DCC patched: How NZ Herald sells our “story” #gangs

NZ Herald Online 9.3.15 Mongrel Mob and Black Power in Council deal to mow lawns
NZ Herald Online 9.3.15 [screenshot detail]

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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48 responses to “DCC patched: How NZ Herald sells our “story” #gangs

  1. It says:
    Mongrel Mob and Black Power in Council deal to mow lawns
    Asked why the council had been keen to follow through on last year’s submission, Mrs Williams said: “Council recognizes that there are many in the community that do struggle to find employment and what role do we play as a big organization in a city to help those people.”

    Well well. The boys want to cut the ‘grass’. Are they running out of grass to grow then? Oh dear Mrs Williams is going to ‘find ways’ to ‘give them contracts’. GIVE them contracts. What planet does this person live on. What happened to the tender process.
    And of course Dave Cull is in there pretending now to be a lay preacher saying ‘the development was a “positive step” towards helping gang members find a “different way” for them and their families’. Lay preacher is about right for him. Lay down and let the boys do him horizontally. That would be a different way or not.
    I reckon that these two gangs are a mite bigger than the DCC. These boys could see Dave and Mrs Williams coming from a mile off. What was that expression of W.C. Fields? Oh yes, never give a sucker an even break.

  2. Elizabeth

    Mick, you put it very nicely. So much for DCC’s new tendering system also. Easy come easy go with ratepayer funds. Screwy thinking is the hallmark of Greater Dunedin. Cr Kate has her bible out occasionally for all sinners.

  3. Peter

    I think this initiative could prove to be beneficial. Gang members are often a disaffected, anti social element in our community, but the fact at last year’s DAP they made an approach to do some good is positive.
    The fact is a lot of people…gang patched or not…need real work, particularly our young people who feature most highly in the jobless stakes. I don’t think one should discriminate. Everyone should be given a go.
    We once had a Mongrel Mob family three doors down from us and they were no problem in the neighbourhood. They can certainly look scary, but appearances are so often skin deep.

    • Peter
      Some would say that half the town is disaffected and/or anti-social. From what I can observe the gang patched people seem to have alternative means of obtaining money. I’m also told that some of these methods are not nice. But contracts are tendered according to determined criteria approved by the council and according to law. It is called fair competitive tendering. It is supposed to be fair. It hasn’t got anything to do with tattoos or how pretty you look. You don’t GIVE contracts.

      • Peter

        Mick. Not sure about half the town disaffected! Maybe neurotic? Anyhow, however this contract and tendering process is worked out let’s hope it is well thought through and doesn’t lead to some embarrassment for the council.

        • Peter
          Their own actions and comments are obviously already embarrassing the council. They manage to do that so easily. Both the staff and the councillors – especially the mayor. Feet firmly in mouth.

  4. Alex Brown

    At least the DCC are showing consistency with how they spend the money they receive from honest, hardworking ratepayers. After all they also gave money to the ORFU while overlooking their pokie crimes and not a single lawn got mowed for that. Some might claim the mobsters are getting a raw deal – having to mow lawns during the day, after a hard night of dealing drugs and terrorising!!

  5. Peter

    The real mobsters are the creeps that have rorted this city with their private profit-making schemes. The gangs, if they were more political, could do us a real service and become heroes rather than villians.

  6. Sheila Ripped

    Christ almighty! Yesterday was International Women’s Day, donate to Women’s Refuge before you give these sick bastards a cent for lawns(fuck!) through the backdoor at DCC.

  7. Elizabeth

    Small question. Are local iwi, Kai Tahu, or indeed iwi further north, very many of whom are funded by the taxpayer through Treaty Settlements nowadays, not able to take compliant gang members and ex-gang members under their feathery wings for employment, BEFORE, long before, the Council turns into a corrupted, fraudulent and bankrupted branch of Notorious or the Power. Luckily, NZ Police via CIB have a better idea of what these local and nomadic gentlemen are all about. How many of their 50max trucks are cruising the highways redistributing stolen plant and goods for sale at the Christchurch rebuild or storming supply through to Auckland’s shady development community. Or are the gang-throwaways truly in need of Florence Cull.

    • Peter

      I guess ultimately each individual has the responsibility to turn their lives around. Wherever the encouragement or programmes come from is crucial. I agree that well off brown brothers need to do their bit. As do white bros. We come from the same community.
      Punish for crimes but reward good behaviour. Simple. Well, almost.

  8. Sally

    There is a big Lawn down at Fubar stadium. Let them cut that one Davey boy. They could join all the other mongrels down there who have ripped the ratepayers off.

  9. Elizabeth

    Did ODT contact NZ Herald today to have the photo [see screenshot above] CHANGED ?? The article at Herald now looks like this – http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11414213

    Or, was it Daaave.

  10. Hype O'Thermia

    Could have been the gangs themselves. The photo was a Mongrel Mob patch, ignoring the Black Power half of the partnership.

  11. Rob Hamlin

    Having organized crime involved in essential public services at a local level is quite a common occurrence. When I lived in New York, there were a number of mob ‘franchises’ of this nature. It is a highly profitable game for them once all other existing and potential providers have been ‘reasoned with’ and have moved on into other lines of business or other levels of existence. The issuers of the public contracts are also ‘reasoned with’ – so that their expectations of what gets done for the money paid is not ‘unreasonable’. This reasoning process then moves on into the private sector for related work.

    In other words, it looks like pretty much business as usual for this particular locality, except that the levels of hypocrisy (and presumably the issuances of various gongs for ‘services rendered to the community’) will be at a lower level – for lawnmowing at least.

    Anybody want to buy a ‘Mr. Green’ franchise?

  12. Tom

    What sort of a message is our council sending to the young unemployed law abiding people of Dunedin. When they offer a racist, criminal group preferential treatment based on the bigger your criminal record, the more likely you are to get assistance from ratepayers.

  13. Elizabeth

    Don’t forget earlier discussion of the tenants of one of Cr Hilary Calvert’s buildings to Queens Gardens, who run the brothel there. Remember the one, she had her eyes painted on the building as a ‘come hither’. Until it got national news exposure at the time she was briefly in Parliament as an ACT List MP. Such a checkered career. Don Brash’s reaction to the ‘eyes’ was comical. Hilary, and the gang! Amazing how many of the Tartan Mafia use gang services. ‘You wouldn’t credit it’.

  14. Elizabeth

    Here cometh the do-gooders to sanction Cull’s gang cred bullshit.

    Warning over ‘brave’ mower gangs move
    A criminologist is hailing a plan to get Notorious Mongrel Mob and Black Power members mowing Dunedin lawns, but warns history shows the arrangement is not without pitfalls. http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/335779/mower-gangs-brave-move

    • Elizabeth

      The fact that ODT is not allowing comments says it all. What are the Smiths and Kirkness scared of. Where are the Champions of the democratic rights of Dunedin citizens to say no to STUPID Ms Williams and the Vainglorious Cull.

      • Of course Elizabeth – they (i.e. the ODT) know that there would be ‘consequences’. But as you say ‘the stupid and vainglorious’ don’t. They simply pass it on to the ratepayers.

  15. Whippet

    I see that some of those “other” gang members are to get paid $640 a day to select a new flag design. What’s the bet that it will be a dog of a design?

  16. Simon

    Found it. Just the job for these depraved crims. How about giving them the job of the night patrol of the student area. They could have the role of firefighters, rubbish collectors, broken glass picker uppers and noise controllers. Just the boys for the job. Just imagine the students telling the mongrel mob to “fuck off” like they do now to the authorities. Sign them up now Davey Boy.

    • Elizabeth

      Simon, you’ve cracked it. Have huge sympathy for bringing in the heavies for this style of work. A nice add on to running local knocking shops, massage parlours and debt collection services which includes activity off the local gambling establishment. No employment, DCC says? Get a f***ing grip, as ’twere. Just ask Hilary.

      We’ve already alluded to drugs ‘industry’ – how to keep the local gentry pop-eyed and devilish recreationally. Although watch for the tendency to lightly massage or stroke their noses in polite company the day after. Black market suits the students too. Something for everyone.

    • Mike

      Oh come on did no one learn anything from Altamont?

  17. Dufus?

    “Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull said the development was a “positive step” towards helping gang members find a “different way” for them and their families. We are not giving them a handout. On my understanding, we are allowing them to tender for specific bits of work,” Mr Cull said.”

    Notice how Dave Cull always qualifies his comments as “on my understanding”. This of course is his big let out as he amply demonstrates that he has none.
    Real understanding would be that there are a multitude of ‘sole traders’ out there trying to compete and make ends meet in an already difficult labour market. We see them plying their trade in the suburbs and inner city. Throw in this element and before you can say knife, watch the heavy element move in and quietly change the rules. Leopards don’t really change their spots, except to exploit a perceived opportunity.

  18. Anonymous

    This is all so wrong. Dangerous, reckless, … water boy is putting the city in the way of great harm. We understand the council has been corrupted but that is no reason for it to embrace something worse. If he proceeds with this the city’s future will produce something more to fear than the debt alone.

  19. Anonymous
    Dangerous and reckless it is. And all down to the naivety of the staff and the sheer hubris of the Mayor who seems to have lost what remains of his senses. You don’t do deals with such people – ever. My message to the mayor – leave it to Jesus to walk on water – you concentrate on lowering the debt that we are obliged to pay. Then you might have enough money to mow the grass.

  20. Elizabeth

    ODT has a story tomorrow about the two gangs: Notorious and the Power aren’t so keen to be working with each other on DCC’s lawns. Hahaha. So important to keep the brand. No watering down.

    • Elizabeth
      March 12, 2015 at 12:01 am
      Hahaha. So important to keep the brand. No watering down.

      Yes Elizabeth – nor grass cutting either it seems. The spokesman for the MM should work for TVNZ as a ‘spin doctor’ when he talks about gathering firewood in the forests to keep struggling families warm – so Hansel and Gretel. Oh wait – maybe he does as his day job. Talk about laying on with a trowel. No hint of the real agenda though – nope.

      Bottom line. These two gangs are like the Mafia – they tend to compete with each other with degrees of violence.

      In this article in the ODT their spokesman showed us who was in charge of this proposal. No chocolate fish for you if you guessed it was Mrs Williams or Dave Cull. Patsies come to mind.

  21. Elizabeth

    Access to Council forest and plant would be much more lucrative on a dark night. I can see Liability Cull being given a gong for that departure as he scrambles to pick up his Gold Card.


  22. Elizabeth

    Another piece of slippage from Cull and Team. Another vote-buyer. Due to race and ethnicity they (men-gangs whose main source of income is or was organised crime with violence and intimidation) deserve jobs ahead of other Dunedin residents. How convenient. Ratepayers’ money. OMFG

    Dunedin City Council – Media Release
    Signing of social procurement contract

    This item was published on 05 Oct 2015

    Dunedin City Council today signed a trial social procurement contract with Mauri Kohatu Incorporated for the maintenance of some green space sites around the city. The $52,500 contract will see Mauri Kohatu Incorporated undertaking weed control, litter control and path maintenance at a range of sites across Dunedin on a trial basis until 30 June 2016.

    The initiative came about after Black Power members made submission to last year’s Annual Plan asking Council to consider giving them contracts to maintain some of its green space.

    DCC Events and Community Development Manager Rebecca Williams says, “Council then agreed to consider opportunities to contract organisations that work with people who traditionally find it difficult to find employment.” Mrs Williams says that following the Annual Plan submission, meetings were held between Black Power leader Albert Epere and various DCC departments.

    “Through these meetings and the support of Te Puni Kōkiri and the Kapiti Business Facilitation Service, Albert and his whānau under the umbrella of Mauri Kohatu Inc have set up a contracting business and been assessed and approved as a DCC contractor.”

    As well as meeting all the necessary health and safety and other requirements as part of this process, Mauri Kohatu also had to demonstrate it has the necessary skills to perform the work.

    Mrs Williams says it is important to note that this social procurement contract relates only to areas that are not currently under contract. The Mauri Kohatu trial will also operate within existing budgets. The current trial will help DCC to assess whether it is feasible to offer these types of contracts in future and, if so, how it ensures quality and value from them.

    Contact Events and Community Development Manager [Rebecca Williams], Dunedin City Council on 477 4000.

    DCC Link

  23. Calvin Oaten

    Oh well, why should one complain, or even wonder why Cull’s mob have chosen to give contracts to that other mob, Black Power? Is it that the leader has a record of jail time and intimidation as a qualification? Is it because he/they are predominantly Maori? What are other reasons why they should be given clearly preferential treatment over other tendering parties? This all sends odd messages to the populace that it is of no consequence whether you have a record of being a good citizen or not, so long as you can pull the right emotional cords with an equally emotional but gullible “touchy feely” bunch of city overseers.

    • Peter

      On one level l can understand the angst concerning the contract being given out to people with a dubious past, over others, but we also have to ask ourselves at what point as a society do we give such people a go to turn their lives around? If not now, when?
      The council has acknowledged this is a social experiment and it may not work. But what if it does?
      They seem to have some checking system in place and the contract is not open ended.
      Redemption is not something to easily throw away as a society. Especially a civilised one.

  24. Pip

    The Mayor’s testosterone levels are through the roof which may yet cause him some trouble. This hand out to the gangs eases his own feelings of guilt and gains support from others with troubled lives!!

  25. Elizabeth

    Where then is a real mayor when we need them.

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