DCC: Draft LTP matter —‘Unfunded Mosgiel Aquatic Facilities’

Updated post Mon, 4 May 2015 at 5:39 p.m.

█ This afternoon an anonymous caller told What if? Dunedin that people asked to speak at the Pool meeting (initially scheduled for a different time and venue), and who were unable to attend then, have not been emailed with the new meeting information below. They haven’t been asked to re-visit their options…. DCC/Mayor Cull should clear up whether they will be re-invited to speak.

On the strength of public submissions received, the DCC will hold a meeting at Mosgiel that prevents many Dunedin ratepayers and residents from attending.

This is how DEMOCRACY works, DCC-style at Dunedin.

The email below was sent to those who are registered submitters ONLY on the city council’s Draft Long Term Plan (draft LTP) item, ‘Unfunded Mosgiel Aquatic Facilities’. A second email from DCC explained that the first had been sent to me in error.

Elizabeth Kerr, exercising some independence, specifically did not submit on the POOL RORT that is being perpetuated against the Ratepayers and Residents of Dunedin and which multimillion-dollar project appears to be supported by Mayor Liability Cull as a political ticket for himself.

Received from Dunedin City Council
[sent to Elizabeth Kerr, in error]

From: Lynne Robins [DCC]
Sent: ‎Monday‎, ‎4‎ ‎May‎ ‎2015 ‎2‎:‎36‎ ‎p.m.
To: No recipients
Subject: Dunedin City Council Long Term Plan

Thank you for your submission to the Dunedin City Council Long Term Plan 2015/16 – 2024/25 on the Unfunded Mosgiel Aquatic Facilities section.

In your submission you indicated that you wished to speak to the topic.

Due to the number of submissions received on the proposed Aquatic Facility, it has been decided to set aside a session for Councillors to hear the submissions on this subject only.

The meeting will be held on

Monday 11 May 2015
4.00 pm – 6.00 or 7.00 pm (depending on the number of submissions to be heard)
Salvation Army Hall, 4 Lanark Street, Mosgiel.

The meeting will be opened with representatives from the Taieri Community Facilities Trust presenting their submission first.
This will be followed by other submitters speaking to their submissions on the proposed Aquatic Centre.

If you are unable to attend the meeting and wish to be heard at another time please contact either Wendy Collard, Jo Tiszavari
or myself on 477-4000 or by replying to this email and we will schedule you with another speaking time.

Please note that if you have submitted on many items, we will send you a separate speaking time to speak to the other items on your submission.

Kind Regards

Governance Support Officer
Dunedin City Council

Comment received from Jacob
Submitted on 2015/05/04 at 12:08 pm | In reply to Mick.

Calvin. When you place your bets on the pool, make sure you only back for a place. After reading the ODT article on submissions, it would appear that the trust has been as deceitful as ever.
Remember they claimed that they had over 2000 supporters to their online survey.
Well when the push comes to shove, it would appear that only 1030 have made submissions to the LTP, and that includes those apposed to the pool.
What has happened to the other 1000+ that they claimed to have the support for the pool. Just like the $7.5 million they claim that the Mosgiel community are supposed to be fronting up with. In both cases, the pool support and the community money they claim, does not stack up. Because they are unable to back up their claims. Just cheap talk and deceitful, a copy of the stadium debacle all over again.


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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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17 responses to “DCC: Draft LTP matter —‘Unfunded Mosgiel Aquatic Facilities’

  1. Heather

    We are now to have a special LTP hearing for the pool out at Mosgiel, that will run well into the evening.
    Having raised various issues in my submission to the LTP, I will now have to appear at two different venues to be able to take part in the submission process.
    The council are not considering those of us who do not live out at Mosgiel.
    Nor have they considered the difficulties for those of us, who have only the public transport system to rely on to get out there.
    Sorry Mr Cull I will not be able to make it out to Mosgiel.
    Will I still be able to speak to my pool issues as part of my submission if I only attend the meetings being held at the central city venue ?

    • Hype O'Thermia

      You never know, Heather, there may be someone reading this who’d give you a lift.

      • Heather

        That would be nice Hype. What time could they pick me up from Aramoana ?

        • Hype O'Thermia

          Aramoana, well that narrows the chances that someone from there will be going to the “event”! Fingers crossed that there is a “someone” and they’ll contact Elizabeth off-blog and she’ll forward contact details to you… a round-about process.

        • Elizabeth

          I’m sure something can be arranged….

        • Heather

          What a bummer. I get just passed Sawyers Bay on my mobility scooter, and near the end of how far my power cord would stretch. Heading for Mosgiel for the hearing. I stop to pick up the ODT. What does it tell me. That Davey boy has decided that we can give our submission in the Council chambers. I wish he would make up his f…. mind.

        • Elizabeth

          Heather, sympathies. Green technology f***up by Mayor Cull.

          [further, DCC dispensed with the mayoral limousine for charitable deeds]

  2. Bev Butler

    I think this has now presented some unexpected issues.
    Do submitters get the normal 5 minutes to submit on the unfunded Mosgiel pool at the Mosgiel hearings?
    If so, do they also get an extra 5 minutes to submit on the other funded items at the Dunedin hearings?
    So does that mean that those who have put in a submission for both funded and unfunded items get 10 minutes whereas those who have submitted only on funded items get 5 minutes?

  3. Elizabeth

    The disreputable Mosgiel Taieri Community Board, ditto Taieri Community Facilities (Pool) Trust, perverts the DCC Draft LTP hearing process, with the Mayor’s political connivance.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 6 May 2015
    Plan hearing to beheld in Mosgiel
    By Vaughan Elder
    The Dunedin City Council is taking its Long Term Plan hearings to Mosgiel as a ”mark of respect” after it was inundated with submissions on a proposed new pool for the community. Mayor Dave Cull said the decision to hear submissions at Salvation Army Hall on Monday was made because of the huge number received on the unfunded proposal for a $15 million aquatics centre in Mosgiel.
    Read more


    ”They are stumping round saying that they have a guaranteed $7.5 million upfront from the community, and that’s just simply not true.” –Maurice Prendergast, Community Board

    ### ODT Online Wed, 6 May 2015
    Bid to change pool position
    By Eileen Goodwin
    The Mosgiel Taieri Community Board is petitioning the Dunedin City Council to change its position on funding the proposed four-pool aquatic facility in Mosgiel. However, a board member [Maurice Prendergast] told the Taieri Times he did not support the submission to the council’s long term plan, because the city could not afford another ”debt-funded” project.
    Read more

  4. Jacob

    Taieri aquatic complex is asking the council in the LTP for $750,000 in the 2015-2016 financial year, to undertake a comprehensive design and costing for the complex.
    They claim to have $7.5 million from the community. Why don’t they use that, instead of bludging of the ratepayers?

    • Elizabeth

      Ridiculous, Jacob.
      Those Mosgiel-Taieri mongrels are on a SPENDING mission, given they have NO MONEY and have MAJORLY UNDERESTIMATED the capital and annual operational costs – which DCC has clearly pointed out. The pool trust is a sick bunch of liars (poodle for local sprawl housing developers) with their hands out for RATEPAYER cash.

      Their feasibility report (received to date) ain’t worth the $30,000 we PAID them. Why give them more.

      Malcolm Farry (or Syd) is pulling their strings. Gawd, imagine if they’ve got Malc on retainer…. paid for by Ratepayers. The endless CST Special.

  5. Jacob

    Mosgiel Pool LTP hearing tonight.
    Lies, Lies and more damn Lies. You had to be there to see it.

    • Elizabeth

      What happened – did Feather & Co pull $7.5M out of a hat ?
      And how were Mayor Daaave and the Councillors (statements/questions/body language), did they promise the earth worth +++$17M ? *shudderstoask

  6. Andre

    Martin Dillon who claims to have been a community board member for 16 years, and in that time has been appointed as the community board representative to the council aquatic working party.
    Can then jump ship to be on the pool trust. Taking with him all the information that he has gathered, while being a board rep on the council aquatic working party.
    He then withdraws from representing his community, that he has so willingly taken payment from for 16 years. At a time of deep division within the community over the new pool complex, so that he can speak in support of the pool trust.

  7. Elizabeth

    Andre – the Community Board member should be reported to Audit NZ pronto (conflicts of interest).

  8. Elizabeth

    ### dunedintv.co.nz May 12, 2015 – 7:57pm
    Debate heats over proposed Mosgiel pool complex
    Debate is heating up in Mosgiel over a proposed new swimming pool complex. More than a thousand residents have made submissions about the plan to the Dunedin City Council. And while most support the new development, some have strong reservations.

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