Daaave Cull keeps SPENDING on #impulse

…. “impulse” is the polite word for CRAP

The Laughing Stock With The Ermine, Clanking Gold Chains And Camel Shackles looks more and more RIDICULOUS as the Mayor of Dunedin.

There are screeds and screeds of cartoons to draw for —
Daaave’s definition of SUSTAINABILITY : Read STADIUM.

Try your very hardest not to laugh at the soft-arsed plonker – do you know what ANOTHER subcommittee costs to run, in terms of councillor, staff and politically appointed rank outsider* time and pay. It’s an outrage – and, for WHAT.

Daaave IS the “lunatic fringe”.
NEWS: He has a date with public stocks in the Octagon. Or we do it cleanly, and VOTE HIM OUT next election. Though how many of us can’t wait and would want to drive a bus erratically.

### dunedintv.co.nz February 11, 2015 – 7:20pm
Nightly interview: Dave Cull
A new subcommittee of the Dunedin City Council has been established, and will meet for the first time this week. The Sustainability Audit Subcommittee involves several councillors as well as Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull. And he joins us to talk about its purpose.

Sustainability Audit Subcommittee Meeting
When: 12 Feb 2015 3:00pm (been and gone)
Where: Otaru Room, Civic Centre

Agenda – SAS – 12/02/2015 (PDF, 27.9 KB)

[Rort] Sustainability Audit Subcommittee Membership:
Janet Stephenson* (Chairperson), Mayor Dave Cull, Councillors David Benson-Pope and Jinty MacTavish, Gael Ferguson* and Brett Tomkins*

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6 responses to “Daaave Cull keeps SPENDING on #impulse

  1. Elizabeth

    [Rort] Sustainability Audit Subcommittee Membership:
    Janet Stephenson* (Chairperson), Mayor Dave Cull, Councillors David Benson-Pope and Jinty MacTavish, Gael Ferguson* and Brett Tomkins*

    *Rank outsiders [demanding big fees and disbursements ???]

    Janet Stephenson
    Director, Centre for Sustainability, University of Otago
    Janet Stephenson is passionate about collaborative, interdisciplinary research. Her research interests include indigenous resource management; the interconnections between people and their local environments; and the role of individuals and communities in the transition to a sustainable energy future. She is the Principal Investigator in the Energy Cultures research programme. Janet has been Director of the Centre for Sustainability since February 2011. Her academic background is in sociology, planning and human geography. She first joined the Centre as a Senior Research Fellow at the end of 2008, having previously taught in the Geography Department at Otago University from 2001-2008. Prior to this, she worked as a professional planner, mainly in the Far North of New Zealand [and Heritage Adviser, Planning for New Zealand Historic Places Trust at Dunedin – strange, she doesn’t mention this]. She is a trustee of the National Energy Research Institute and on the steering committee of the Otago Energy Research Centre. http://www.otago.ac.nz/csafe/staff/otago038792.html

    Gael Ferguson [formerly at Kapiti Coast | Waitakere]
    Local government strategist | Associate, Localise
    Summary: Change at the local community level and sustainable development have always been at the heart of my passion for local government work over the last twenty years. That has led me down some interesting paths – starting with a focus on urban planning and housing and then developing into a strong interest in the strategic decisions communities have to make about their infrastructure and key assets, including waste management. It has involved finding ways to work with communities via neighbourhood and catchment based change processes, to advance management of waterways, natural areas and the coast. Alongside these interests, more recent senior management roles have also involved me in economic development, energy management and social policy, and delivery of a range of services, from water conservation and eco-design advice, to provision of youth services. Climate change policies and response have been a recent focus. Throughout that time I have worked closely with Maori, including iwi and hapu groups, to advance partnerships and practical projects with relevant Councils. https://nz.linkedin.com/in/gaelferguson

    Brett Tomkins
    Partner, Deloitte | Auckland and Dunedin
    Summary: Brett is a Chartered Accountant who qualified with the ICAEW in 1995 and who is experienced in large projects and those which are unusual either in scale or by nature. In 2008, Brett also qualified with NZICA. Brett has worked with some of the biggest clients in both New Zealand and the UK. Brett joined Deloitte in 2007. Prior to that, Brett spent 12 years in the big four and has wide audit, corporate finance and risk management experience. https://nz.linkedin.com/pub/brett-tomkins/15/8ba/399

    Additional: via Sustainable Business Council (NZ)
    Chairman, SBC Advisory Board
    Brett is an audit partner based in the Deloitte Dunedin office. He primarily focuses on financial statement audit and has undertaken assurance and advisory related work in respect of sustainability. He has a wide range of experience across a number of sectors, and somewhat of a unique set of skills around the energy sector from the UK where he worked with the likes of National Grid plc, Centrica plc, water regulator OFWAT and electricity regulator OFGEM. In New Zealand he considers himself very fortunate to work with iconic kiwi clients such as Air New Zealand and Rank Group. Over the past 17 years of his career he has approached each engagement as an opportunity to learn everything there is to know not only about auditing but also a client’s business. Brett has the view that it is difficult to be truly effective as an auditor or business advisor unless you know as much as you can about their environment and their people. […] In his spare time, Brett likes to spend time going for family walks, and is an active member of church. http://www.sbc.org.nz/about/advisory-board#

  2. Mike

    How will they deal with our unsustainable rates rises that continue to increase exponentially compounding year upon year?

  3. @ Elizabeth
    February 13, 2015 at 3:22 am
    [Rort] Sustainability Audit Subcommittee Membership:
    Janet Stephenson* (Chairperson), Mayor Dave Cull, Councillors David Benson-Pope and Jinty MacTavish, Gael Ferguson* and Brett Tomkins*

    *Rank outsiders [demanding big fees and disbursements ???]

    Elizabeth. Surely you mean —‘Wank outsiders’. Because that is all we could expect from this. A group one.

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