Town Belt Traverse 2015 —SUNDAY

Town Belt Traverse 4

● More walk/traverse details at the DAS website

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Posters supplied by Dunedin Amenities Society


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2 responses to “Town Belt Traverse 2015 —SUNDAY

  1. daseditor

    Thank you Elizabeth for promoting the recent Town Belt Traverse. The event attracted 600 people of a variety of ages who took the opportunity to explore the 8.2 kilometre course. With the addition of the 10 interpretation signs the Society were able to give people a sense of the heritage and historic values of the reserve which many were surprised about. The Dunedin Amenities Society promote the event as a free one, so that everyone can participate, and long may that continue. Our next opportunity is to consider making the Traverse a permanent historical trail that will provide opportunities for community and tourist recreation in Dunedin.

  2. Elizabeth

    Read the full story and see the pictures here….

    [screenshot – click to enlarge]
    DAS group email 31.3.15 (1)

    █ The Dunedin Amenities Society established in 1888 is New Zealand’s oldest environmental society.

    Visit their website at
    Follow the Society (@damensoc) on Twitter
    Visit the Society on Facebook

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