Tony Avery is “somebody’s” pet #gigatown lapdog

Tony Avery 3 Infrastructure and Networks General Manager Tony Avery resigned from Dunedin City Council on 28 August 2014, falling on his sword as a result of the Citifleet/Citipark fraud —something, the Council conveniently brushes under its carpet with ALL BLAME politically attaching (for insurance purposes) to the deceased former Citifleet manager Brent Bachop. Other council staff were clearly involved; one person alone does not dispose of 152+ cars, and related council assets. So Mr Avery, WENT…. But not really.
With all the scandal and corruption appearing, the Council supportively, extended “help” and salary repeatedly to Mr Avery, after initial news that he would work through to Christmas. Then, on Saturday 31 January the Council revealed that: “He would continue working fulltime, assisting [Ruth] Stokes and helping with the transition on key projects, until March 31, [Sue] Bidrose said.” (ODT 1.2.15).

But the latest DCC blinder:

“Tony Avery’s new gig (pun intended)
Helping Gigatown Dunedin secure sources of funding…”

Updated post 16.4.16
15.5.15 ODT: City readies to take advantage of Gigatown
Last month, [the Digital Community Trust] employed former Dunedin City Council infrastructure and networks general manager Tony Avery as interim project manager.

DCC Pets. Pet Projects. NO COUNCIL SHAME.
How do we define corruption, again.

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Image: Tony Avery tweaked by whatifdunedin


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9 responses to “Tony Avery is “somebody’s” pet #gigatown lapdog

  1. Elizabeth

    Last month, the Digital Community Trust employed former DCC infrastructure and networks general manager Tony Avery as interim project manager.

    ### ODT Online Fri, 15 May 2015
    City readies to take advantage of Gigatown
    By Vaughan Elder
    Gigatown was a hot issue at yesterday’s long-term plan hearings, but concerns had already been raised. “No-one was prepared” for what to do when Dunedin won Gigatown, the group working on the roll-out says. Five months after the city won the Chorus-run competition, the social media noise which helped it win has gone quiet.
    Read more

  2. Calvin Oaten

    Huh!? Tony Avery as interim project manager. Oh well, I suppose it is a case of the ‘devil they know’….err…I forget how the rest goes. But then what does it matter, in fact what is it that he will manage? The only message I have ever got out of this whole ‘boondoggle’ is that the government had commissioned ‘Chorus’ / ‘Spark’ to roll out progressively UFB service through New Zealand. The huge publicity/ marketing “Gigatown” hilarity was no more than that. A token prize offered for the most “ra ra ra noise” wins a prize of $200,000! “Yipee” says the winner having spent over $200,000 to win it. Meanwhile Chorus carries on doing what it has planned to do, which is implement UFB throughout New Zealand. Why would we expect anything else? Meanwhile the DCC perseveres with its self-congratulatory deception that it is in control. And with Mr Avery in charge why wouldn’t we believe it?

  3. Mike

    They don’t know how to proceed now that they’ve won?

    Correct me if I’m wrong – wasn’t one of the things that the Gigatown boosters had to do to win the competition was to write a document explaining all the great things that they would do in Dunedin if they won. I remember reading it, it had lots of pretty pictures.

    Perhaps they could read that.

  4. Anonymous

    “Nobody had thought of what to do if Dunedin won”, says group who were charged with thinking of what to do if Dunedin won.

  5. Cars

    I hope they add his salary to the total bill for the DCC! However I expect he’ll become a clipon, with a cast of thousands working for him, offices at the stadium and another huge bill for the ratepayers. And why? To protect the innocents.

  6. Elizabeth

    ARCHAEOLOGY | Archaeological Authorities
    More cobblestones from Dunedin’s early days uncovered

    ODT: UFB provides link to past

  7. Elizabeth


    Tabled at Monday’s DCC Economic Development Committee meeting:

    Report – EDC – 13/07/2015 (PDF, 65.2 KB)
    Digital Community Trust Update


    The Digital Community Trust (DCT)
    The Digital Community Trust is a not-for-profit trust that ran the Community led campaign to win the Gigatown competition. The DCT’s purposes, as contained in their Trust Deed, are to advance education and be beneficial to the community through:
    (a) Delivering more digital content to the people of Otago and their visitors
    (b) Raising the level of knowledge, literacy and skills to use digital technology across community sectors;
    (c) Increasing assurance that digital services are safe and reliable for Otago residents to fully embrace and participate in;
    (d) Enabling connectivity to digital services and engaging with the community to understand digital needs today and in the future;
    (e) Completing any other activities consistent with these objectives and are charitable within the meaning of the Charities Act and the Trustees may decide from time to time.

    Since the city won Gigatown in November 2014, the Trust has been working with the DCC, Chorus and other parties to implement the Gigatown plan for success which was an integral part of winning the competition. This report provides a brief update on progress to date.

    Progress to date – Chorus
    Chorus enabled gigabit Internet from early February 2015, which is now delivering some of the fastest Internet speeds in Australasia. Over 4,500 residential and business customers have access to Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) and 1,000 have obtained gig-enabled services from a variety of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The Trust is not involved in the delivery of those services, but it has played a role more recently in providing the public with up-to-date information about the services that are available.
    As part of winning the Gigatown competition, Chorus and Alcatel-Lucent provided a $200,000 Gig-Start fund. Chorus and Alcatel-Lucent have launched a funding round and have called for New Zealand’s innovative start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs to dream big, and put forward a strong business case, to have a shot at winning up to $200,000 to launch a new UFB-led service concept to be based in Gigatown Dunedin. Applications for the fund are now in and being assessed by Chorus’ chosen partner, The UpStart Trust. Finalists will be chosen by the end of the June and a Pitch Day will be held in July to decide the recipient/s of the funding.
    Chorus have also been working with the Dunedin City Council and the current provider of the Octagon Wi-Fi to provide free public gig-enabled Wi-Fi in and around the Octagon and this is expected to be available shortly.

    For ‘Progress to date – Digital Community Trust’ refer to the full report.
    █ However, note that in April 2015, “$50,000 of funding for the period until 30 June 2015 was provided through Enterprise Dunedin to assist in the delivery of some key projects….” [DCC / Ratepayer money]

  8. Anonymous

    Where is the Gigatown?
    What has been accomplished since February?
    What happened to the $50K for “key projects”?
    Who is employed by the Digital Office, on the ground, currently?
    Where is the new office, the physical presence, supposedly in George St?
    What has happened to the $200K approved by Council from July 2015 onwards?
    What has happened to the Project Coordinator Position in Enterprise Dunedin? And the associated $100K also approved by Council?
    Where is the social media campaign, supposedly delegated to Digital Office in June?
    Where is the PR campaign, supposedly awarded to Glow PR in June?
    Where is the Gigabit WiFi, supposedly delegated to Digital Office in June?
    Where are the companies who moved to Dunedin on the back of the win?

    Does the DCT still meet weekly on Mondays? Where are the reports of these meetings?

    In short, where is the “game-changing economic boost” promised by the same Mayor who is off to China to explore the next “huge potential”?

  9. Calvin Oaten

    Anon, don’t ask us all these silly questions. Ask instead Dave Cull and John Christie. If you are lucky enough to get a reply from either, then listen in awe to the “spin” which will emanate from them. It won’t of course answer any of your questions but it will anger you.

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