Dunedin Cycleways: Pet project staff, ‘entitlement’? #irony

“However, I can certainly confirm that it is not the practice of staff to pre-empt any decision-making by the council.” –Ruth Stokes, General Manager Infrastructure and Networks

### ODT Online Wed, 11 Feb 2015
Apology over council staff gaffe
By Vaughan Elder
A Dunedin City Council senior manager has apologised to councillors over a staff member appearing to pre-empt a council decision on cycleway funding. Concern over the actions of staff came up at yesterday’s infrastructure services committee, where councillors voted on the allocation of $570,000 in new Government money to spend on the South Dunedin cycle network. […] In the council press release, senior transportation planner Kylie Huard said the Government funding “will be used” to enhance and expand the South Dunedin cycle network, including providing a link between Shore St and Victoria Rd, via Tainui and Cavell Sts.
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DCC Media Release (30 Jan 2015):
New Government Funding for Dunedin Cycleways


And another thing….

ODT (11.2.15) Board to pay for road closures
In the article Mick Reece is described as the “council parks, recreation and aquatic services group manager”. Group Manager.

█ Isn’t it time the Dunedin public received an up-to-date Dunedin City Council organisation chart showing reporting lines. To know exactly where those 40+ managers / team leaders (of a total council staff of about 700) are situated, at considerable cost to the ratepayers.

Message to DCC chief executive Sue Bidrose: “Time for fine detail.” And, “Due diligence to Democratic principles, to be learned by Staff.”

[Subtext: it wasn’t simply a typo]

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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5 responses to “Dunedin Cycleways: Pet project staff, ‘entitlement’? #irony

  1. Elizabeth

    Only 300 cyclists turned out this morning to Spokes’ Octagon free breakfast. Ch39 news coverage this evening shows Cr Wilson looking silly in a helmet and decidedly unathletic (although it’s a better look than real/fake pearls – oh so dowager – worn on last night’s CH39 news); naturally, council staff were there making themselves obvious – ‘entitlement’ all round, elected (paid) and the salaried.

    Other comments at this thread: https://dunedinstadium.wordpress.com/2015/02/10/dunedin-city-councillors-invited-to-secret-meeting-mosgiel/

  2. Elizabeth

    Tabled at the DCC Infrastructure Services Committee meeting on 10 February 2015:

    Report – ISC – 10/02/2015 (PDF, 269.7 KB)
    Urban Cycleway Fund

  3. Cars

    Personally, I’d like a list of the council initiatives NOT proposed by council staff, that would be a shorter list and any initiatives actually proposed by council staff would be self evident. Can you imagine any councillor capable of initiating a council initiative? No one (not noone) has a plan to reduce council debt, Jinty has not proposed closing the Octagon, her flatmates did, and Benson-Pope stood on the basis of cleaning the streets which has not happened yet, I’ll leave others to complete the non initiative picture!

  4. Elizabeth

    Keep on keeping on spending, around the fubar stadium….. with Cr Mike Lord fronting the announcement, not Cr Wilson. How interesting.

    In a less-debt-packed-climate for DCC this would seem like good news, BUT.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 4 Mar 2015
    Work to start on cycleway link
    By David Loughrey
    Contractors are about to begin building what has been a missing link in Dunedin’s cycle/walkway network. The $440,000 Dunedin City Council project will provide crucial links for those using the west harbour and east harbour cycleways, and for people going to Forsyth Barr Stadium.
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  5. Elizabeth

    The priorities often shifted and the tunnels project was at one stage ranked third behind the two harbour projects. –Gerard Hyland, Dunedin Tunnels Trail Trust

    ### ODT Online Sun, 5 Apr 2015
    Group unhappy with ranking
    By Dan Hutchinson – The Star
    A group advocating the reopening of old train tunnels as a cycle route between Mosgiel and Dunedin is questioning the Dunedin City Council’s priority list. The Star asked council transportation planning manager Sarah Connolly to rank the tunnels project in relation to other cycle projects in the city.
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