Before Council meeting tomorrow at 1:00 PM

Kangaroo Court [] 1

Meeting of the Dunedin City Council on Tuesday, 28 April 2015 at 1:00 PM, Council Chamber, Municipal Chambers

Agenda – Council – 28/04/2015 (PDF, 96.6 KB)

Report – Council – 28/04/2015 (PDF, 172.7 KB)
Conduct Committee Report to Council

For more, enter the terms *vandervis*, *cull*, *bidrose*, *citifleet* or *deloitte* in the search box at right.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: – Kangaroo Court (tweaked by whatifdunedin)


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4 responses to “Before Council meeting tomorrow at 1:00 PM

  1. Elizabeth

    A kangaroo court is a judicial tribunal or assembly that blatantly disregards recognized standards of law or justice, and often carries little or no official standing —Wikipedia

  2. Diane Yeldon

    When you follow the whole matter in the ODT, allegations swiftly pass into apparent facts, often by measures as subtle as the removal of quote marks.

  3. Calvin Oaten

    It will be particularly galling today for Cr Vandervis to be seated in the council chambers with its own ‘Judas Iscariot’ fawning around ‘Pontius’ Cull, and to have been condemned for sentence by a ‘scabrous heavyweight lifter with a twitch’ pointing his 21st digit at him.

  4. Cars

    Dunedin’s problem according to Mai Chen is that we do not have a Chinese lawyer on the council. In a few short years she has forgotten the $20 million annual losses as a direct result of having a Chinese lawyer in charge. Perhaps if said lawyer had a sex change it might have made a difference. Ratepayers would hope so.

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