ZAHA HADID – Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium

dkTV Published on Nov 7, 2013

ZAHA HADID – Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium
National Olympic Stadium in Tokyo by Zaha Hadid Architects
Area: 290,000 m², Capacity: 80,000 people
Estimated cost: US $1 billion, Estimated completion: March 2019

The National Stadium used for the 1964 Summer Olympics, located in Kasumigaoka, in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, will essentially be torn down in 2015 to make way for the new venue in time for the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Summer Olympics. It will also be the future home of the Japanese national football team. The new Tokyo National Stadium is more than a large sports facility designed to the highest design specifications and functional requirements. It is a piece of the city’s fabric, and urban connector which enhances and modulates people moving through the site from different directions and points of access. The elevated ground connections govern the flow of people through the site, effectively carving the geometric forms of the building.

█ More on the Stadium and Hadid’s architecture at Google Images

ZahaHadid Architects Published on Sep 15, 2014

Zaha Hadid Architects
This film shows some of the people and projects of Zaha Hadid Architects. It aims to convey the ideas and ambitions behind their work. Some of their academic design research, with students from AADRL and Vienna University of Applied Arts, is also featured.

Aside —Fashion DOES something….
Science and Technology [see videos within a video]

Wired UK Published on Oct 18, 2014 and Zaha Hadid reveal PULS designs: full WIRED2014 talk

Full story: and architect Zaha Hadid have collaborated on special editions of the recently announced PULS smart cuff, which they showed off on stage together at WIRED2014 in London. The PULS smart cuff — or wise band, as jokingly refers to it — is the first wearable product released by his company, i.amPLUS. In the UK it will be sold by O2 and will be available pretty soon, if hints are to be believed. “I’m itching to say when it’s coming out,” says, before not-so-subtly whispering, “Now-vember”, in the direction of the audience. The PULS is a “standalone communication and socialisation device” that contains a battery, speakers, SIM card and chipset. It sports a curved OLED screen and has 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. “No phone required; this is your phone,” says, demonstrating one of the two cuffs he himself wears on his wrist.

█ More Google Images for Zaha Hadid
Google Images for Zaha Hadid Product….

Zaha Hadid. Superyacht for Blohm+Voss - birdseye []Zaha Hadid. Superyacht design for Blohm+Voss. Photo:

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12 responses to “ZAHA HADID – Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium

  1. Calvin Oaten

    Good on Japan. US$1billion. As one of the most indebted nations on the planet, like Dunedin, it will be the poor prudent citizens’ savings which will be squandered here. At least we know that our dopey lot aren’t the only ones capable of stupid decisions.

  2. Rob Hamlin

    Calvin can’t yer just smell that Queenstown Winter Olympics bid?

  3. Calvin Oaten

    Rob, yep, it’ll probably upstage the ‘running of the woollies’, or even Eion’s 70th on the Earnslaw. Queenstown is over endowed with momentous events.

  4. Mike

    $1 billion – checken feed – the foobar only cost 1/4 of that (or half that including interest).

  5. Mick

    Hey Guys. Forget the Dunedin stuff – The architecture illustrated in ZAHA HADID was breathtaking – enjoy.

  6. Calvin Oaten

    Malcolm sold it at “not a penny over $188 million”. Couldn’t make it fit without going seriously downmarket. Then ended up at $225m. Or so we’ve been led to believe. Bloody disgusting.

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