Propaganda from trust for Taieri pool project #Mosgiel

Updated post Sat, 7 Mar 2015 at 1:54 p.m.

██ RE: Market research and commercial feasibility
Dr Rob Hamlin, in a comment published early this morning at ODT Online and at What if? Dunedin, has offered his services to DCC, to conduct a referendum for the “entire Mosgiel community” to help determine the commercial feasibility (affordability) of the proposed Taieri Aquatic Centre.

Men who swim [] 1Men who swim [] —professional rugby boys growing into role?!


From DCC information available, the proposed pool complex will cost a lot more than the $15M that trust chairman Michael Stedman cites. Council staff have produced comparative figures showing the pool trust has VASTLY underestimated costs including operationals.

For every one million dollars expended there is a consequential 1% rise in rates. This in a city plagued by rate increases running ahead of inflation (presently at 1%).

The Mayor of Dunedin has no particular mandate to speak on Council’s (unknown) position in regards to the pool proposal at this time, given there are insufficient facts to base decisions on. The Mayor has stated on local television that a new swimming pool complex at Mosgiel is likely to be developed within the next five years.

The Mosgiel-Taieri and Dunedin Communities have NOT been canvassed with the full financial impacts known. Rebel-rousing with interest groups and an online survey that most people don’t know about is NOT full community consultation.

Proposed Location: Memorial Park, Mosgiel. Is this the best location for the city’s resident southern population (demographics) requiring pool services? Don’t think so.

There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that the Community can foot $7.5M towards the unknown capital cost of the pool build.

*Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust, still active – headed by Malcolm Farry

“The issue of funding is significant . . . although the community is willing to put in $7.5 million, or 50%, it certainly doesn’t mean it is close to being a done deal.” –Stedman, TCFT

### ODT Online Fri, 6 Mar 2015
Residents urged to continue push for Mosgiel pool
By Shawn McAvinue
Taieri residents need to continue making their voices heard if they want a $15 million pool facility in Mosgiel to proceed, Taieri Communities Facilities Trust chairman Michael Stedman says. […] Mr Stedman received more than 100 letters of support from sports groups and organisations and was “blown away” by about 2500 people completing an online survey on the pool.”
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18 responses to “Propaganda from trust for Taieri pool project #Mosgiel

  1. Sally

    Is this the same Stedman who stood in the Town Hall opposing the stadium and its process, to rapturous applause. Who is now heading the trust that appears to be following the Carisbrook Stadium Trust’s blueprint for the purpose of establishing a pool out at Mosgiel ?

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    There’s something in the water.
    Remember another of the standout anti-stadium speakers, a chap called Cull………

  3. Peter

    I haven’t seen this online survey but sometimes they are fraught and not a scientific result as such. How was it set up…….or rigged?
    What would the results be like if it was made clear the Mosgiel residents should have a targetted rate contribution? Was there any mention of rates?
    Would you like a custard square or three of them? Yes please.

  4. Hype O'Thermia

    How were Mosgiel ratepayers alerted to the fact that there was an online survey? Are the organisers sure everyone was contacted?

    The internet is awfully big. There are several things on it I haven’t seen yet, how about you, Peter?

    • Peter

      Certainly Hype. You gotta be in the know…. for stuff like online surveys. Also it takes time to get numbers before people sign up. If they do.

  5. cinimodjunior

    Michael Stedman has (for reasons that escape me) trashed his integrity at the alter of deception. Once again – for reasons that escape me, he is [*****] through his teeth. A man whose modus operandi through life has been characterised by sound behaviour, must be under some kind of duress from another party/parties who have some kind of ‘hold’ over him. I submit that the claim that he has over 100 letters of support must be publicly tested. There will inevitably be more public meetings that he will front and I challenge him to bring these ‘100 or more’ letters with him. Then and only then will I and many others begin to accept that he is not a liar. Michael, if you do not read these blogs, I’m sure that some of your fellow travellers do. So by one means or another this demand will be brought to you. So the challenge that I offer (and I suspect is a sentiment shared by all reasonable people) is ‘front up or shut up’. In the absence of your presenting these 100+ letters for verification by your peers, the most reasonable thing you can do is resign from your position on this Trust before you are tested by an authority that is greater than mine.

  6. Whippet

    “100+ letters from sports groups and organisations.” I didn’t know that Mosgiel had that many… I wonder how many of the letters had cheques in them? No doubt the rugby ones would be made of rubber.

  7. Elizabeth

    Whippet, remember the support for stadium, indeed “Our Stadium” – and the young goon that ran it, Mr Calder, left Dunedin anyway to presume his corporate life in the UK. Never stayed to be flayed.

    How many form letters, how many templates. Mr Sold Out Stedman, you utter prat.

  8. Night Rider

    Word in Bath St, is that the Post Office may have to reinstate the 5 day letter delivery, because of the overwhelming amount of mail being delivered to the pool trust.

  9. Elizabeth

    How popular is that(!) given all those cheques in the mail. Can’t hold my breath much longer.

  10. Jacob

    “All those cheques in the mail” probably don’t need to be hand delivered, Elizabeth. They should be able to bounce their way there.

  11. Elizabeth

    Why on earth can’t the existing Mosgiel pool just be upgraded; and a wider hunt started for the best site for a pool (in the long term), to better serve Dunedin’s wider southern and city population ? Mosgiel isn’t the best site by a long shot.

  12. Rob Hamlin

    I placed a post on this article this morning. For some reason it has not appeared despite one considerably later post appearing. I cannot imagine why it has not appeared. However, here it is:

    “Mr Stedman says:

    “although the community is willing to put in $7.5 million, or 50%,…”

    There is absolutely no public evidence to support this statement. The report giving the results of research undertaken by Mr Stedman’s group at ratepayers’ expense (that was recently disgorged after an LGOIMA request) shows that they expect to raise the vast majority of this money from a group of less than 100 unnamed ‘wealthy’ Mosgiel individuals – not the wider community.

    The distribution of this entirely big ticket donation pool of money is a totally unsupported ‘wish list’. One person is apparently expected to donate $1.5 million on their own! – Who is this individual? If a name cannot be put to them now, then it seems unlikely that they will be found after the event. The recent experience of the Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust’s failure to raise any significant donations across the wealthy community of the entire province of Otago to build their Stadium underlines the ‘Pie in the Sky’ nature of these predictions.

    Much is also made of the 2,000+ responses to this group’s website. Until these (anonymised) responses are made public, along with concrete evidence that they have not all been submitted by a small group of dedicated multiple submitters, then they can also be discarded as evidence that every ratepayer in the Mosgiel community is willing to cough up c. $2,000 (plus escalations) to support this thing.

    $30,000 would pay for a well-conducted referendum among the entire Mosgiel community that would establish just exactly how much in terms of both numbers and cash per head they do support the idea of paying for this thing. As it would be a referendum, this would include as a matter of course the small group of wealthy mega-pool-donors that the Pool Trust assume is out there. Maybe Mr $1.5 million will fill in the ‘How much am I willing to legally commit to pay’ response box to that amount – Maybe they won’t.

    As a market research and commercial feasibility academic with a PhD and ample experience in the field, I am happy to arrange this on a cost only basis for the DCC as an alternative to the DCC giving further funds of this kind of scale and nature to this clearly partisan group. I would do so as part of my declared duties to act for the public good.

    I will also be happy to publish the full methodology on the DCC’s website before administration for comment, and full results immediately after completion and analysis of same in the same location. Further LGOIMA requests will therefore not be necessary.

    As such I am offering myself as an alternative well-equipped provider to the Pool Trust and I would expect to be able to tender for this Council funded project work in the manner that all such things should be done. That is if the DCC’s declared intentions to respond to Audit New Zealand’s stated concerns are to be taken seriously.

    If this is done, then the Council and the community may be able to decide what’s best on a more fully informed basis.

    • Elizabeth

      No sign of it having arrived and no email or smartphone alerts either (both normally happen if a comment is submitted). Will check SPAM filter as it may have bypassed moderation.

      Nope, not found in the Spam filter.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Rob Hamlin ~
      The email notification of your post was in my inbox when I first checked, though at the same time refreshing the odt comments site didn’t show it. I checked back in case it had been buried several pages back. Refreshed again, checked some other news, refreshed once more and lo! There it was, the most recent entry. Normally email notifications of new posts arrive later, often several hours after the post has been published online.

  13. Rob Hamlin

    My effort! I should have specified that I posted it on Mc.P.’s comments site in response to their article! ‘Disappearances’ are of course more common on the Mc.P. comments platform.

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