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nzplatts Published on May 7, 2014

Christchurch CBD Rebuild 2014
All music rights to Coldplay ‘Fix You’ –

Christchurch, rise….

DTPictures NZ Published on Jan 18, 2014

Christchurch – January 2014
The familiar sound of Christchurch’s trams are back in the CBD, it was a glorious day, and I wanted to test out my new GoPro! Cue time lapses, wide angles, and gratuitous slow motion shots…
Photography: Dan Heuston
Music: ‘Rise’ by Ultravox (Google Play • iTunes)

### Last updated 05:00, January 10 2015
Tougher conditions expected
By Tim Fulton – The Press
CHRISTCHURCH—Commercial construction firms are waiting to see how busy they will be this year as big jobs come together. The city’s commercial construction will get tougher, as the “greater rebuild” starts to wind down, Anthony Leighs says. “I have a bit of a fear that some will just react a bit too slowly and that will be painful and financially costly,” Leighs, the managing director of Leighs Construction, says.
The key to doing well in the rebuild is growing strategically, he says. Some companies are already caught between “scale-up” mode and planning for the time when work falls away. “Anecdotally, I know there are construction organisations who are finding the going, pretty bloody tough. And from this point onwards it’s not going to get easier – it’s going to get harder.”
Large projects for Leighs in the next 24 months will include Burwood Hospital overhaul and the Westpac and ASB buildings.
Commercial builders are also developing Christchurch Public Hospital, the Convention Centre, the Justice Precinct and “supposedly the Metro Sports Centre”. It is adding to the national strain on labour and construction materials, Leighs says. “The demand on resourcing is already pretty acute and it’s going to become far more significant.”

Christchurch CBD vision (labelled plan)

Hawkins chief executive Jim Boult says subcontractors to Canterbury’s commercial rebuild may soon look to the residential sector to ease staff shortages.

Christchurch has “adequate work for all good commercial construction companies at the moment” but companies will have to be nimble, Boult says. Most commercial firms are waiting to see how busy they will be, if and when some large government and private sector jobs come together. “If they all come out one-after-another, no problem. But if they all come out at the same time, then that could cause some constraints,” Boult says.
Contractors will probably need more migrants and imported, pre-fabricated materials from overseas to get the work done. They will also need to be careful not to be too large once their workload falls away.
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### Wednesday 5 Nov 2014 11:27 a.m.
Rebuild companies breaching employment law – MBIE
Labour inspectors say they’re disappointed how many staff working on the Christchurch rebuild are not being treated fairly by their bosses. Sixteen labour hire and construction companies have been found to have breached employment laws following audits by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Labour Inspectorate. Inspectors audited 40 Canterbury companies in the last six months and of the 23 audits now complete, 16 have breached employment laws. Most of the breaches related to incomplete employment agreements, unlawful deductions from wages and insufficient records, Labour Inspectorate southern region manager Steve Watson says. NZN
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Back then (2012)….

### Last updated 19:46 30/07/2012
Rebuild plan for Christchurch unveiled
By Lois Cairns
As many as 840 properties will need to be purchased to turn the Government’s plans for rebuilding Christchurch’s city centre into reality. The 100-day blueprint released by the Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) today outlines a bold plan to significantly shrink the size of the CBD by designating two strips of land – one in the east of the city and one in the south – as open spaces. These open spaces, along with the Avon River, which will be widened in stretches and developed into a riverside park, will serve to frame the new CBD, ensuring that all new development is concentrated within a tight geographic area.
Read more | Interpretive Location Map

AJ Funnell Published on Jul 7, 2014

Christchurch Flyover
Christchurch’s new look city… The video says up to 10,000 people could be working within 300 metres of the city centre. Animation Research Ltd (ARL).

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  1. Elizabeth

    This flight was conducted legally, with permission and met all CAA regulations.

    Pete P Published on Jan 4, 2015

    DJI Phantom footage of cathedral destroyed by powerful earthquake.
    Using my DJI Phantom 2 I decided to document the damage done to the Catholic Cathedral of Christchurch in the 2011 earthquake. What was once one of the most majestic and beautiful buildings in our city was turned into a pile of rubble by an ‘act of God’.

    Music: “Requiem, Op. 90, No. 7 (arr. for cello and piano)” by Therese Ryan (Google Play • iTunes • eMusic)

    [nice footage – shame no music fade at finale]

    “It’s a magnificent building. Whether you’re religious or not [it] was a beautiful building to be in.” –Peter Perrim

    ### Last updated 10:35 11/01/2015
    Video: Quake-damaged Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
    Footage of quake-damaged Catholic cathedral
    By Nicole Mathewson – The Press
    New aerial footage has revealed just how much damage was sustained by Christchurch’s Catholic cathedral in the February 2011 earthquake. Christchurch man Pete Perrim used a drone to film the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch’s Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament from the air.
    The footage, taken using a DJI Phantom 2 drone, documented the extent of the damage the Barbadoes St building experienced in the quake and its subsequent aftershocks.
    Perrim uploaded the footage to YouTube on January 4, the same day it was taken, saying that “one of the most majestic and beautiful buildings in our city was turned into a pile of rubble by an ‘act of God'”.
    Perrim told The Press today that he had always thought the Catholic cathedral was “more majestic” than the Anglican’s much-debated Christ Church Cathedral and it was a “real shame” that both were left lying in ruins.
    Read more

  2. Elizabeth

    Further to post at top of thread:

    Coldplay — Fix You
    Album: X&Y (June 2005)
    Artists: Guy Berryman, Will Champion, Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland

    When you try your best but you don’t succeed
    When you get what you want but not what you need
    When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep
    Stuck in reverse

    When the tears come streaming down your face
    When you lose something you can’t replace
    When you love someone but it goes to waste
    Could it be worse?

    Lights will guide you home
    And ignite your bones
    I will try to fix you

    High up above or down below
    When you’re too in love to let it go
    But if you never try you’ll never know
    Just what you’re worth

    Lights will guide you home
    And ignite your bones
    And I will try to fix you

    Tears stream down your face
    When you lose something you cannot replace
    Tears stream down your face
    And I

    Tears stream down your face
    I promise you I will learn from my mistakes
    Tears stream down your face
    And I

    Lights will guide you home
    And ignite your bones
    And I will try to fix you


    Ultravox — Rise
    Album: Brill!ant (May 2012)
    Artists: Midge Ure, Billy Currie, Warren Cann and Chris Cross

    I give to you the best of everything
    I’m here to grow your little monuments
    Oh, don’t dare to doubt me all the joy I bring
    It’s Heaven sent

    Hold on, I’ve come to help you rise
    With a handshake, big smile, good guy profile
    Take it now or leave it ‘neath the flash of a neon sky
    I’ll cheat and lie
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    I bring you revelations openly
    I set the word of God to make you pray
    Oh, don’t think to thank my world for anything, anyway

    Hold on, I’ve come to help you rise
    With a handshake, big smile, good guy profile
    Take it now or leave it ‘neath the flash of a neon sky
    I’ll cheat and lie
    To give you all the things you need
    To help you get the things I need for me
    Hold on, I’ve come to help you rise
    To give you all the things you need

    No how or why
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    Fail to comply
    Red neon sky

    Hold on, I’ve come to help you rise
    With a handshake, big smile, good guy profile
    Take it now or leave it ‘neath the flash of a neon sky
    I’ll cheat and lie
    To give you all the things you need
    To help you get the things I need for me

    Take it now or leave it ‘neath the flash of a neon sky
    To give you all the things you need
    To help you get the things I need for me


  3. Elizabeth

    Things such as building materials should start dropping in price, helping the housing construction sector. –Peter McIntyre

    ### ODT Online Tue, 13 Jan 2015
    Low interest rates test investors
    By Dene Mackenzie
    OPINION Investors need to make a psychological switch in the way they think of receiving returns on their investments, as interest rates look likely to stay low for at least the next five years.
    Craigs Investment Partners broker Peter McIntyre says the latest global rally in sharemarkets, oil price declines and the strong possibility of European quantitative easing have flattened the New Zealand interest yield curve sharply. The lower interest rates were good news for the economy, with corporates confident of a stable interest rate environment.
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  4. Elizabeth

    At Facebook — screenshot

    Facebook Rebuild Christchurch 25.1.15 (photos/videos of rebuilds and more)

  5. Thanks for sharing my video, Elizabeth. Funnily enough, I have just made another one to show Christchurch one year on from ‘Rise’. Hope you enjoy this one too:

    (The music is Ultravox again, no apologies for that!)

    {Credits. -Eds}

    Christchurch – January 2015
    One year on from my last GoPro vid, I thought it would be good to explore what’s changed. The trams are now doing the full original loop, there are noticeably more tourists back, and, whilst there’s still a long way to go, the city felt positive and progressive.

    Video: DTPicturesNZ Published on Jan 23, 2015
    Music: “One Small Day (2009 Remastered Version)” by Ultravox (Google Play • iTunes)

    • Elizabeth

      Dan, thanks very much for stopping by with your brilliant crafty new video :)) Love the work, Ultravox apace!

      • Hi Elizabeth, another year has passed and here’s this year’s view on Christchurch…

        • Elizabeth

          Hey Dan! Great to watch. Many thanks.
          Each year you’re getting ‘niftier’ with the capture, it’s not just the transformation of the city but the ways you’re travelling through the spaces – this time, at one point we’re sitting on the handlebars, nearly!
          Just very clever work. Love it.

          A treat.

        • Elizabeth

          ### Last updated 05:00, January 30 2016
          An architectural call to arms for the Christchurch rebuild
          By Rodney Laredo
          OPINION: Back in 1920 the journal of the NZ Institute of Architects focused on the predicted architectural austerity of impending modernism.
          That same year, it questioned the influence of style, decoration, building materials, and above all else the integrity and commitment of the architect. Samuel Hurst Seager, whose name would become synonymous with buildings of great taste and style such as the Christchurch Municipal Offices, criticised a new public building of the day for its incredible ugliness.
          Nearly one hundred years later the same questions and judgments are more valid than ever. As we survey the unimaginative collection of faceless glass-fronted steel and concrete cages emerging as the new CBD of our city, no one appears to be challenging the lack of style that was once our identity.

          Why have developers and their so-called designers taken our once noted architectural gem in the south seas, ruined by an act of nature, and rubbed its nose further into oblivion by a rebuild smacking of the 1960s? This is an era recognised globally as one of the most regrettable decades in architecture. Bad enough that examples of its cube-like brutalism have since been replaced by rebuilds returning to the character-filled lines of earlier times.

          Will the tourist dollar, once brought to Christchurch by those in search of our pre-quake architectural fame, ever return for the pleasure of admiring flat, kitset looking boxes with striped glass fronts aping each other as though they have all come from the same mould?
          Read more + Images

        • Callum

          Not a big fan of minimalist brutal cubism squarish boxy modernist architecture! Why can’t they build beautiful stylish buildings with turrets or pointed roofs or domes?

          My lecturer said that those heritage stylish buildings in Christchurch are just kitsch. He also said that the Christchurch Cathedral is not a unique building if you compare it to buildings of the same style in Europe which have existed since the middle-ages or something. I suppose he has a point but I would love to see more new STYLISH buildings around these days.

          I live in Christchurch and I think it is good to make money out of tourists with these heritage buildings though I think it has made the CBD less focused on bringing in locals. The only locals that come into the CBD are those who work or study in town. Christchurch is the only city in NZ that doesn’t feel like a city especially before the earthquakes. Most people I know mostly hang around Westfield or Northlands. The problem I find that makes it harder to go into town is the closest bus root to where I live only stays in the suburbs. It doesn’t even go into town.

      • Elizabeth

        ### RNZ National – Sunday 31 Jan 2016 Updated at 7:50 a.m.
        Sunday Morning
        Insight: Slowly but carefully in Christchurch
        On the 22nd of February it will be five years since the Christchurch earthquake that killed 185 people and caused widespread damage. Belinda McCammon investigates how far the city has come in that time, what still needs to be done and how the city’s residents are dealing with the still lingering after-effects.

        It’s almost five years since the Canterbury earthquake that claimed 185 lives and caused widespread damage throughout the region. How far along is the rebuild?
        Canterbury Employers’ Chamber of Commerce chief executive Peter Townsend says 2016 will be the year Christchurch exceeds 50 percent of the reconstruction of the city. Mr Townsend said $100 million a week will continue to be spent in the city for some years to come but acknowledged people are getting frustrated that the rebuild is taking a long time. He believes, however, that people are beginning to understand the complexities involved. “I don’t know anywhere in the world where $40 to $45 billion is being tipped into a population of 360,000 to rebuild a city.”
        Read more + Images

        Audio | Download: Ogg   MP3 (duration  27′  43″ )

        cerachch Published on Aug 16, 2015
        Christchurch CBD Aerial View – August 2015
        This video shows the progress at various anchor project sites such as the Innovation and Retail Precincts as at the end of July. There is significant development happening on the Avon River Precinct, the Innovation Precinct, and the Retail Precinct with several more anchor projects moving along. This footage also shows the huge changes on the Margaret Mahy Family Playground site, which is well under construction now and will be opening in December.
        The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) is the agency established by the Government of New Zealand to lead and coordinate the ongoing recovery effort following the devastating earthquakes of September 2010 and February 2011.
        CERA is supporting a range of organisations in making well co-ordinated and timely decisions. It aims to help restore the social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being of greater Christchurch communities.

        NB. Dan Heuston’s video (above), Christchurch – January 2016 provides a lot more understandable detail on the rebuild than the ponderous CERA aerial vid. Compare both for full appreciation of construction progress.

  6. Elizabeth

    View another of Dan’s new videos via Youtube:

    DTPicturesNZ Published on Jan 24, 2015

    ‘Christchurch Trams – Full Original Circuit’
    One for the enthusiasts, this is the now fully restored original tram circuit in Christchurch Central City.
    Music: “The Beach [12″ Version]” by New Order (Google Play)

    {Dan, thanks for full and proper music credit this afternoon, guessing earlier on what version… -Eds}

  7. Elizabeth

    “As was predicted a core of Southland businesses have led the way in securing opportunities as part of the Canterbury South programme.”

    ### Last updated 05:00 11/02/2015
    Southern businesses working in Christchurch
    By Nicci McDougall – The Southland Times
    Southern businesses are reaping the benefits of the Christchurch rebuild. Canterbury South co-ordinator Ian Donaldson said the Venture Southland initiative Canterbury South had attracted the interest of more than 210 Southland companies who were providing their labour and services to the Christchurch rebuild. The initiative allowed businesses to remain in Southland, which had enabled them to service recent growth in the southern commercial sector and growth in the Central Otago construction sector, he said. At the end of last year 20 per cent of the rebuild had been completed. Work volumes continued to grow despite slower than anticipated progress to the rebuild of the CDB area, Donaldson said.
    Read more

  8. Elizabeth

    ### NZ Herald Online 11:30 AM Friday Feb 20, 2015
    NZ on Screen: Christchurch quake documentaries
    On the eve of the fourth anniversary of the fatal Christchurch earthquake, NZ On Screen Content Director Irene Gardiner looks at some of the documentaries that have been made about the disaster. In the past four years, the Christchurch quakes have been the subject of several documentaries, as well as the drama series Hope and Wire. Hope and Wire received mixed reviews, with some viewers feeling it was too soon for a drama about the devastation in Christchurch. But documentaries on the quakes have generally been well received.
    Read more + Videos

    █ A new one-off documentary The Day that Changed My Life, directed by Christopher Dudman, is due to screen on TV ONE next Wednesday night.

  9. Elizabeth

    ### Last updated 10:18 22/02/2015
    Cantabrians mark fourth anniversary of deadly quake
    By Shahra Walsh
    Cooler, rainy conditions will not deter Cantabrians who wish to mark today’s anniversary of the devastating February 22, 2011 earthquake. Events in Christchurch including the Civic Memorial Service, the River of Flowers and the Run to Remember will all go ahead even if the weather is wet.
    One of the organisers of the River of Flowers commemorations told Facebook followers: “It’s like the weather is grieving with us and also nurturing our land”.

    City remembers
    On February 22, 2011 a magnitude 6.3 tremor struck at 12.51pm killing 185 people.

    Today, Cantabrians here and around the world will mark the fourth anniversary of the devastating quake.
    Read more

    The Canterbury earthquakes and the four years that followed have been, for many, traumatic, stressful and life-changing.

    Help is available for Cantabrians in need of support. Call the Canterbury Support Line on 0800 777 846.

  10. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sun, 22 Feb 2015
    Hundreds mark quake anniversary
    – Newstalk ZB staff
    Hundreds gathered in Christchurch’s Botanic Gardens for a public memorial service to mark the fourth anniversary of the deadly Canterbury earthquakes, which claimed 185 lives. A minute’s silence was observed at 12.51pm – the exact time the quake struck on February 22, 2011 – followed by the ringing of the Peace Bell, which is made up of melted down coins from each United Nations member state. NZME
    Read more

  11. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Tue, 3 Mar 2015
    Job prospects good in construction sector: English
    Finance Minister Bill English says the prospects for young people seeking jobs in the construction industry are now better than ever. Housing shortages, state housing developments and the ongoing Christchurch rebuild were creating numerous opportunities for young people wanting to enter the industry, the minister said today. Mr English was speaking at the opening of a new construction school at the Wellington School of Technology in Petone. […] A recent Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment report said labour shortages in the construction industry were expected to persist for at least three years. […] New, stricter regulations had deterred many older builders from staying in the industry.
    Read more

  12. Elizabeth

    CLOSER LOOK: ‘If the work hasn’t been done at a good enough level, then it needs to be resolved’ –John Key PM

    ### Last updated 15:18 03/03/2015
    John Key says shoddy quake repairs should be fixed
    By Joelle Dally – The Press
    Prime Minister John Key says shoddy repair work on earthquake-damaged Canterbury homes is “worrying” and any repairs not up to par should be fixed. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has started an investigation into repair quality after it checked repairs on 14 houses and found poor workmanship, quality and building code compliance issues in 13 of them. The Earthquake Commission (EQC) had managed repairs for all but one.
    Read more

  13. Elizabeth

    ### Wed, 1 Jul 2015 at 11.49 a.m.
    Heritage This Month – July 2015
    Shands Emporium saved
    One of Christchurch’s oldest commercial buildings has been saved by heritage lovers. Dr Anna Crighton, Chair of Christchurch Heritage Limited, paid the purchase price of $1 for Shands Emporium to Antony Gough on 16 June. Built in 1860 on a town section owned by farmer John Shand, the building is the oldest surviving wooden commercial building in Christchurch’s business district.
    Shands Emporium has been in Gough ownership for over 75 years. Antony Gough said that while it would have been easy to have demolished Shands, he and his family have been determined to save it. The developer has spent about $100,000 weather proofing and straightening the building since the earthquakes.
    Christchurch Heritage Limited have moved Shands from its home on Hereford Street to Manchester Street next to the former Trinity Church, which the heritage group is currently restoring.
    Heritage New Zealand is pleased the iconic building has been saved. Southern Region General Manager Rob Hall said it is great to see local people collaborating to ensure a piece of Christchurch’s rich history is retained.

    ShandsEmporium M Vincent 2011_05_05Shand’s Emporium. Photo: M Vincent 5.5.11

  14. Elizabeth

    At Christchurch, post-quakes, people living on cold garages…. Hey pie-muncher Brownlee !!!!

    RNZ National Checkpoint audio:

  15. Elizabeth

    Artist's impression of Margaret Mahy Playground [ 1437288942450]Artist’s impression of the Margaret Mahy Playground (via Stuff)

    ### Last updated 18:55, July 19 2015
    Playground to honour two of Christchurch’s most popular literary figures
    By Ashleigh Stewart
    A $20 million playground named after New Zealand’s most acclaimed children’s writer will now also pay homage to her friend and fellow wordsmith. Work on the Margaret Mahy Family Playground is under way and expected to be completed by the Christmas holidays. The section of land earmarked for the playground was already home to a park named in honour of author, feminist and activist Elsie Locke. When plans for the playground were announced, Locke’s family was concerned her legacy might be lost. Author, feminist and activist Elsie Locke [whose son is former Green MP Keith Locke], died in 2001. On Sunday, Associate Earthquake Recovery Minister Nicky Wagner said a key feature of the playground would be a “story arc”, featuring elements from Mahy’s and Locke’s stories, and Ngai Tahu narratives and imagery, in the form of a 130 metre-long, 1.2m-wide pathway. Locke’s daughter, Alison Locke, had met the playground designers and Cera several times since plans were first unveiled and had voiced her concerns. “The playground designer came up with the idea of a story arc,” she said.
    Read more

  16. Elizabeth

    REVIEW: The Villa at the Edge of the Empire
    Fiona Farrell, Vintage, $40

    ### Last updated 05:00, August 9 2015
    Aftershock: Fiona Farrell’s white-hot response to the Christchurch earthquake
    By Nicholas Reid
    A book written with an angry mind, a philosophical spirit and a wise and forgiving heart, The Villa at the Edge of the Empire is fiendishly difficult to classify. Part autobiography, part polemic and part discourse on history and nature, it is a response not only to Christchurch’s lethal earthquake of 2011, but also to the very flawed way in which the city is being reconstructed and rebuilt. […] Came the earthquake, and everything changed. There were the 185 dead, the 100,000 damaged houses, and the 25,000 that had to be demolished. But there were now also CERA and a new bunch of central government authorities under Gerry Brownlee, which took the city over from local authorities. With them, they brought their neo-liberal philosophy. What was good for business or for private enterprise (property developers, demolition and construction firms) was good for the city. The traditional needs of residents had lower priority.
    Read more

  17. Elizabeth

    Minister for Earthquake Recovery, Gerry Brownlee, is considering who will run the rebuild of the Christchurch from 2016 onwards.

    ### NZ Herald Online 1:20 PM Thursday Aug 13, 2015
    Cantabrians not amused by rebuild funny business
    By Dita De Boni – business columnist
    OPINION New Zealand, it is said, is one of the least corrupt places in the world. Why, even our bribes to Saudi Arabian businessmen can hardly be called anything but “using a number 8 wire mentality to navigate the complexity of the business world”.

    But if you look hard enough, a kind of not strictly illegal, but let’s say, fudging, of due process appears. Christchurch is a classic example of this most Kiwi style of “funny business”.

    At present, the Minister for Earthquake Recovery, Gerry Brownlee, is considering who will run the rebuild of the city from 2016 onwards, when the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) will end its expensive, opaque, and generally maligned leadership to have its powers distributed to other agencies. Gerry Brownlee’s own advisory board recommended how this transition was to take place, coming up with what residents appeared to agree was a plan that would finally wrest control of decision-making from him and devolve it locally, putting the council at the helm (with, obviously, the support of central Government).
    Like Tim Groser ignoring his best scientists over the issue of carbon emissions, Brownlee appeared to ditch large parts of his advisory board’s advice so he would retain final veto over major projects and council plans in the city. His own draft in response waters down the local role in the rebuild, ensures the Government’s paw prints are all over a new body looking to snap up prime central city land for redevelopment, and generally provokes more annoyance from locals. He gave a month for feedback – which ended at the end of July – without public forums for debate and discussion.
    Read more

  18. Elizabeth

    [no audio]
    cerachch Published on Aug 16, 2015
    Christchurch CBD Aerial View – August 2015
    This video shows the progress at various anchor project sites such as the Innovation and Retail Precincts as at the end of July. There is significant development happening on the Avon River Precinct, the Innovation Precinct, and the Retail Precinct with several more anchor projects moving along. This footage also shows the huge changes on the Margaret Mahy Family Playground site, which is well under construction now and will be opening in December.
    The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) is the agency established by the Government of New Zealand to lead and coordinate the ongoing recovery effort following the devastating earthquakes of September 2010 and February 2011.
    CERA is supporting a range of organisations in making well co-ordinated and timely decisions. It aims to help restore the social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being of greater Christchurch communities.

    █ CERA:

    ### Last updated 19:18, August 17 2015
    Christchurch CBD aerial video shows ‘little progress’
    By Cecile Meier
    A new aerial video of central Christchurch shows parts of the city rebuild taking shape, alongside plenty of bare land awaiting development. The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) released the video on Monday to show “the progress at various anchor project sites”. Rebuild Christchurch founder Deon Swiggs said the footage was “a real eye opener as to how bare the central city still is” and “how little has in fact changed” over the past 12 months.
    Read more

  19. Elizabeth

    RebuildChristchurch Published on Apr 5, 2015
    Christchurch Rebuild Innovation Precinct Drone Fly Over April 2015
    Innovation Precinct Fly Over
    Starting with the historic High Street, finishing up above the McKenzie & Willis Building. Moving onto the area where Kathmandu will build their office and where the high tech Vodafone building is under construction. Finishing off with looking over Dux Central and Brick Farm.
    This area will be a great part of the city.

    DTPicturesNZ Published on Mar 26, 2015
    Christchurch – Time Lapse
    This was meant to just be a ‘bonus-feature’ time-lapse uncut version for my DVD – a combination of the time lapse sequences from my last two Christchurch videos. But when I put them all together and added a completely different soundtrack, I kinda liked the way it came out.
    Music: “Avalanche” by New Order (Google Play • iTunes)

    Related Post and Comments:
    7.11.14 Drone technology for condition reporting #HistoricHeritage

  20. Elizabeth

    EQC and its project manager, Fletcher EQR, will recheck and where necessary fix unconsented repairs on 3600 properties at an estimated cost of $500,000.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 24 Aug 2015
    Editorial: Leadership on repairs needed
    OPINION The latest bad news out of Christchurch is set to add to the misery of people enduring years of heartache as they battle their way out of the earthquake related disasters besetting the city. Late last week, a Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment report into the Building Code compliance of earthquake repairs to Canterbury homes made for some bleak reading.
    Read more

    Report into Canterbury residential repairs released (19.8.15)
    The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has released a report into the Building Code compliance of earthquake repairs to Canterbury homes. The report follows an independent survey of 101 homes randomly selected from more than 2,700 addresses provided by EQC, Housing New Zealand, Southern Response and IAG. The survey also included a small sample of houses where homeowners had opted out of an insurer-led home repair programme.

  21. Elizabeth

    ### NZ Herald Online 7:15 PM Wednesday Feb 3, 2016
    Quake Outcasts going back to court
    By Kurt Bayer – NZME
    The Quake Outcasts group is heading back to court, more than five years after the Canterbury earthquakes sequence began. The group of uninsured and commercial red-zoners took the Government all the way to the Supreme Court to challenge their offer of 50 per cent of their property’s rateable value. After the court found in the group’s favour, the Government last year raised their offer to 100 per cent of the RV, but of the land value only, not the building’s value. Lawyer for Quake Outcasts, Grant Cameron, says that is still discriminatory and the group this afternoon filed new proceedings in the High Court at Christchurch against the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Gerry Brownlee and the Chief Executive of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.
    Read more

  22. Elizabeth

    “Reasonable sized” cliff collapse at the far side of Sumner at Godley Head.

    ### ODT Online Sun, 14 Feb 2016
    Severe quake rattles Christchurch
    – NZME, NZ Herald and ODT
    A magnitude 5.7 earthquake has shaken Christchurch, nearly five years after a fatal tremor devastated parts of the central city. There are no reports of serious damage or injuries, but part of a Sumner cliff has fallen. Geonet said the severe quake happened at 1.13pm today, its epicentre 15km east of Christchurch. It was followed by another moderate quake four minutes later and 10km north-east of the city. Aftershocks were continuing. The quake was felt throughout New Zealand – from Hawke’s Bay to Invercargill, including Dunedin and Queenstown. It comes a week before the fifth anniversary of the deadly 6.3 magnitude quake in 2011 which killed 185 people on February 22.
    Read more + Video


    Hundreds evacuated in central Christchurch after Sunday’s earthquake.

    ### Last updated 18:04, February 14 2016
    Couple on collapsing Christchurch cliff sprint for safety
    By Laura Walters – The Press
    Emma Russell and her boyfriend were enjoying a Valentine’s Day picnic when the cliff they were on started to collapse. The pair were at Godley Heads when the “severe” quake hit at 1.13pm on Sunday. They were sitting no more than 50 metres from the edge of the cliff when the quake struck. “It literally sounded like dynamite just went off.” Parts of the Sumner cliff next to the area where the pair were sitting started to collapse, then sections of Godley Heads did the same, Russell said.
    Read more + Video/Images

    Stuff coverage:
    * LIVE: 5.7 earthquake hits Christchurch
    * Christchurch hit by severe earthquake
    * Photos: Christchurch hit by 5.7 magnitude earthquake
    * Severe Chch quake: What you need to know
    * Videos capture the moment 5.7 earthquake strikes Christchurch


    Valentines Day quake at CHC 14.2.16 [GNS info via]Valentines Day quake 14.2.16 – GNS information via

    ### Last updated 23:27, February 14 2016
    Christchurch hit by severe earthquake
    * 5.7 earthquake struck Christchurch around 1.13pm
    * 4.0 magnitude aftershock at around 6.27pm
    * Intensity listed as “severe”
    * Buildings evacuated
    * Felt widely around the South Island, as well as Wellington
    * No reports of serious injuries or damage so far
    * No tsunami threat to NZ
    * NZTA advises drivers to stay away from Sumner
    * Spark network congested – use text messages
    * Christchurch and Burwood hospitals remain open

    ….Seventeen aftershocks hit Christchurch within an hour, according to GeoNet. The strongest of the aftershocks were two 3.5-magnitude quakes, both centred 10km east of the city. The first was recorded at 1.17pm, just four minutes after the main quake, and the second at 2pm. […] The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management said there was no risk of tsunami anywhere in New Zealand as a result of the earthquake. The fault had been known about since the devastating 6.3 Christchurch quake in February 2011.
    Read more + Video/Images

    **** Last updated 19:58, February 14 2016
    Chance of another strong quake increases video
    By Tina Law – The Press
    Sunday’s earthquake has increased the likelihood Christchurch will be hit by another strong aftershock in the next 12 months. New modelling completed by GNS Science after Sunday’s 5.7 magnitude earthquake shows there is a 63 per cent chance of another 5 to 5.9 magnitude earthquake hitting Christchurch within the next 12 months. That figure was 49 per cent before Sunday’s quake. GNS Science duty seismologist Anna Kaiser said that percentage would drop quickly if there were no big quakes in the next week or so.
    The chance of a 5 to 5.9 magnitude quake in the next week was 19 per cent and the likelihood of a 6 to 6.9 magnitude quake in the same time period was 2 per cent, she said. Sunday’s earthquake, in Pegasus Bay off New Brighton, was part of the 2010/2011 earthquake sequence and occurred in a similar location to the December 23, 2011, 5.9 magnitude quake. However, Kaiser said it was not known if Sunday’s quake was a rupture of that fault. It could have been an unknown fault line, she said. The quake lasted for about 30 seconds, but most people probably only felt 10 seconds of shaking, depending on their location and what type of building they were in, Kaiser said.
    Christchurch residents were expected to feel aftershocks for days and in the five hours after the quakes more than 30 aftershocks were felt, including a magnitude 4.3 quake at 6.27pm. The last time Christchurch experienced a quake this large was nearly 4 years ago, on May 25, 2012 when a 5.2 magnitude quake hit 20 kilometres east of Christchurch. The intensity of the shaking of Sunday’s event, recorded by peak ground acceleration (PGA), was at its highest in New Brighton at 0.4g. During the February earthquake the PGA was 2.2g and the September 4, 2010 quake it was 1.25g. In Christchurch a PGA of 0.1g was needed to create liquefaction.

  23. Elizabeth

    Geonet NZ – Recent quakes felt in Canterbury:

    Quake Map – Christchurch (this week)

  24. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Tue, 16 Feb 2016
    Editorial: Jolted back to reality again
    The magnitude 5.7 earthquake in Christchurch at the weekend feels like yet another cruel blow for long-suffering Cantabrians. The timing of the shake could not have been more unkind, coming as it did only a week before the fifth anniversary of the February 22, 2011 magnitude 6.3 earthquake, which killed 185 people.
    Read more

  25. Elizabeth

    ### Last updated 18:17, February 21 2016
    Andrew Little: Five years on and Christchurch rebuild still dragging
    By Jo Moir
    Five years after a magnitude 6.3 earthquake devastated Christchurch there are still “grown men in tears” over how slowly the city is rebuilding, says Labour leader Andrew Little. “They can’t move on until stuff is sorted out”.
    Only five of the city’s 12 anchor projects were under way and the “impact of that is private investors looking at property development are holding back and waiting”, Little said. “I would have thought five years on the things that lead to the rebuild and the repopulation of the CBD are those anchor projects being committed to and getting under way.”
    Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee was “positive” about the speed of the rebuild. Speaking ahead of Monday’s fifth anniversary, Brownlee last week said he was proud of the Government’s response to such a large-scale disaster.
    Read more

    See Dan Heuston’s latest video on the Christchurch rebuild, originally posted further up this thread (27.1.16):

  26. Elizabeth

    Christchurch construction.
    The (quake-proof) reinforcing mesh was developed as a direct result of the Christchurch quakes.

    ### 8:57 am on 18 March 2016
    RNZ News
    Legal action looms over steel mesh testing
    Building manufacturer Steel and Tube is facing possible legal action and a Commerce Commission investigation over thousands of certificates for earthquake reinforced steel mesh. Steel & Tube’s earthquake-reinforcing mesh has been wrongly certified as having been analysed by an accredited laboratory, when it was actually tested in-house. […] Holmes Solutions – one of only of only two laboratories in the country with accreditation to test building products – said it only recently found out its name was being used on Steel and Tube’s batch testing certificates. Chief executive Chris Allington said the company was treating the matter “extremely seriously”.
    Read more

    Home Owners and Buyers Association president John Gray said while it was not yet known whether there was anything wrong with the product itself, it could affect property values. “Remediation is nigh on impossible because we’re talking about the foundations and slab work. So it’s not an easy task to actually remediate short of actually demolishing these homes.”


    ### 9:46 am on 17 March 2016
    RNZ Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan
    Calls for inquiry into false certification of steel mesh
    The Home Owners and Buyers Association, HOBANZ, says a high level inquiry into the false certification of steel mesh by a major manufacturer is needed. Steel and Tube has for four years been selling earthquake-reinforcing mesh – wrongly certified as having been tested by a top laboratory, when in fact the mesh sold has been tested in-house. HOBANZ president John Gray says the revelations call into question the whole certification regime.
    Audio | Download: OggMP3 (16′ 37″)


    ### 9:42 pm on 18 March 2016
    RNZ News
    Steel and Tube says it has no lab for testing mesh
    By Phil Pennington
    Steel and Tube now says that it does not have a laboratory for testing its reinforcing mesh despite its test certificates being signed off by a ‘laboratory manager’. The steel company only uses in-house testing and is now under investigation by the Commerce Commission for issuing many thousands of certificates with the logo of top accredited lab Holmes Solutions on them. Asked by RNZ News about who does the auditing of its lab, a Steel and Tube spokeswoman responded that the company did not have a lab. She said that a lab would require scientists and the company did not have scientists doing its testing. Rather, it is supervised by one of its factory managers, Anish Chand, in one of its Auckland factories.
    Read more

  27. Elizabeth

    Problem of inferior imported products escalating…. of particular concern: plumbing, electrical products, exterior cladding, roofing and glass.

    Tue, 22 Mar 2016
    ODT Editorial: Public confidence vital
    OPINION New Zealanders have learnt some harsh lessons about building safety standards in the wake of the Christchurch earthquakes and Auckland’s leaky building crisis. […] The Building Industry Federation and Construction Industry Council recently announced they were looking at product quality after concerns were raised about a range of imports. That followed news of an investigation by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) into a ‘‘grey market” in plumbing products that could breach standards.


    Earlier comment at What if?:

    Tue, 15 Mar 2016
    MSN News: NZ ‘dumping ground’ for dodgy building products (via RNZ news)
    A so-called grey market in dodgy building products is being investigated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). But two Aucklanders who train plumbers and council inspectors said they doubted it would make any difference, saying New Zealand was a dumping ground because the rules were weak.

  28. Elizabeth

    Wed, 11 May 2016
    ODT: Christchurch rattled by quake
    A magnitude 4.7 earthquake has rocked Christchurch this evening. The “strong” quake, which struck at 8.45pm, was located 10km south-east of the city at a depth of just 7km. Several people have taken to Facebook to share their shock at the strength of the quake.

    [click to enlarge] quakes 2016p355041

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