Malcolm Farry, revisited at Nine to Noon (December 2008)


### Friday, 12 Dec 2008Malcolm Farry re-imaged [] 1
Radio NZ National
Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan

Carisbrook Stadium in trouble (Link)
09:30 Malcolm Farry, Chairman Carisbrook Stadium Trust; and Jeff Dickie, property investor and outspoken critic of the stadium.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: Malcolm Farry tweaked by whatifdunedin


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14 responses to “Malcolm Farry, revisited at Nine to Noon (December 2008)

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Overexcited, much.

      Proof of pudding time arrived a while back and looks like being with us for many years to come.

      • Elizabeth

        Oui. However, when the pudding arrived steaming he was gracious enough to be concerned by the funding fiasco and false claims – like a lot of people keen on new architecture and sports stadia were taken in by the mouseketeer Farry, and even the ‘reassuring’ ‘responsible’ DCC councillors. I don’t blame the keen public so much as the CST et al rorters and the sick DCC / ORC politicos, both then and now – they had the signing power. Lastly, I didn’t vote over all those years for a single one of the stadium councillors who made office, NOT ONE. Sadly, others did. And they did so in good faith. But blindness and lack of familiarity because no-one across Dunedin hardly ever takes the time to sit in on council meetings to see the rotting, the rorting, and the useless make ‘council’ decisions. I had studied them critically for years prior to the stadium project – I make it my business as a resident of this city. It really is the thing to do if you believe in the hideousness and power of local government to run away with the ratepayers’ private assets. See it to believe it. Now, luckily, nearly everyone can study the Ch39 video record (on Saturdays, or via the DCC channel on Youtube) of the DCC dross and their callous disregard for business ethics and our most vulnerable ratepayers and renters —ie the current crop of shithead councillors, excepting Vandervis who by difference is conceived of as a threat by the Greater Dunedin shafters eg Wilson and her pimp the Mayor.

  1. Elizabeth

    Excerpt from ODT journalist David Loughrey’s latest framing of Dunedin, as well written and uncouth as ever.

    [subtitle] Being angry at the stadium
    All angry roads lead to Forsyth Barr Stadium.
    […] Look towards the stadium, and think about women and children staggering up the Northern Motorway in rags, crushed by massive council debt, and forced from the city by huge rates. Remember talk of lines in the sand and intergenerational debt, and let a tear of fury slide down your face. Blame any troubles in your life on the stadium, and, by dint of close association, the council. Cont./

    █ Read the whole angry opinionated diatribe, ‘Deep indignation in the deep South’ (ODT 7.2.15), here.

    He’s right.
    We is A-N-G-R-R-R-R-Y

    angry-smiley []

    • Peter

      The relativity argument concerning anger comparing local issues with Third World ones is rather adolescent. Anger is a normal human emotion arising from many causes.
      I wonder if David Loughrey would be so sanguine if, say, a member of his family was murdered compared to the mass killings going on elsewhere in the Third World where families lose multiple family members.
      This strange piece of creative writing is just another ODT attempt to tone down the resentment in the community over not just the stadium but other issues where the council is not listening to various groups or only the ones they like/agree with.

  2. Calvin Oaten

    When DL was on the council beat, around the time of the Stadium’s intense period, he showed little understanding then, so why does he suddenly feel the impulse to show interest now? Other than to attempt at laying humour over it. As the saying goes: ‘you can’t polish a turd’ without being tarnished and smelly.This attempt really smells.

    • Elizabeth

      Calvin, how I miss Allison Rudd at ODT, she had the ability to get under skins with persistent questioning of our leaders. Must have been uncomfortable around the editorial table at ODT some days!

  3. Hype O'Thermia

    “The relativity argument concerning anger comparing local issues with Third World ones is rather adolescent.” It comes up in relation to NZ poverty. “You may all be living in a garage and having to get water from an outside tap but you’ve got TV and a bed and 3 mattresses. That’s not REAL poverty, not like in [country already poor now further damaged by floods/drought and war].”

  4. Elizabeth

    I really enjoy David’s weekly writings and roastings on Saturdays, and the TV reviews by Charles D. Loughrey, a close relative, on Tuesdays.

    Laugh at ourselves or go completely bonkers at DUD. Satire and off the wall humour (including the adolescent) are best medicine for “getting through” – attended by hard hats, a chainsaw, crowbars, lifting gear and sheer brawn in any collapse of the Town Hall under the pending Dunedin GFC. Folks, the predicted emergencies are what we’ve spent long hours practising for. Never forget that pure adrenalin in a crisis is variously superhuman in effect. With it we can hurl the current broken city council fruitcakes to clean picking by vultures….

    ….Sorry, with Cull or Calvert or Whiley as contenders for the next mayoral term is there any hope at all beyond ‘Third World’ as DCC sells off the silver and the finances erode. God help us, with Thomson and Calvert presently at Finance Committee…. DOOM (hello, how is the SDHB these days in the post-Swann era).

    Laugh, stay above it, be simultaneously angry – to energise.

    • Peter

      My amusement is founded on solutions by the DCC to make the stadium work, only to be upended weeks or months later by some new debacle in that place.
      For example, they managed to ease Hansen out and put a new crew on the DVML Board, and they stage a Stadium Review, and now we are led to believe everything will be honky dory. Somehow it seems a fundamental mistake based on false premises that it can be rectified. I call that head in the sand stupidity……all sponsored by basically intelligent people. Work that one out.

      • Elizabeth

        Oh look, soon Neil Diamond is coming to save us. The subsidy to get him here will be more Terr-or Davies magic.

        If I can’t fly to REAL concerts, there’s always YouTube and its annoying ads[x] to flick away.

        • Peter

          Oh and with a pinch of pixie dust it is profitable and we have the multiplier effect….to the same people…who are rolling in clover. But. Why are the owners of Arthur Barnett looking to offload their successful venture in these amazing times we live in?

        • Elizabeth

          Malcolm’s +ve trickle down from Stadium is more like blood from smashed teeth and a severed tongue gushing down the oesophagus and pooling in the lungs. The body stiffening to corpse. But what’s so great about Ian Taylor and Gigatown is that our short film and documentary making future – for world release – is positively assured, as many explanations can be spun creatively, to render Dunedin’s descent to the status of Easter Island and Nauru (formerly known as Pleasant Island). Dust to dust. The lost race etc.

        • Elizabeth

          On second thoughts, build your own concert and crowd…. who needs fubar ?

          PomplamooseMusic Published on Feb 18, 2014

          Pharrell Mashup (Happy Get Lucky) – Pomplamoose
          Shot in one take, no cuts or invisible edits starting at 0:04.,This song is on Pomplamoose’s new album, Season 2 available on iTunes:
          For the verse of the mashup, they used the chords from “Get Lucky” with the vocals from “Happy.” For the prechorus, they used the vocals from both “Happy” and “Get Lucky.” The chorus of the mashup is the chords and vocals from “Happy” and the vocals from “Lose Yourself to Dance.”

          *[alternative video treatment – link]

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