ODT editorial pretty bang on, but News: MOVED ON ?

In the run up to the Northland by-election, today’s Otago Daily Times editorial claims: “Much was made at the time by Opposition MPs of when and how much Mr Key knew about the motives behind Mr Sabin’s departure but, by and large, the public has moved on.”

We, moved on?
John Key PM by Murray Webb [stuff.co.nz] 1Surely not, NOT with our readings and (mis?)understandings of Prime Minister John Key as they evolve. His Auckland-based polish and shininess, Kiwi/Maui-BBQ-golfing style, plastered over with Merrill Lynch effects of a pronounced nose — in corners it shouldn’t be — are, well, terribly hard to keep bolstering up or gaily smiling about.
[Add New Zealand’s lack of controls on foreign investment, circus chum Minister Nick Smith on RMA reforms, housing need, and his no-traffic with dodgy imported concrete…. Paula Bennett as new minister for the unholy mess of Local Government….]
We will be moving on, differently if not DEFENSIVELY. If, assertively.

### ODT Online Sat, 21 Feb 2015
Editorial: Winston Peters – the waiting game
OPINION Prime Minister John Key will face an early litmus test of how his Government is tracking when the Northland by-election is held on March 28. The by-election is being held to find a new MP for the electorate after the sudden departure from Parliament of Mike Sabin, the former chairman of the law and order select committee. […] On paper, the by-election should be an easy win for National. The wildcard, however, is New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

Winston Peters interviewed by Jessica Mutch [skykiwi.com] 1

Mr Peters is the one MP who has any hope at all of getting enough media attention to pose a threat. His comments, for instance on SkyCity Casino, sending armed forces personnel to Iraq and drought support to farmers, generate newspaper headlines and lead news bulletins.
Read more

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Images: stuff.co.nz – John Key PM by Murray Webb; skykiwi.com – Winston Peters (interviewed by Jessica Mutch)


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40 responses to “ODT editorial pretty bang on, but News: MOVED ON ?

  1. Elizabeth

    ### NZ Herald Online 5:00 AM Saturday Feb 21, 2015
    The Prime Minister, the dinner and the $25,000 donation
    By Jared Savage – Investigations editor
    Electoral returns out next week will confirm that a National Party MP received $25,000 from a controversial businessman after Prime Minister John Key had a private dinner with him – at the man’s home.
    The PM has always maintained that he met Donghua Liu at a National Party fundraiser but would never say where. Today, the Weekend Herald can reveal that the fundraiser was actually a private dinner at Mr Liu’s $4.75 million home in Remuera, where a smiling Mr Key and Jami-Lee Ross, the MP for Botany, were photographed alongside Mr Liu and his young family.
    Read more + Photo

    • Mike

      It’s interesting that the ODT has disabled comments on that article, I guess they don’t want too much criticism of their man.

      The thing is that either he deliberately lied or misled us about how well he knew Mr Liu, or he his memory is so bad that he was genuinely unable to remember going to his house for dinner – either way Key’s not the guy we want to be deciding whether we go to war in the Middle East, or sign big trade treaties that give away our sovereignty – I think it’s time he went, he’s obviously past his use by date.

      • Elizabeth

        Mike – agree. If ODT had opened for comments they’d have been hammered – might’ve had to employ more Online editing staff of a weekend ~!!!

  2. Are you suggesting John Key has a big nose, a Merrill Lynch nose? or an ethnic nose?

  3. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Fri, 27 Feb 2015
    Peters confirms Northland bid
    By Isaac Davison – NZ Herald
    New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has confirmed he will compete in the Northland by-election. Mr Peters this afternoon said Northland needed “a real voice” who could “hit the ground running”. He said he was born in Northland, educated there, owned a home there for decades and played for sports teams in the region. NZME
    Read more

  4. Elizabeth

    Winston Peters on standing in Northland
    Sunday, 1 March, 2015 – 12:15
    NZ First leader Winston Peters told TV One’s Q+A programme this morning he can win the Northland by-election on 28th March 2015. “The fact is the people up there, I believe, want to send the government a message, which goes simply like this – start paying attention to us,” he says. Earlier on Q+A Prime Minister John Key said that Mr Peters doesn’t have any chance of winning the Northland by-election. Mr Peters responded by saying “he doesn’t think that. That’s why the National Party is panicking, because if you knew how many people in the National Party in the north have contacted us, then he would know it as well.”
    Voxy newslink tweeted by @NationalParty 1.3.15 at 4:03 pm

    █ Q+A repeats at 12 midnight tonight on TV1

  5. Elizabeth

    ### stuff.co.nz Last updated 16:52, March 3 2015
    Eleven candidates contest Northland by-election
    Eleven candidates will stand in the Northland by-election, the Electoral Commission has confirmed.
    Read more

    Northland by-election candidates:
    Adrian Paul Bonner – Independent
    Joe Carr – Focus New Zealand
    Robin Grieve – ACT
    Maki Herbert – Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party
    Adam Holland – Independent
    Mark Osborne – National
    Rob Painting – Climate Party
    Winston Peters – NZ First
    Reuben Taipari Porter – Mana
    Willow-Jean Prime – Labour
    Bruce Rogan – Independent

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    █ Website: Mangawhai Ratepayers and Residents Association (MRRA)

  6. Elizabeth

    Tweets from Chris Keall (NBR) re 3News poll for Northland by-election:

    [click to enlarge]
    Tweet from Chris Keall (@chriskeall) 5.3.15 at 1.50 pm

    Tweet from Chris Keall (@chriskeall) 5.3.15 at 2.01 pm

  7. Elizabeth

    ### NZ Herald Online 6:11 PM Thursday Mar 5, 2015
    Winston Peters an early favourite for Northland byelection – poll
    By Claire Trevett – Herald deputy political editor
    The first poll of the Northland by-election shows NZ First leader Winston Peters has taken an early lead – the 3 News Reid Research poll has him ahead of the National Party candidate after the first week of the campaign. The 3 News Reid Research poll of 500 Northland voters had Winston Peters on 35 per cent while National’s Mark Osborne was on 30 per cent. Labour’s Willow Jean Prime was on 16 per cent while 11 per cent chose other candidates or did not know. […] If [Mr] Peters wins the seat NZ First will get another list MP and National will no longer be able to rely on either Act leader David Seymour or United Future’s Peter Dunne to pass legislation that is not confidence and supply.
    Read more

  8. Elizabeth

    ### NZ Herald Online 5:00 AM Saturday Mar 7, 2015
    Steve Braunias: The secret diary of … Winston Peters

    I lay in bed this morning and listened to rain pounding on the roof. BANG. BANG. BANG. It was as loud as a hammer. It could wake the dead. It certainly woke me up.
    I had a big day ahead of me so I had a quick 45-minute shower using a new range of body oils and then hastily put on my face in 90 minutes. Dressing, though, must never be rushed.
    Sometimes I wonder how much of my life I’ve devoted to brushing my suits. If you added up the hours and days, it might be longer than some political careers.
    As I tended to my suit with an ebony garment brush for cashmere, I thought of MPs who have long since been forgotten by the public. Seddon was an interesting man. We had lunch together for many years. I shall always remember Governor Grey. “You’re not a bad bloke for a Maori,” he said.
    I headed into the garage and climbed into my newly delivered campaign bus. I made myself comfortable in the driver’s seat. But I couldn’t see over the steering wheel, so I went back inside and fetched a couple of nice brocade cushions.
    I opened the garage doors. It was a beautiful morning in Auckland. The sun must have dried the rain off pretty quickly. I left St Marys Bay and went through the neighbouring suburb of Herne Bay, where I spotted David Cunliffe. He was wearing an old dressing gown and tattered slippers. He hadn’t shaved. He wheeled out the recycle bin. It was obviously full and very heavy going by the effort he put into it. When he placed it on the pavement, I heard the crash of bottles.
    There go I but for the grace of my charisma, flair, ruthlessness, and unstoppable vitality.
    I drove north. North, to contest the by-election! North, to return to my people! North, to once more walk upon the land which I know like the palm of my hand!

    I must have taken the wrong turn-off somewhere yesterday. I stayed the night in Taupo.

    Winston Peters, Northland [stuff.co.nz video - screenshot]Winston ‘Force for the North’ Peters beside the bus [stuff.co.nz video – screenshot]

  9. Elizabeth

    ### NZ Herald Online 5:00 AM Sunday Mar 8, 2015
    Rodney Hide: Fun and games if Winston wins
    OPINION The mischief in me wants Winston Peters to win Northland. The upset would be huge. National would lose a seat to New Zealand First. Peter Dunne would be emboldened by National needing him and Act to pass legislation. Dunne says he would revisit his Supply and Confidence agreement with National – a deal made when his position was less propitious. […] A Peters win would destabilise the Government and power up a Wellington electorate MP. Ohariu would benefit – not Northland. On winning Northland, Peters would resign as a list MP to clear the way for the next candidate on New Zealand First’s list. That candidate is Ria Bond … from Invercargill. That’s right. In choosing Peters, Northland voters would be electing an MP from Invercargill.
    Read more

  10. Elizabeth

    Tweet from Steve Braunias (@SteveBraunias) 9.3.15 at 2.15 pm

    Tweet from Steve Braunias (@SteveBraunias) 9 March 2015 at 2:15 p.m.

  11. Elizabeth

    Garrick Tremain 11 Mar 2015

    ### ODT Online Tue, 10 Mar 2015
    Key shrugs off ‘pork-barrelling’ jibe
    Prime Minister John Key is unapologetic about rolling out multimillion-dollar promises during the Northland byelection and says more is to come as rivals claim it is simply pork barrelling to try to hold on to the seat. In a clear bid to outflank New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, National’s candidate Mark Osborne and Transport Minister Simon Bridges yesterday announced a $69 million upgrade to 10 of the 15 one-way bridges on Northland state highways. The announcement followed two polls showing National could struggle to hold the seat against Mr Peters.
    Read more

    Garrick Tremain 10 Mar 2015


  12. Calvin Oaten

    Is this a case of Key mending bridges, building bridges, or simply a bridge too far? We’ll see at the poll.

  13. Elizabeth

    ### NZ Herald Online 6:03 PM Wednesday Mar 25, 2015
    Poll shows ‘untrusted’ Peters has large lead
    By Claire Trevett – NZ Herald deputy political editor
    A new poll has NZ First leader Winston Peters with a commanding lead in the Northland byelection even though almost half of the voters said they did not trust him.
    With just two days of campaigning left, the 3 News Reid Research poll of 500 voters in Northland had Mr Peters on 54 per cent – well ahead of National’s Mark Osborne on 34 per cent.
    However, asked if they trusted Mr Peters, 48 per cent said no while 43 per cent said they did. Nine per cent did not know.
    The result is devastating for National and Mr Osborne said it did not reflect the feeling he was getting on the ground. A further poll question also showed National’s promise to upgrade 10 single lane bridges may have backfired – three quarters of voters believed it was a bribe, although 58 per cent also agreed with the measure while 39 per cent said they did not.
    Read more


    ### stuff.co.nz Last updated 20:00, March 25 2015
    Winston Peters on the brink of winning Northland by-election
    By Tracy Watkins
    The Northland election campaign continues apace for NZ First candidate Winston Peters. […] There is quiet desperation within National to avoid a humiliating defeat. It is poised to unleash its most potent weapon, Prime Minister John Key, for a final barnstorming run ahead of the polls closing on Saturday. But on the streets of Kerikeri, the word is it may already be too late. […] Peters is the man of the moment in Northland, On the streets of Kerikeri, cars toot their horns and people stop to assure him that the seat is already his. It’s the same story everywhere he goes, Peters says. “This province has been seriously neglected, forgotten and they’ve had a gutsful.”
    Read more + Video

  14. Elizabeth

    Mr Key said it had pulled plans for some other promises, but would deliver them after the byelection. He blamed the media for that.

    ### ODT Online Fri, 27 Mar 2015
    Nats hold off on Northland promises
    By Claire Trevett – NZ Herald
    Prime Minister John Key has admitted National held off on making more new promises for Northland because of concerns about the way they would be portrayed following a backlash at the ‘Ten Bridges’ policy.
    Early on in the campaign, National announced it would upgrade 10 single lane bridges and Mr Key said more announcements were expected. However, none have followed other than a re-announcement of rural broadband policy. NZME
    Read more

  15. Diane Yeldon

    This is very important for us here in Dunedin. My bet is that Winston Peters will win because he has local roots in Northland going way back. So local MPs might start looking after their own territory and local electorate more than just toeing locally damaging party lines from Wellington. Considering that the National-led government is pursuing its policy of local government ‘super-amalgamation’, leading away from local democracy to managerialism, this is a very significant political development. Northland Is a region (like Otago) which has had enough – of nothing – from Wellington.

  16. Peter

    It would probably be better for Dunedin if the two seats became more marginal.Both National and Labour take Dunedin for granted when in office.

    • Diane Yeldon

      Well, how about a candidate for ‘the South Island Party’ prepared to support an MMP government (whichever) only if there’s something in it for their constituents?

      • Peter

        I think the establishment of yet another party struggling to get its vote up is a waste of time and energy. I wouldn’t vote for it.
        Before the last election Labour made a lot about regionalism in its policy platform. Now we hear nothing about it. Better to hold existing parties to this kind of policy.

        • Diane Yeldon

          I have never heard of any regionalism whatsoever in National’s policy though. Does anyone know?

  17. Hype O'Thermia

    Not as such, but it’s implied. Auckland = = NZ. Parliament in Wellington is like an embassy, it’s by agreement recognised as NZ territory. Then there are other landmasses with electorally insignificant numbers of inhabitants, these are The Regions, kind of like the colonies, from which resources can be pillaged for the Greater [Auckland] good.

  18. Calvin Oaten

    Hype, the other land masses like in Roman times were there for the senators pleasures to rape and pillage and being the graineries of Rome sic’ Auckland. The National government are traditional rapers and pillagers, though currently facing an uprising of the ‘plebians’ in the far north provinces of barbarianism. There well could be a crossing of the Rubicon comes out of this and we may see it spread to the far southern provinces whence the local governors are intent on living a life of debauchery and indolence and at the same time seeing to the continuing persecution of the serfs, denying them rest and sustenance, all the time greasing up to the emperor himself, hoping all the time that spending as little time as he can in the city of his birth that he will be protected. He won’t of course as the emperor only tolerates as long as the subserviance is of some value.

  19. Elizabeth

    Sorry, belated comment on Northland byelection results.
    The MUCH hoped for outcome as a bullet to National leadership !!!!

    Hopefully debriefed on tomorrow morning’s Q + A (TV1)

    The final election night count gave Mr Peters 15,359 votes to Mr Osborne’s 11,347.

    ### NZ Herald Online 8:42 PM Saturday Mar 28, 2015
    Northland byelection: Victory for Winston Peters
    By Claire Trevett – deputy political editor
    New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has delivered National a humiliating bloodied nose in the Northland byelection, with a majority of 4,012 votes after the counting – a massive turnabout from National’s 9,000 majority just six months ago.
    After the vote was in, Mr Peters arrived at the Duke of Marlborough Hotel in Russell to be met by cheering supporters.
    “Tonight, we must thank the people of Northland who put aside their party preferences and came out to vote for Northland,” he said.
    Mr Peters said his opponent, National’s Mark Osborne had rung him to concede, and Mr Peters said Mr Osborne should not be the one to take the blame for National’s loss.
    Read more

    NZ Herald: Double triumph for Winston Peters

    “We’ve had a gutsful of being ignored, we’ve had enough of neglect, we want our fair share of the country’s resources. We’re the top half of export provinces in this country and look where we are economically We are wanting to see a fair apportionment of the wealth of this country, to the wealth creators of this country.” –Winston Peters (via Stuff)

    Stuff: Winston Peters romps home in Northland by-election [+ Video]

    Stuff: The results as they came in
    Stuff: Opinion: A wake-up call for National
    Stuff: A ‘tough night’ for Mark Osborne

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Good turnout too. In a by-election, where it’s not going to change the government, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see the percentage of people on the roll who don’t bother voting, being higher than in the previous election. But they seem to have been keen to make their opinion known.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        It’s the way a pan starts its journey to the metal recyclers, first there’s one scratch in the teflon………

  20. Jock Strap

    There is your answer to change the government. The Greens and Labour didn’t contest the seat (Labour’s was only a claytons candidate). Those two are of only a nuisance value in any election, and when they participate are almost a guarantee of a National government being elected. Get rid of Labour and the Greens, and you can change the government.
    Winston has shown you how.

    • Elizabeth

      Winston Peters has only been able to ‘show’ in one disparaged and neglected electorate, Northland.
      We’re told it’s highly likely Willow-Jean Prime (Labour), a young Ngati Hine lawyer, will eventually make it into Parliament via the lists.
      Labour leader Andrew Little read the Northland signs early enough, and rather than split the vote (risking Osborne’s success) he indicated Labour voters should vote strategically, to alter the balance of power in the House. Even if it means Peter Dunne and the Maori Party get to hold the cards when National needs a majority.

      Great outcome politically. Wise strategy.
      Question is, how will the Northland electorate fare across the next two years and beyond.

  21. Calvin Oaten

    More importantly will this panic Key into pushing the hell out of the TPP agreement and sell us all down the river, or will Winston be able to gather the support to stop it from happening. That, in my mind would be the worst possible scenario for the ordinary folk of NZ while the one per centers would cream it.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      I put my faith in Winston Peters’ ability to stir, to throw spanners into works, to make the whole kerfuffle interesting enough for more people to ask “What the hell is he on about now?” and find out they’re in danger of being not only sold down the river, but wrapped in heavy plastic and duct taped to an old axle before being thrown over the bridge. Which bridge? Well, there’s plenty to choose from.

      • Elizabeth

        Ditto. I noticed in last days how media/political rivals/National supporters were sold on describing Winston Peters as (just) a statesman (with nothing to show) – that’s to deny the ways he operates and why he is still in Parliament.

  22. Elizabeth

    Peters has knocked the shine off brand Key and blown a hole in Key’s aura of invincibility. –Rodney Hide

    ### NZ Herald Online 5:00 AM Sunday Mar 29, 2015
    Rodney Hide: Old fox hands out a spanking to National
    Source: Herald on Sunday
    OPINION He did it. Winston has won Northland. Unbelievable!
    I never thought he would stand; I never thought he could win.
    It is an astonishing achievement. Northland is True Blue. National’s John Carter used to trounce Labour’s Shane Jones by more than 10,000 votes. Peters cleaned out National. He cleaned out Labour.
    He has done so 40 years after he first stood for Northern Maori. He lost back then. He went on to enter Parliament in 1978 as the Member for Hunua.
    Half the Northland electorate wasn’t born when Peters first stood. No one has been in Parliament longer.
    And no one has had the thrills and spills Peters has.
    Labour’s leader Andrew Little folded early. He knew Peters would beat Labour to third place so made a plus of losing by telling Labour voters to vote Peters.
    Labour’s poor showing now doesn’t matter. It wasn’t trying. […] And there’s no guarantee Peters will support Labour in 2017. Little may have kissed Labour’s chance of winning Government goodbye.
    Read more

  23. Elizabeth

    TV1’s Q+A – Sunday March 29, 2015
    This week’s episode broken down into bites – interviews and panel sessions at http://tvnz.co.nz/q-and-a-news/ta-tvnz-index-group-2556429

  24. Elizabeth

    John Key: ‘I’d like to assure Northlanders we’re going to continue to work hard to deliver more progress.’

    ### ODT Online Mon, 30 Mar 2015
    Key vows response after Northland blow
    Source: NZME
    Prime Minister John Key has vowed to do all he can over the next two and a-half years to win Northland back after voters dealt his party a humiliating defeat. NZ First leader Winston Peters won Saturday’s byelection with a convincing 4000-vote majority, the first time National has lost its grip on Northland since 1966. Former National MP Mike Sabin, whose resignation triggered the byelection, won it with a 9300-vote majority just six months ago.
    Read more

    ODT: Peters to resign as list MP

  25. Elizabeth

    It is now up to the [National] party to show respect for the rest of the country.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 31 Mar 2015
    Editorial: Peters changes the rules
    For years, New Zealand regions have been telling the John Key-led Government not to ignore the influence those areas have on the country’s economy. Otago has fought to save government services in the region but has witnessed the closure of Hillside through the Government failing to introduce some sort of national procurement programme.
    Read more

  26. Elizabeth

    Mr Peters is already looking well beyond Northland’s boundaries to sell his message of government neglect to those in other regions.

    ### ODT Online Sat, 4 Apr 2015
    Peters’ victory prompts seismic shift in political landscape
    By John Armstrong
    The humiliating defeat that Winston Peters inflicted on the National Party in last Saturday’s Northland by-election has changed nothing. At the same time, it has changed everything.
    Read more


    Related post and comments:
    23.1.15 Chris Trotter on National’s “developers’ charter” #RMA reforms

  27. Elizabeth

    ### thestandard.org.nz 8:03 am, April 8th, 2015
    What is happening in the National Party?
    By Natwatch
    Trouble is brewing in National’s ranks. In a series of recent tweets occasional Standard commenter Matthew Hooton outlines his reasons for now opposing John Key’s Government.
    Read more

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