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Propaganda from trust for Taieri pool project #Mosgiel

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██ RE: Market research and commercial feasibility
Dr Rob Hamlin, in a comment published early this morning at ODT Online and at What if? Dunedin, has offered his services to DCC, to conduct a referendum for the “entire Mosgiel community” to help determine the commercial feasibility (affordability) of the proposed Taieri Aquatic Centre.

Men who swim [kpbs.org] 1Men who swim [kpbs.org] —professional rugby boys growing into role?!


From DCC information available, the proposed pool complex will cost a lot more than the $15M that trust chairman Michael Stedman cites. Council staff have produced comparative figures showing the pool trust has VASTLY underestimated costs including operationals.

For every one million dollars expended there is a consequential 1% rise in rates. This in a city plagued by rate increases running ahead of inflation (presently at 1%).

The Mayor of Dunedin has no particular mandate to speak on Council’s (unknown) position in regards to the pool proposal at this time, given there are insufficient facts to base decisions on. The Mayor has stated on local television that a new swimming pool complex at Mosgiel is likely to be developed within the next five years.

The Mosgiel-Taieri and Dunedin Communities have NOT been canvassed with the full financial impacts known. Rebel-rousing with interest groups and an online survey that most people don’t know about is NOT full community consultation.

Proposed Location: Memorial Park, Mosgiel. Is this the best location for the city’s resident southern population (demographics) requiring pool services? Don’t think so.

There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that the Community can foot $7.5M towards the unknown capital cost of the pool build.

*Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust, still active – headed by Malcolm Farry

“The issue of funding is significant . . . although the community is willing to put in $7.5 million, or 50%, it certainly doesn’t mean it is close to being a done deal.” –Stedman, TCFT

### ODT Online Fri, 6 Mar 2015
Residents urged to continue push for Mosgiel pool
By Shawn McAvinue
Taieri residents need to continue making their voices heard if they want a $15 million pool facility in Mosgiel to proceed, Taieri Communities Facilities Trust chairman Michael Stedman says. […] Mr Stedman received more than 100 letters of support from sports groups and organisations and was “blown away” by about 2500 people completing an online survey on the pool.”
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