Blonde ‘lawyer’ takes over DVML —expect no change

Where do they get them.
Dumb enough to accept the blurb given.

DVML and DCC needed an expert psychologist. Not a token.
But if it makes the Smiths happy.

### ODT Online Sat, 28 Feb 2015
Auckland lawyer takes chair at DVML
By Chris Morris
Dunedin Venues Management Ltd’s new chairwoman says she is up for the challenge of Forsyth Barr Stadium. Ashburton-born lawyer Raewyn Lovett (54), now living in Auckland, yesterday took over from outgoing chairman Sir John Hansen, who was farewelled last night after five years in the role. Ms Lovett told the Otago Daily Times she was taking over an organisation that appeared to be turning a corner, helped by the recent stadium review and the company’s “very energetic” chief executive, Terry Davies.
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Raewyn Lovett 1Raewyn Lovett. In addition to my legal career I enjoy spending time in governance roles. I was Chair of Netball New Zealand for seven years and on the board of TTNL Limited (responsible for the establishment of the ANZ Championship). I am a chartered member of the Institute of Directors. Full profile here.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: Raewyn Lovett with fringe! (tweaked by whatifdunedin)

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13 responses to “Blonde ‘lawyer’ takes over DVML —expect no change

  1. Lyndon Weggery

    I too read this with frustration because this woman has replaced Sir John Hansen at a time when the stadium review recommendations to keep DVML (subject to public consultation) were announced by DCC. If the DCC were even serious about consultation with us they would have held off making new replacement appointments (incl. two directors) until the LTP public consultation process was complete. Now it is a proper farce and nothing seemed to have been learned from the past. And they wonder why we won’t give up asking the awkward questions?? At least Lee Vandervis is trying and has ratepayers’ full backing. Otherwise we sink into a financial mire like Christchurch (earthquake or not) where our poor cousins to the north are facing rate increases of 8% pa. And by the way did anyone notice that Aurora Energy are putting up their line charges (yet again) from 1 April, ostensibly to fund the Stadium!!!!

    • Elizabeth

      Lyndon, a mistake to believe anything the DCC says about the stadium and the DVL/DVML/DCC/DCHL/DCTL/CSCT ‘consortium’. No democracy. No leopards dwell here to change their spots. Besides, they haven’t any change that isn’t ours. We need to protect our private dimes – unfortunately, we’re extravagantly bad at staving off rorters led by DCC.

      Sue Bidrose’s Stadium Review lies well outside responsibility to ratepayers. I suggest the departed board chairman and the used car frozen yogurt salesman Davies, holding hands with the meddlesome Crombie, has given no chance to any LTP submission that accurately sets out the damage the ‘open’ stadium will do to rates. 8% is the least of it ahead. By then, hopefully I won’t be at Dunedin to care.

  2. Peter

    DVML has turned many corners All dog-eared.

  3. Calvin Oaten

    “Auckland lawyer takes chair at DVML” Here we go again. No sooner get shot of the previous malingerer who, lived away in Rangiora. This involved him getting a hire car to take him from his home to the ChCh airport (to save his own mileage and parking fees), fly to Dunedin and be put up in the new hotel on the St Clair Esplanade. He would then attend a couple of meetings of DVML and DVL, beat his gums a few times and then reverse the procedure back to Rangiora. Now we are about to see the whole ‘fiasco’ repeated, this time from Auckland no less. Still, it could have been worse, they could have appointed someone from Sydney or Outer Mongolia, I suppose.
    Sorry to say this, but it just a continuation of “jobs for the guys and gals” all on the poor long suffering ratepayer. Just what corner Ms Lovett sees as being turned beggars the imagination. Still, she says it appeared to be helped by the recent stadium review and the company’s “very energetic” chief executive, Terry Davies. HUH?! The stadium review simply added another $1.81 million to the citizens’ annual tab to keep this obscenity going. Nothing else has changed except that DVML’s rental costs to DVL has been halved from $4 million pa to $2 million pa. Perhaps this new ‘Wonder Girl’ will be able to explain why it is that this rental should be made up by the ratepayers (who else)? Sorry, but CEO Bidrose’s review has done nothing like resolving this “huge cancer” eating away at the city’s life sustaining finances. If there was even the hint of honesty about the whole process we, the public would see the restructured complex with the books opened regarding the main tenants, the ORFU, Highlanders and NZRU’s terms and conditions of use of the facility. But no, that would be “commercially sensitive”. My “bloody oath it’s sensitive!”, it goes right to the bone with me and the majority of long suffering ratepayers. How the elected councillors can
    as a collective body sit round that table and condone the continuation of this ‘abomination’ as if it was the correct thing to do beggars the imagination. The very act of continuing to appoint these unnecessary directors to oversee what is just a crazy situation, with none of them having the ‘guts’ to call it as it is: “AN ENORMOUS EXERCISE IN HUMAN STUPIDITY PERPETUATED BY A GROUP OF SERIOUSLY INCOMPETENT DISHONEST MALINGERERS!”

    • Elizabeth

      Who paid for Hansen’s farewell party. I guess we would’ve been sued if there wasn’t one.

      Good riddance.
      To the last, and the new skirt.

    • Calvin, “Still, it could have been worse, they could have appointed someone from Sydney or Outer Mongolia.”
      They’ll have to next time.
      Not Sydney, it’s too close. They’ll have to go far, far afield to find someone who doesn’t already know in sickening detail that the Fubar Stadium is a massive F.U.B.A.R.

  4. Elizabeth

    Speaking of the devil….

    Hansen was called in to pass an expert eye over Cera’s exercise of its emergency powers as part of the CER review panel. His daily pay rate of $1400 created the one bit of controversy that reached the papers.

    ### Last updated 07:12 01/03/2015
    Sir John Hansen is a man with a plan
    By John McCrone
    How not to begin an interview. Suggest to a distinguished ex-High Court judge – and current chair of the Press Council – that he might be Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee’s political puppet. Sir John Hansen’s face, with the habitual impassivity of long years on the bench, shows only a slight tightening. However his eyes are ablaze. Quite frankly, he says, he is insulted. Affronted. He is the independent chair of an independent hearings panel presiding over the Christchurch Replacement District Plan. Repeat, independent. There is no possibility of any of the panel being tame government appointees there to do someone’s bidding.

    We have had the council table of Environment Canterbury (ECan) rolled and not yet returned. Christchurch City Council has seemed under almost constant threat of the same.

    Brownlee took control of the city’s affairs through the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) – and Hansen happens to have been the convenor of the CER Review Panel which has been reviewing the orders-in-council made under Cera’s extraordinary powers these past few years. Now Hansen has popped up again in charge of a fast-track independent commissioners approach to pushing through the council’s new District Plan, a completely crucial document for setting the long-term direction for the social and economic development of Christchurch. Not only that, but Brownlee has given the specific instruction that the panel pay special attention to the “usability” of any regulations coming out of the council’s planning department.

    And on Thursday, Hansen’s panel delivered a fairly stinging first round verdict on its strategy and recovery related chapters. All shades of the furore in early 2012 over the council’s draft central city masterplan – the blueprint for the central business district which Brownlee’s office “stress tested” and decided was so wanting that it needed to form the Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) to take over the job.

    […] Right, let’s wind back to get a better idea of how Hansen has become now a key figure in Christchurch’s recovery story. And possibly also consider whether the council does indeed deserve a firmer hand.
    Read more

  5. Calvin Oaten

    “Completely different ball game” promised. Oh! has Terry Davies decided to introduce ‘tiddly winks’? He has just announced an interim six months loss of $1.031 million, which can probably by extrapolated to around $2.2 million for the full year. That is in line with past performances, even allowing for the ‘halving’ of its rental payments to DVL. He says the absence of an All Blacks Test match at the stadium would affect the result. Why? When it is common knowledge that the NZRU take the gate takings for all tests and pay back a KPI or match percentage to the host union the ORFU. Just what is in it for DVML we have never been told, nor are we likely to be. This is where the Bidrose ‘stadium analysis’ falls absolutely on its face. There is no known revenue stream coming from Rugby to DVML fullstop! This would be one of the first questions to put to the new DVML chair. The others would be: how come the additional $1.81 million input from the ratepayers hasn’t impacted on DVML’s performance? How indeed is DVL to service its debt with the $2 million reduction in rental received from DVML? How long do you think it will be before you realise that you and your strange board of directors wake up to the fact that by continuing to take your fees to carry out this charade that you are committing a serious fraud against the citizens?
    As an aside, among Terry Davies’ ‘hurrahs’ and ‘high fives’ is the detail that ‘The refurbished Dunedin Centre and Town Hall’ hosted 106 events: 12 conferences or exhibitions, 33 meetings, 23 concerts, 12 graduations or citizenship ceremonies and three community events.
    Conferences or exhibitions? which are they, one or the other. Exhibitions attract visitors to view whatever it is being exhibited, whereas conferences imply a certain number of attendees for the duration of the event. In the budgeted development of some $50 million it was predicated on there being 36 conferences in 2015, and the cost recovery calculations for that indicated a loss of ($4.2 million) pa even then. Now, can Terry confidently say there will be 36 conferences before Xmas? If not, then watch for next year’s DVML result. I confidently predict more, much more ‘red ink’ unless the ratepayers are ‘rorted’ again by back door costs such as Aurora line charges, tip fees, parking costs and straight out rate increases. It is just not possible, yet we still hear this publicity ‘clap trap’.

  6. Elizabeth

    Calvin – everything looks rosy while you receive that comfortable salary or stipend. That goes for Terry Davies, DVML Board, Councillors, Senior Council staff and, in particular, CEO Sue Bidrose, in regards to the Stadium Review and how DVML business is actually tracking. But how long can you ride the storm of RATEPAYER SUBSIDY. It turns out, for a very long adulterous time indeed, cajoled by the ownership of the newspaper and utterly submissive to deviant Rugby forces. Aussie go home.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 2 Mar 2015
    Stadium: ‘Completely different ball game’ promised
    By Chris Morris
    The company running Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium is promising a “completely different ball game” despite confirming another $1 million loss. Dunedin Venues Management Ltd’s six month results, covering the period to December 31 last year, showed it lost $1.031 million as revenue and operating profit declined.
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  7. Calvin Oaten

    Having now had a look at the six monthly report of DVML I am more nonplussed than ever. The revenue/ Expenses shows Revenue at $3,918,000 over Expenses of $2,949,000 for a surplus of $969,000. Alright so far. But that was before rental was paid. At $2,000,000 for six months this arrives at a deficit of ($1,031,000) as claimed. Now what the revenue consisted of we don’t know as it is not stated. But if we go to the Cash Flow section we find Total in $4,550,000 against Total out at $7,239,000 for a deficit of ($2,680,000).
    Now, I’m not an accountant but each of these factors tell me that without a shadow of doubt the stadium (face it, it is the main component) is not just a losing proposition, it is an ‘enormous black hole’. As the number one activity is rugby it is abundantly clear that there is no surplus revenue whatsoever from that activity. In fact, it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is no revenue fullstop. All this is disregarding the new situation whereby DVML is now to have its rental halved to $2,000,000 pa leaving it in a barely break even position. But DVL is going to be $2,000,000 pa short in funds for servicing its debt. That of course is to be remedied in part by, on 1 July 2015, transferring $30,000,000 of its debt back to the DCC books. Guess who pays the costs for that? DVL is already enjoying $7,292,000 in subvention income from Aurora, and the DCC kicked in $500,000 on 15 July 2014, again on 15 Oct 2014 and since balance date on 31 Dec 2014 another $500,000. This is done through the back door disguised as increases in paid up capital, or shares called. That of course is and will be an ongoing exercise as the registered capital of DVL is over $250,000,000.
    All in all, an interesting exercise of creative accounting which is designed to constantly ‘hide the thimble’. That it does this while deceiving the public by
    ‘carping on’ about the wonders of the “Rod Stewart”, “Neil Diamond” diversions and of course “Rugby” is not only dishonest but ill becomes the faith of the citizens in its leaders.
    Then we see where Mr Crombie says the ‘consolidated debt has been reduced by $25 million. If that is true it must have been for twenty-four hours at balance date while they shuffled the pea under the tumblers. There is no way that the debt can be reduced truly when we have bleeding situations like these, plus the insane rushing to fund additional cycleways, and maintain our infrastructure. All very well to talk of improved trading conditions of the various companies, but those are not enormous across the group and, of course the ‘tax man cometh’.

  8. Elizabeth

    Calvin, thanks for taking a look. The questions you raise, well, they behove ODT (stop giggling) to pass the DVML accounts under the noses of a panel of independent NZ chartered accountants for analysis – a gift to the community prior to public consultation on the LTP. But the Smiths in backing Terry Davies and the likes of Hansen are unlikely to buy in to that publishing opportunity!

    So we come back to voluntary efforts of people like yourself to do the work. Collectively, there are all the sheep about, a gruesome drag coefficient, who don’t care and sport superglued blinkers.

  9. Elizabeth

    This activity involves Athletics NZ, Sport Otago and the International Athletics Federation. More information required.

    ### March 2, 2015 – 5:43pm
    International guest helps spark enthusiasm for athletics
    A programme to draw young people into athletics has been launched in Dunedin, bringing together several hundred primary school children. They spent the morning running, jumping and throwing at Forsyth Barr Stadium. And they were visited by an international guest [long jumper Mike Powell], who helped to spark some enthusiasm.

  10. Elizabeth

    Rumour mills say business history and activities of one director have not been safely checked, providing exposure for DVML, DCHL and DCC.

    Definition exposure : State or condition of being unprotected and open to damage, danger, risk of suffering a loss in a transaction, or uncertainty.

    Graham Crombie might consider resigning his position. The Larsen Report strongly recommended against bringing in groupies.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 22 Dec 2015
    New directors bring ‘wealth of experience’ to DVML
    By Chris Morris
    ….Dunedin Venues Management Ltd, the company running Forsyth Barr Stadium, has named Glenys Coughlan, of Wellington, as one of two new directors to help guide the company forward. […] She will be joined at the DVML board table by another new director, Kevin Winders, chief operating officer at Silver Fern Farms in Dunedin.
    Read more

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