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Hamilton is here, DUD

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█ Message: Local shop owners blame lack of free parking and rising costs for “demise” of Hamilton’s CBD.

WaikatoTimes - Hamilton CBD 1

The Central Business District of Hamilton is looking a little gloomy, with for lease signs up in many shop windows.

### Stuff.co.nz Last updated 05:00, April 4 2015
Hamilton central-city retail space sits empty
By Rachel Thomas and Nancy El-Gamel
Twenty per cent of ground level central Hamilton retail space is empty. Local shop owners are blaming lack of free parking and rising costs, while business leaders are pointing fingers at absentee landlords, sub-standard buildings and an inability to compete with lower rents at The Base.

The Base is New Zealand’s largest shopping Centre based in Te Rapa, 7 km North of Hamilton CBD.

To quantify what the average shopper sees [in the CBD], the Waikato Times counted all ground floor premises in the block within Hood St, Victoria St, Angelsea St and Liverpool St, finding that of 524 premises, the 104 empty ones outnumbered the 67 locally owned and operated stores in the area. […] Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker acknowledged the CBD needed desperate attention, and said council was taking a “holistic approach” to the problem. […] “For the city centre to be successful it must be commercially and economically successful and over the last few decades most reports have focused on physical changes, so we have started with an economic analysis and looked at the trend since 2001 in terms of the economy.
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WaikatoTimes - Hamilton CBD 3WaikatoTimes - Hamilton CBD 2

Read comments to the article.
How many other places – like Dunedin – mirror Hamilton ?

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Images: Waikato Times/Stuff – Hamilton CBD [screenshots from video]


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Street art upsets Dunedin residents



DSA at FB 21.12.14 (3)

19 murals had gone up in a “short time” […] “We don’t want a city full of tatty unmaintained murals in years or decades to come.” -Simon Eddy, submitter

### ODT Online Sat, 4 Apr 2015
Resource consent for mural debated
By Vaughan Elder
The Dunedin Street Art group’s “struggle” to get permission for a mural on an inner-city apartment building continued at Dunedin City Council hearing. Hearings commissioner Colin Weatherall is to decide whether a proposed mural on the side of a Liverpool St apartment building will get resource consent following submissions from nearby apartment owners.
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Comments at ODT Online on mural for 5 Liverpool St:

What is the positive impact?
Submitted by oh_no on Sat, 28/03/2015 – 7:08pm.
I hate the paint, the colour and the content of the artwork as public art – the image does not look like ‘Love is in the air’? – the image is very negative: a young girl behaving like a cougar, unsolicited advance, precociousness, socially inappropriate behaviour, uncomfortable little boy – something feels ‘off’ about the sociology of this image for a public space – painted brick (a whole building painted blue!) is inappropriate in Liverpool St – what is the positive impact?

Stripped and raw
Submitted by ej kerr on Sat, 28/03/2015 – 5:34pm.
Gimme raw unpainted concrete, aggregate, plaster or brick any old day into the future – rather than temporary screens of prettifying generics. Contemporary visual art in New Zealand, thankfully, has a better more robust pedigree and savage provenance of experiment than Hilda Ogden’s sitting room wall at Liverpool St. Somebody atop DSA has gone very quiet for this hunk of lace; while Council policy planning for heritage and townscape is on-and-off conflicted through growing abundance of these f(r)ictional type behaviours, tattoo ‘inks’ and overblown signage.

DSA murals proposed Liverpool Crown 2015 [ODT via screenshots]Building as Sign: Proposed murals for 5 Liverpool St, facade to carpark on Bond St; and Crown Hotel, 179 Rattray St, facade to Broadway [screenshots]

ODT articles:
4.4.15 Painterly effects
29.3.15 Pub mural to reflect heritages
28.3.15 Proposed mural concerns neighbours
19.1.15 Best to leave those bricks alone – Peter Entwisle at Art Beat
For more news, enter *murals* in ODT search box.

View images:
Dunedin Street Art at Facebook
Dunedin street art via Google Images
Dunedin murals via Google Images
Photos by Glen Hazelton (Tumblr)

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█ See comment by Elizabeth at post dated 19.10.14, and following comments….

Note to Dunedin City Council
Painting over raw red brick and stone walls in listed heritage and townscape precincts, altering their natural appearance, is CONTRARY to the Rules of the Dunedin City District Plan.

Mural applied to raw red brick, alley next to 104 Bond St. Image (detail) - Dunedin Street ArtMural applied to [1860s] raw red brick in the side alley at 104 Bond St
Image: Dunedin Street Art, detail (Facebook)

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Images: (top) DSA at Facebook 21.12.14; side-by-side screenshots via ODT publications (tweaked by whatifdunedin)


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