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View Street, seen from Moray Place

View Street from Moray Place [Google Street View - Dec 2007]Google Street View – Dec 2012 [screenshot]

View Street. A heritage street containing historic townhouses (once private family residences, of which only one remains in this use) and apartment buildings. Otago Girls’ High School provides an ‘architectural’ dénouement at the top of street. The church building to Moray Place and View Street has been converted to upmarket apartments.

The infamous 2 View Street (student proof carpet….) is second from right (cream painted facade), a former church hall then backpackers. It was purchased by a Mr Nicolas Beach in 2010. Mr Beach on-sold the property for an artificial profit (don’t ask). From that time it’s been all downhill for other people living on the street —with so little support from city authorities, the property owner (currently, an absentee living in Australia), and the university. It’s called turning a blind eye, passing the buck.

2 View Street Dunedin [qv.co.nz]Quotable Value NZ [screenshot]

From the DCC Rates Book:

Ratepayer name(s): Ross Maxwell Pty Limited

[oh look, that infamous firm] Postal address for this assessment
C/O Edinburgh Realty Limited PO Box 5772 Moray Place Dunedin 9058

NZ Companies Register:

ROSS MAXWELL PTY LIMITED (5447574) Registered

Showing 1 of 1 directors:
55 Abbott Street, Wallsend NSW, 2287, Australia

Total Number of Shares: 1
Extensive Shareholding: No
Shareholders in Allocation:
Allocation 1:
1 shares (100.00%)
55 Abbott Street, Wallsend NSW, 2287, Australia

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