Dunedin Venues Community Events Fund 2015

ODT 31.1.15 (page 4)
ODT 31.1.15 Advert Dunedin Venues p4

### dunedintv.co.nz February 2, 2015 – 5:57pm
Community groups and organisations invited to use Forsyth Barr Stadium
Dunedin community groups and organisations are invited to apply for funding to use Forsyth Barr Stadium. Each year the company that runs the stadium has to allocate $750,000 in funding for community use. That’s part of its agreement with the Dunedin City Council. The money covers the cost of using the stadium for non-profit groups and charities. It’s for events which encourage community use of the facility, resources and equipment. Funding is now available for events in the second half of this year. A second funding round, for next year’s events, will open in September.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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3 responses to “Dunedin Venues Community Events Fund 2015

  1. Cars

    So Non user pays again, just like the RFU, ratepayers fund community events to make the DCC and DMVL feel good about ripping $20 million off ratepayers annually. What a charade.

    Now with Lawrence Yule on the job collecting more taxes for councils to spend the DCC will be able to grant more non-user pays events to the McGillicuddy serious party, fancy dress events, cake stalls, morris dancing, or any other activity involving more than an arbitrary number of probable non ratepayers. Whoopsi Do!

  2. Peter

    Talking of subsidised community events at the stadium, anyone know how the stadium market is going? I understand it is rather dull.

    • Elizabeth

      I refuse to patronise it. No-one I know will use it, or the stadium generally.

      Principled people are unlikely to touch the DVML events fund, in order to maintain their loyalty and patronage to other of existing Dunedin venues and facilities – mainly run by volunteers – about to be harmed by the $750,000 “city council subsidy” and unnecessary competition created by the less principled amongst us. Bastards.

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