are the party people therefore assuming it’s ok to party like that elsewhere too? A more appropriate question would be to ask – “Is the pop-up party scene around Dunedin getting out of control?”

      • Elizabeth

        “Is the pop-up party scene around Dunedin getting out of control?”

        Answer: YES definitely (evidence based)

  7. Elizabeth

    Update on poll (started May 15, 2015 – 5:18pm)
    [low voter response, not really happening……]

    Are Dunedin tertiary students out of control?
    Yes 30% (40 votes)
    No 70% (93 votes)

    Total votes: 133

    Ch39 link

  8. Elizabeth

    Posted at the Yik Yak platform this morning.
    More than a week on…. A gem! This child may be one of the worried people caught in headlights!

    The field of search for YikYak is currently focused on View Street and environs, for now.

    yik yak 19.5.15

  9. Elizabeth

    HUGE THANKS to investigator Libby Middlebrook and producer Jane Skinner at Sunday TVNZ, for graphically representing the harm at Dunedin to inform and raise debate:

    Party Central (14:18)
    Dunedin residents at breaking point (0:50)
    Dunedin student hovel: ‘How do you live like this?’ (1:14)

    Meanwhile, thanks NZMA !!!!!!!!!!

    Top New Zealand doctors call for drinking age to be raised to 20 and booze sponsorship banned from public events in a push to reduce alcohol-related harm.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 19 May 2015
    Doctors call for drinking age increase
    The New Zealand Medical Association released its Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm policy briefing today. It recommends a raft of changes including hiking the drinking age, phasing out alcohol marketing and sponsorship at sporting and cultural events, stepping up screening and treatment services, introducing better education initiatives and raising alcohol taxes.
    Read more

  10. Elizabeth

    drunk fb drinkies party mode – lookslikefun

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  11. Elizabeth

    Public awareness is at an all time low if people think students should be mollycoddled. I’m not talking Hyde Street. Neither was Carol or Jeff on Sunday TVNZ; nor other residents complaining to DCC, City Planning, Noise Control, Mayor, Vice-chancellor, Proctor, Campus Watch, and Police !!!

    ### May 20, 2015 – 7:08pm
    Your word on out of control students
    Dunedin tertiary students are back in the national spotlight, following fresh reports of drunken disorder and harassment. Police and university staff are investigating complaints by a local woman that she’s being victimised by students. And with that in mind, our word on the street team asked members of the public if they think students are out of control.

    • Ralphy

      Way to go dunedintv – Why didn’t you ask the more socially responsible questions like: Is the pop-up party scene getting out-of-control in Dunedin? or Should the University put an end to the Hyde St party because the mayhem is influencing other dangerous partying around Dunedin? Shameful reporting when the real issue is buried.

      Talk about controlling the news in this town! Could the same names behind this be the same fat cats protecting their Mighty Booze $$$$ investments???

  12. Elizabeth


    Bottles hurled and couches burned at Dunedin party
    8:52 AM Friday May 22, 2015
    Source: ODT

    NZ Herald 22.5.15 Bottles thrown (via ODT)

    LOCALLY at Yik Yak (22.5.15)
    Yik Yak 22.5.15

  13. Elizabeth

    Unprovoked sustained assault: The boy was approached by four or five males believed to be between 16 and 18.

    ### ODT Online Sun, 24 May 2015
    ‘Cowardly’ group attack on Dunedin teen
    A 16-year-old boy is in Dunedin Hospital with serious injuries after what police have described as a “cowardly unprovoked group attack”. The assault happened on Malvern St on the street outside a house party between 10.30pm and midnight last night.
    Read more

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Mob courage, a.k.a. vicious lowlife cowards.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Wed, 27 May 2015
      Teen arrested after Dunedin assault
      A 16-year-old boy has been arrested over an attack on a fellow teenager outside a party in Dunedin. Police said the assault on the 16-year-old boy happened on Malvern St outside a house party between 10.30pm and midnight on Saturday.
      Read more

  14. Elizabeth

    Fire Service East Otago area commander Laurence Voight said anecdotally there had been “more activity” in the student quarter since the airing of the TVNZ programme, Sunday, earlier this month.

    ### Last updated 12:44, May 24 2015
    Couch fires in Dunedin’s student quarter
    By Hamish McNeilly
    Firefighters attended two early morning couch fires in Dunedin, just days after a Fire commander noted student behaviour had worsened since the airing of a controversial television programme on student behaviour. The Fire Service was called to Grange St, North Dunedin, following reports of a couch fire just after midnight. Firefighters were again called out to the notorious student hotspot of Castle St North, following reports of another couch fire at 1.37am, a Fire spokesman said.
    Read more

    • Ralphy

      So what is the Fire Commander trying to say – “Everything was just fine. We had it totally under control until someone had to go and blow it all by speaking out!” ??

      What are the trouble-makers trying to say – “Screw you and your unfair criticism of us drinking to excess. We pay for the right to party hard here. The Uni advertises and sponsors it, the Council permits it and the Police go light on us, so what the hell are you complaining about?!

      What are the OUSA trying to say – “We’re not ALL like that. It’s just a few of us SEE !” ??

      • Elizabeth

        Ralphy, what I think is, none of the spokespeople live amongst the worst excesses of ongoing popup parties. Ignorance is their condescending bliss.

  15. Elizabeth

    Or should the group be called “F***ight Built Environment Degradation Civil Disorder Student-Landlord Squalor” at City Rise
    aka F***ight BeD
    —say it with a strong militant undertone—

    ### Aug 27, 2015
    Nightly interview: Meg Davidson
    A new group has just been established to preserve the heritage and amenity values of central Dunedin. It’s called City Rise Up, and founding member Meg Davidson joins us to explain what it’s all about.
    Ch39 Link

    39 Dunedin Television Published on Aug 27, 2015

    • Peter

      A good example of a foul development that is recent is in upper Duncan St, City Rise. A once lovely, well preserved villa now with three units jammed into the front and back of the section. All totally inappropriate as their design is ill fitting. This should not be allowed to happen. If this is medium density of the future, forget it.

      • Elizabeth

        (need lots of addresses and pics of similar recently-built properties to help fight the 2GP for the residential area below the Town Belt)

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