Aftermath of Sunday TVNZ on ‘Party Central’

Read it all…

Cr Andrew Whiley as part of the ‘conversation’ gets it completely wrong, due to his own bias.


Carol Devine will be interviewed by Jim Mora this afternoon, on RNZ National radio – listen in sometime after 3:40 p.m.

ONE News explores the Dunedin issues raised by Sunday TVNZ (10 May) in tonight’s bulletin.

More to come….

Oh yeah, Otago students start a petition !!!

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19 responses to “Aftermath of Sunday TVNZ on ‘Party Central’

  1. Elizabeth

    ### Mon 11 May 2015,
    Radio NZ National
    Hosted by Jim Mora – The Panel with Jane Clifton and Neil Miller (Part 1)

    Dunedin party central
    16:23 Some Dunedin residents are at their wits end after continuous rowdy and destructive partying by some of the student population. Resident Carol Devine talks to the Panel about being harassed for complaining.
    Audio | Download: Ogg MP3 ( 8′  51″ )

  2. Elizabeth

    National headlines….

    NZ Herald 12.5.15 Woman harassed []

    Concerned residents had lobbied police for years to extend a liquor ban and she was not alone in raising concerns about bacchanalian behaviour. –Carol Devine

    ### NZ Herald Online 3:17 PM Tuesday May 12, 2015
    Woman harassed after complaining about drunk Dunedin students
    By Otago Daily Times staff, NZME. News Service
    A woman who complained about drunk and disorderly Dunedin students says she’s been harassed in person and online since appearing on TV. Dunedin resident Carol Devine appeared on the Sunday programme to voice concerns about excessive, destructive drinking habits in the city. Ms Devine said within five minutes of appearing on TV One two days ago, people were yelling at her from a car outside her home. […] The Dunedin resident and businesswoman said she’d also been attacked on social media.
    Read more

    The story as it appears locally, the Herald subbies really get it.

    ODT: Hassle over Dunedin booze views

  3. Elizabeth

    ### May 12, 2015 – 8:10pm
    Students criticise media for ‘unfair’ depiction of scarfie behaviour
    Dunedin tertiary students are under the national spotlight, drawing attention for unruly behaviour. And that’s prompting some to point the finger at media, for unfairly representing the local student body.

  4. Elizabeth

    Isolated alcohol incidents have created … unwarranted animosity towards the entire student population.

    ### ODT Online Fri, 15 May 2015
    ‘Sunday’ show one-sided
    By Ben Cochrane and Hugo Norton
    OPINION Regarding the Sunday programme on TV about Dunedin students, we are studying in Dunedin and wholeheartedly agree there is a drinking problem, yet we believe the segment presented a very one-sided argument. […] Sunday has unfairly tarnished the reputation of Otago University students and is in no way going to have any positive effect on the drinking culture.
    Read more

    █ For more, enter the terms *university*, *harlene*, *alcohol*, *publicity*, *hyde*, *party*, *octagon mud*, *student*, or *blaikie* in the search box at right.

  5. Elizabeth

    Watch Dunedin TV tonight — 39 Dunedin News screens at 5:30pm, 7:00pm or 9:30pm

    Carol Devine talks to the aftermath of TVNZ’s Sunday programme, ‘City of learning or Part Central?’ (10 May).



    How the booze barons are working it!!
    What clearer evidence could we have of how this campaign is being expertly engineered to make it very personal. ‘Carol’ has become the new brand for the party crowd. Nothing offensive, but clearly aimed at Carol Devine.

    ‘The Wall’ is a Christchurch club, so ‘Carol’ is going wider than Dunedin….

    Police are aware of the situation and monitoring what’s happening —meantime, the Carol Brand gains momentum !!


    TrollsTroll site, complete with names showing of the first 19 people who ‘Liked’ the doctored image.

    Interesting to see if these Key Players are connected with the problem flat at 2 View Street, Dunedin ???! Does their endorsement of this fake page and doctored image constitute harassment / Internet bullying? What is the court of public opinion?

    █ For more, enter the terms *university*, *harlene*, *alcohol*, *publicity*, *hyde*, *party*, *octagon mud*, *student*, or *blaikie* in the search box at right.

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    Courageous twerps, aren’t they!
    If the site has been taken down does that mean the names of Likes are gone? If so it’s unfortunate. I’m sure in a few years’ time they or someone they encounter would be fascinated to google their names and read what jolly japes they’d been up to in 2015. Perhaps someone will do them a favour and copy their names so they remain searchable.

    • Elizabeth

      Hype, everything relevant has been recorded by Police for potential evidentiary use.

      Name and shame is fully possible.

      Individuals conducting the Carol campaign are traced, especially the senior dental student and the medical student… Hello guys! Love your photos.

      Police have been efficient.

      Further, What if? is being monitored closely.

  7. Elizabeth

    ### May 15, 2015 – 5:44pm
    University students harassing Dunedin woman
    Local university students are being investigated for allegedly harassing a Dunedin woman. She’s made headlines nationwide for criticising out-of-control student parties. And now police and university staff are responding to claims that she’s being further victimised as a result.

    2 View Street Dunedin [ screenshot 15.5.15] 12 View Street via 39 Dunedin News [screenshot]

  8. Elizabeth

    Carol Devine and others are trying to get pop-up parties in areas outside the “student quarter” addressed and better managed.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 16 May 2015
    Harassment claim follows TV segment
    By Timothy Brown
    Police are investigating after a Dunedin woman who featured on a television segment about student behaviour in the city complained about harassment stemming from the show. View St resident Carol Devine told the Otago Daily Times she had been the subject of harassment and online attacks since TVNZ’s Sunday programme last week.
    Read more

    “A complaint alleging harassment has been made to the proctor and is currently being investigated.” –University of Otago

    “Police have received a complaint in regards to alleged harassment of the victim in View St on Sunday night and are continuing to look into the matter.” –Dunedin Police

  9. Elizabeth

    Reporter Carla Green talks to students, landlords and student advocates about flatting in North Dunedin.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 23 May 2015
    The rights and wrongs of city student flats
    By Carla Green
    This week is Flatting Week, Otago University Students’ Association’s annual initiative to educate students about flatting and tenants’ rights. […] The OUSA has run initiatives to inform students about their rights as tenants and what to look for in flats for about 10 years, association student advocate Philippa Keaney says.
    Read more

    ● HE DOES… Dunedin landlord Jim Casey treats his flats and his tenants well.

  10. Anonymous

    Having dealt with Jim Casey on a number of occasions, there are no questions with regard to his character, and the approach that he takes to maintaining standards of his properties and tenants.

    • Anna

      I wish Jim Casey owned and managed more properties across City Rise (and north Dn) – from what I hear and experience, his example is not the norm – property management should not be as difficult as it seems to be for many property owners and managers – I do not understand why there seems to be an overall poor standard and why the community tolerates such a low standard of property management and tenancy agreements- there seems to be a community acceptance that nothing else is possible or can be attained?

  11. Elizabeth

    ### Last updated 17:35 22/06/2015
    Massive Dunedin student party cancelled
    By Hamish McNeilly
    A massive student party planned for Dunedin’s student quarter has been cancelled. More than 5200 partygoers indicated on Facebook they would attend the Dundas St event, dubbed Carol’s 21st, on July 18. The Facebook page featured a doctored photograph of a city resident who spoke out about student drinking behaviour on TV1’s Sunday programme.
    Read more

  12. Elizabeth

    University of Otago keeps DRINKING

    Dunedin’s Agnew St keg party

    Small crowd, no problems at street party
    […] More than 5000 people had indicated a month ago they would attend but the crowd ended up being only a couple of hundred.

  13. Elizabeth

    Student area magnet for ‘other’ miscreant-criminals. Hopefully, the Police aren’t treating this as a CIVIL matter……….

    Wed, 24 Aug 2016
    ODT: Flat attack terrifies student
    A Hyde St resident who discovered four women trashing his flat yesterday morning says crime on the North Dunedin party street is ”getting worse”. The University of Otago student, who did not want to be named, said he was “terrified” after arriving home about 1am yesterday to find furniture and rubbish strewn across his living room and bathroom, light fittings smashed and four unknown women in his flat.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      ‘Acting Otago Coastal Area commander inspector Kelvin Lloyd said police wanted to speak to the women who entered the Hyde St flat to ascertain ”what their motives were”.’
      WTF? What relevance is their MOTIVES? People come into other people’s house covertly, uninvited, and trash it including breaking fittings.

      Identify, arrest, then let them tell their motives to the judge if he/she has the patience to listen. How much spare time do police have if they are prepared to faff around finding out about these lowlifes’ MOTIVES?

  14. Gurglars

    Women seeking equality!

    Professions I can get into:

    Hitman-check rename it hit person
    Flat Trasher-check
    Security Guard knocking out patrons-not yet

    And just to get the ire up on a rainy Thursday.

    800 metre runner- check 1 and 3.

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