Dunedin schools —population demographics

School mural (detail) SAM_1273-o7jvi2 [macandrewbay.school.nz] 1Mural at Macandrew Bay School (detail)

Solutions proposed by school leaders so far include closing one or more secondary schools in the city, establishing enrolment zones or implementing roll caps.

### ODT Online Wed, 6 May 2015
Schools baulk at roll issue
By John Lewis
The Ministry of Education is being asked to step up and take responsibility for finding a solution to the city’s declining secondary school rolls, rather than asking the schools’ leaders to solve the problem. During the past eight months, secret meetings have been held between Dunedin’s secondary principals, board representatives and the ministry, to see if schools could agree on ways of making the city’s secondary school network more efficient, sustainable and equitable for pupils.
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“We’re not just getting increases in the number of babies being born locally.” –Richard Newton, principal St Clair School

### ODT Online Thu, 7 May 2015
Migrants boost primary school rolls
By John Lewis
The latest Ministry of Education March roll figures show Dunedin’s primary and intermediate school rolls are the highest they have been in six years, despite the secondary rolls being the lowest in 15 years. The rise in overall rolls appears driven by primary rolls, which have been increasing for the past eight years and have reached their highest point since 2001. Intermediate rolls have been increasing for the past four years.
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6 responses to “Dunedin schools —population demographics

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 5 Nov 2015
    Morale low at schools over uncertain futures
    By John Lewis
    Staff morale in some Dunedin secondary schools is low in the wake of Ministry of Education discussions on how to make the city’s secondary school network more efficient, an independent consultant has found. […] The ministry has encouraged the discussions because March roll return statistics show Dunedin secondary school rolls have dropped by 743 between 2005 and 2015, the equivalent size of a secondary school.
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  2. Elizabeth

    Roll figures for 2015….1513 spaces are not used in Dunedin – the equivalent of two secondary school rolls.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 18 Nov 2015
    Restrictions on school choice mooted
    By John Lewis
    Dunedin secondary school pupils may be forced to attend the school nearest to them if one option proposed by the Ministry of Education is adopted. The ministry has put up for discussion four options for improving the efficiency of the Dunedin secondary schools network.
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  3. Gurglars

    If you hadn’t figured it out.

    The number of potential cyclists is dropping fast.

    School rolls going down, means the percentage of baby boomers is going up.

    There are three things that baby boomers do

    1. Go to church

    This is in the hope that Roman Catholics are correct and your sins will be forgiven.

    2. Go to a gymnasium

    This is in the hope that they will be selected for the Rio Olympic team

    3. Head to St Moritz

    This ia in the hope of joining the ski club
    S pend the K ids I nheritance

    What they do not do

    1. Rob a Bank
    2. Ride a Bike
    3. Believe Cull’s Bull S..t or Cr.p

  4. Elizabeth

    Poor Dave.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 23 Nov 2015
    International pupil figures in freefall
    By John Lewis
    A 21% drop in international fee-paying pupils in Otago over the past five years means the local economy has lost over $3.39 million in earnings. The number of IFP pupils is on a downward spiral again – dropping from 534 in 2011 to 421 this year – and is raising concerns it could hurt schools’ finances.
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  5. Elizabeth

    Aspirational. Community driven. Highly relevant local learning.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 23 Nov 2015
    Gasworks science training gets near $50,000
    By Dene Mackenzie
    South Dunedin’s The Gasworks Steam project has received nearly $50,000 in funding to develop science, technology, engineering arts and maths programmes for the Dunedin community. The Gasworks head of education Ann Cronin said the funding had made a huge impact. It meant an entire year of working pro bono had resulted in a complete change to one small section of Dunedin.
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