Burn Robbie Burn!

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Thu, 30 Apr 2015 at 12.40 p.m.


Calvin Oaten
Submitted on 2015/04/30 at 9:38 am

That guy sitting on his pedestal in the upper Octagon (you know, him wearing all that seagull crap) must be quietly wondering what is going on in this Edinburgh of the south.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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13 responses to “Burn Robbie Burn!

  1. Elizabeth

    As we investigate Robbie’s thematic take on #DUD….

    Surely I exaggerate.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 30 Apr 2015
    DCC backs city arts and culture strategy
    By Vaughan Elder
    Dunedin city councillors have enthusiastically backed a new strategy aimed at boosting arts and culture in the city. Councillors unanimously voted in favour of adopting the strategy – called “Ara Toi Otepoti: Our Creative Future” – at this week’s council meeting and praised the collaborative process between the council and the city’s artistic and cultural community which led to its creation.
    Read more

    No. No. I’m wrong. How ‘the masterful’ track another line into DCC’s bank account. Wrong. Wrong. My artful creative imagination runs away with me.

    Report – Council – 28/04/2015 (PDF, 1.2 MB)
    Ara Toi Ōtepoti – Our Creative Future: Final Version of the Arts and Culture Strategy and Initial Actions for Adoption

    Dunedin City Council – Media Release
    Creative Dunedin on Display

    This item was published on 28 Apr 2015

    What does it take to make a creative city?
    Guest curator Michael Findlay poses this question as part of the updated Creative Dunedin exhibition which opens at Toitū Otago Settlers Museum today. Visitors will see a new artwork, entitled ‘In Good Company’, being painted directly on to the exhibition wall by artist Jon Thom. Also on display is ‘Clouds over Mt Cargill’, a video artwork by David Wall. The exhibition also features a song by Cloudboy, a Nom*D T-shirt, a photograph of a residence by McCoy and Wixon Architects Ltd, a Fisher & Paykel cook top and a dress by Jill Bowie made from pages of books.
    Mr Findlay says Creative Dunedin is a flexible showcase for Dunedin creative industries where art, design and products meet. “Dunedin is a great city for people that want to make things and work with other like-minded people. The exhibition is just a sample of what is happening in the city so there is plenty more to come.”
    Museum Visitor Experience Manager Kirsty Glengarry says, “Dunedin Sound remains a key ingredient in the Creative Dunedin exhibition and Michael has widened the focus to include creative industries and some more recent artwork, such as that by Jon. The Toitū team is thrilled with Michael’s exhibition, which celebrates our city’s creativity. ”
    Mr Thom will be working on his painting between 10am and 12pm, from today until Friday, 1 May. Members of the public are invited to watch him work.
    Contact Kirsty Glengarry, Visitor Experience Manager on 03 474 2735.
    DCC Link

    TOSM: Creative Dunedin
    In the second half of the 20th century, Dunedin developed as a creative hub, with many significant artists, musicians, authors and designers of national and international repute finding inspiration in the city and its surrounds.

  2. Mike

    We were talking last night about what might be in the cityfleet fraud report that the Mayor and the DCC staff would want to keep it away from councillors – the thing about keeping something secret like this is that it allows one to speculate about what might be happening, obviously it’s not for some trivial reason – here are some possibilities, we don’t know if any or all of them are true:

    – there’s an ongoing police investigation of other people – Lee approached the Police and essentially scotched this as an excuse

    – there’s someone still at the DCC who did something wrong who’s being protected by their friends

    – one or more of the people who suddenly left, left with an understanding that if they did so no prosecution would occur (I think that’s likely an illegal thing to do because it’s covering up a crime after the fact) and the DCC staff feel bound by that promise even if it wasn’t legal (this would be a case where the coverup starts to be as bad as the crime)

    – someone who knows where bodies are buried was involved, perhaps someone important who holds some national funding purse strings for things like cycleways

    – the report shows gross incompetence by everyone involved and they don’t want to see their names in the paper

    – no one wants to have to give up those cheap cars they got

    – it mentions things that are still sub-judice wrt to the coronial hearing – but this shouldn’t stop Lee from reading the report, just publication

    Again we don’t know if any, or all of these are true, they’re just speculation because we know the report exists and such a big fuss is being made to keep it secret – I’m sure others can contribute other potential reasons ….

    • Hype O'Thermia

      No, it “shouldn’t stop Lee from reading the report”.
      Somebody’s read the report – right?
      Who read the reports?
      Why can they be trusted?
      Have any of the people we elected been allowed to read the full uncensored reports?
      Seeing it’s our property that was ripped off, I’d have said the people we elected were people we trust, ahead of people who only in their jobs because they are paid. Not saying paid employees are untrustworthy, just that elected people started with a trust advantage from the fact that they were elected by us. Both categories, no matter how they got their positions, then have the opportunity to gain or lose respect for integrity by their own actions. Lee Vandervis has to date not lost my respect, I wish I could say the same about all of them.

      • Elizabeth

        Mayor Cull has read the Deloitte reports. Who did he share them with.

        It could be like asking staff: Who had the delegation to purchase bullets. That’s sort of been answered quite clearly via LGOIMA – just one person at DCC had (note past tense) that delegation.

        I looked up the meaning of the word accessory.

  3. russandbev

    Mike, the fact that this report is being kept secret obviously leads to speculation such as yours and the right answer, or answers, is more than likely to be contained in your post. Maybe another one is that the Police are just not equipped or willing to deal with matters that they “perceive” as not having a high chance of prosecution, or matters that they deem “not to have high public interest”. There is no doubt that if a matter that is bought to Police attention is not dealt with professionally or is delayed – either wilfully or not – then the matter will slip easily into either category. The Police therefore would benefit by any report remaining secret while “their investigation is proceeding”.

    The arrangements made between the CEO and those that departed suddenly if done on the basis of confidentiality to conceal ANY illegal act including inappropriate benefits, or something less tangible like perjury, are probably illegal but we all know that these arrangements are relatively common and are more so the higher up the food chain you go. Accountability diminishes in the direct square of the height up the ladder.

    Equally, the only employee of the Councillors is the CEO, and if similar “arrangements” were made at the time of any departures then they are also probably quite illegal. But once they are done they do have the probability that they will turn around and bite you in the bum if only they can be exposed.

    • Mike

      Russell – we’ve been told that the council only asked the police to investigate one person, he-who-cannot-be-named, because when Lee asked the police that’s what they said they were asked to do – it was Lee’s talking to the police (going around the council bureaucrats) that seems to be a large factor in Lee having the book thrown at him – it seems the fact that they’re only investigating just one person that is particularly sensitive.

      Of course that line of reasoning naturally leads one to the idea that there is some person or people who are not being investigated by the police, but likely are mentioned in the embargoed report, that the system is protecting from investigation – otherwise the police would have been more careful about what they said.

      Of course we could be wrong – if it’s all an innocent misunderstanding the mayor could easily clear all this up by showing Lee the report which would solve lots of problems.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Mike, “the mayor could easily clear all this up by showing Lee the report which would solve lots of problems.”
        Not likely! Not now. It’s already well-known that Lee tried hard to ascertain all the facts before approaching anyone with the material he had in the belief that with those leads, people better placed to continue investigation would as honourable responsible men and women be keen to do so.
        Cull has turned the councillor’s inability to obtain the full facts into an excuse to persecute him – and as a “bonus” deny his voters our legitimate representation.
        If the material in the reports were not dangerous to Cull and/or several others, there would be no point in hiding them.
        Having used this situation to advance his vendetta against Cr Vandervis, Cull would look like every known hybrid of lowlife x-buffoon x-bitchygirl were he to release the disputed material.

      • russandbev

        Mike, if the Police were only asked to investigate one person by the management of the DCC, but Lee’s information to both the DCC management and to the Police showed evidence of involvement of others, then the DCC have much to hide. The fact that only few have seen the report indicates strongly that some people are being protected. What from, and who are interesting speculations, but certainly from what I have been previously told by past employees, there was a culture of both a sense of entitlement and a knowledge that there was little accountability

        While this culture prevailed, the whole stadium fiasco was being processed and it is interesting to note that there are more than suggestions that we have but seen the tip of the iceberg.

        The Mayor will not show anyone the report – he has dug himself into a hole that he cannot get out of and all he has now are a group of his allies that help him digging. But interesting to note the many new names appearing on the ODT site berating the Mayor on his actions.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    “Culture Strategy” Well, we’ve seen that in spades this week. The culture I mean, can’t say much for the art or the strategy. Mayor Cull demonstrated the art of devious nastiness, the four councillors who actively promoted and instigated the Code of Conduct complaints against Cr Vandervis demonstrated a form of artlessness by taking part in the vote. A sought of ‘card trick’ with a stacked deck.
    Now we have the diversionary tactic with the introduction of the “City Arts and Culture Strategy”. “A platform for growth” says ‘broad’ Cr MacTavish, whilst Cr Hawkins says the “city is experiencing a cultural renaissance” and what an ‘honour’ it was to spend the past 18 months developing it. I wondered often just what value he was to council and now I know. Music being one form of art, I am reminded of that famous song of the seventies, “This City was Built on Rock and Roll!” Well “This City is Built on Cock and Bull!”

  5. Wisht! A pennant atop yon tour, ken? A red red pennant, already. Truble in yon rubric. Methinks yon be a Trots Poll. We cannae afford a Gallop Pole.

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