‘Pooling Together’ (TCFT) loses chairman, resigns

Pool 7Proposed pool complex at Memorial Park, Mosgiel —now, Cr Mike Lord wants to add a gymnasium. Image: Baker Garden Architects

Received from Maurice Prendergast
Wed, 1 Apr 2015 at 3:15 p.m.

█ Message: Letter below was sent to ODT editor some weeks ago. I have received by way of response an absolutely stony silence.

PS: Have just heard that Michael Stedman has resigned [from the Taieri Community Facilities Trust]. It seems that by coincidence, Russell Sim in speaking to Stedman yesterday was told that Stedman had had a letter ‘from Prendergast’ referred to him by ODT for his comment. I understand that he added, “I can’t reply.” E&OE

{See this comment from earlier today. -Eds}

From: Maurice Prendergast
Sent: Friday, 13 March 2015 12:19 p.m.
To: ‘editor@odt.co.nz’
Subject: Proposed Pool/funding

Editor ODT


I was stunned when reading the letters to the editor recently to see a caption which read ‘Questions about Pool asked and answered’.

An incisive clutch of questions follow from a Mr R Sim, but Mr Stedman (chairman of the Pool Trust) in deference to that part of the inferred head line ‘Questions answered” answered none of Mr Sim’s questions. This is the more disappointing by the fact that Mr Sim, rather than asking ‘sprawling questions’, asked clearly focused questions (presumably) to make it simple for Mr Stedman to answer.

In deference to answering these clearly structured questions, Mr Stedman embarked on a rambling attack on the man who had asked the questions, and answered none of his questions. Instead, he offered a clutch of inane statements; the most inane of which was this continuing absurdity that the Taieri Community will contribute a sum of $7.5M upfront to this fanciful project. Mr Stedman and his Trust have offered nothing to support this absurd claim. At a personal level, I am amongst those who would love a new pool; in the same way that I would love to own a Lamborghini. The reality is that I cannot afford a Lamborghini in the same way that I can’t afford the impact that a further debt ‘funded’ project will have on my rates bill.


Maurice Prendergast

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3 responses to “‘Pooling Together’ (TCFT) loses chairman, resigns

  1. Rob Hamlin

    As you know I think that swimming pools, especially publicly funded ones, are a highly mobile thing. They move to greener private pastures methinks. Now then I last heard about Wanaka’s ‘Mossie-prototype’ pool, its possible location in a private out of town subdivision rather than in Wanaka proper was being debated – or to be more precise vigorously pushed by interested parties.

    Now today we have this….

    “Stage one will include two full size indoor netball courts, an outdoor multisport turf, floodlighting, changing rooms, storage, a meeting room, reception area, car parking and landscaping. Stage two is the construction of a swimming complex, which will be built alongside the sports facility at Three Parks.”


    So, if you read down far enough, it looks like its going into the private subdivision amidst a shower of council funding and public grant lollies. The council meeting that approved this is in Mc.P., but the location is not mentioned:


    Can anybody find a report in the ODT or anywhere else on the sudden move of this publicly funded facility to this private out of town green fields site?

    • Elizabeth

      Public consultation on Wanaka Pool – http://www.qldc.govt.nz/your-council/your-views/wanaka-pool-consultation/

      The idea for Three Parks evolved from workshops in 2002 looking at how Wanaka’s future growth could be accommodated. The workshops produced a document called “Wanaka 2020”.

      ### ODT Online Sat, 31 May 2014
      Three Parks project begins
      By Mark Price
      After 12 years of planning, the heavy machinery has begun rearranging the landscape on the outskirts of Wanaka for the new 100ha Three Parks commercial, recreational and residential development. Three Parks, is the biggest single development in Wanaka’s history and could take 20 years to complete. Developer Allan Dippie showed the Otago Daily Times around the large paddock he plans to transform into a new town with big box stores, franchise operators, sports fields, cycle track, and tourist entertainment and accommodation.
      Read more

      Wanaka. Three Parks location overlay 2. Willowridge Devts Ltd [threeparks.co.nz]
      Wanaka. Three Parks location overlay 2. Willowridge Developments Ltd.
      Image source: threeparks.co.nz

      Further, ex Cr Syd Brown (proposing a new health centre….) and his developer pals are fully capable of playing Pool Monopoly by giving The Public scares that Mosgiel’s Memorial Park trees would be hacked down to house the proposed pool complex, and (via the self-aggrandising GD guttersnipe Cr Mike Lord) a large gymnasium.

      You’re right Rob, LARGE SIGNS another site at Mosgiel is the preferred developer option.

  2. Elizabeth


    Lead architect for the project Daryl Maguire, of Warren Mahoney, said the cost of doubling the pool length would be an extra $4 million to $5 million. “A 50m pool is a very nice thing to have but very rare in a community of this size.”

    ### ODT Online Fri, 10 Apr 2015
    ‘Floating floor’ idea for pool
    By Lucy Ibbotson on
    A movable floor, hot tub and split-depth pool were among the design possibilities raised at a public meeting on Wanaka’s proposed swimming facilities this week. Hosted by the Wanaka Community Board at the Lake Wanaka Centre on Tuesday night, the meeting was attended by about 14 members of the public, along with board members, Queenstown Lakes District Council staff and key project personnel. Its purpose was to gather ideas for the design of the town’s future swimming facilities, which the council has resolved to build next to the Wanaka sports facility at Three Parks, rather than upgrade the existing pool in Plantation Rd.
    Read more


    Comment at ODT Online [might as well read Mosgiel/Dunedin here]:

    How about containing the costs
    Submitted by DownSouth on Fri, 10/04/2015 – 8:03am.
    ….Yes, Wanaka is considered an affluent little town but please remember that not everyone in this low wage economy here can afford rates increases and that there are home owners here who are already struggling. Please proceed with caution in the interests of all of this community.
    Full comment

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