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DCC: Chairman denies true and correct Council record

This post, by clear and unequivocal video reference, captures the undemocratic conduct of Council; and the consequent failure of Council to honour and uphold the true and correct minute record of business proceedings.

Dunedin City Council – Council Meeting – December 15 2014
Published on Dec 21, 2014

Minutes, agendas and reports related to this meeting can be found at http://goo.gl/3bDMak

██ See video segment 16:40 to 19:10

Note Mayor Dave Cull’s chairmanship of the Council meeting 15 December 2014 in regards to (Item 4.) Confirmation of Minutes for (4a) the ordinary Council meeting of 3 November 2014.

Cr Lee Vandervis rightly claims that the minutes for confirmation are not a correct record of the meeting on 3 November, given reference to a remark* wrongfully attributed to him by the Mayor; and which remark is claimed to have caused the Mayor’s ejection of Cr Vandervis from that meeting.

*[allegedly, about the intentions of Council and staff and the objectives of the cycling strategy]

Cr Vandervis states he did not make that remark. He says the minutes are false and the video of the meeting verifies this.

Mayor Cull replies “the minutes are not [false]” and tells Cr Vandervis: “OK you can vote against it” [confirmation of the minutes].

With that, the Council vote is taken. It should be strongly noted that all Councillors with the exception of Cr Vandervis voted to confirm the minutes with no amendment.

Cr Vandervis abstained from voting “on the basis the mayor asked me to withdraw a remark that I did not make”.

Dunedin City Council – Council Meeting – November 3 2014
Published on Nov 9, 2014

Minutes, agendas and reports related to this meeting can be found at http://goo.gl/aJnL3J

██ See video segment 41:00 – 50:26
Cr Vandervis enters discussion on (Item 20.) State Highway 1 Cycleway Working Party at 43:00; and following is his ejection by Mayor Cull.

Unconfirmed Minutes – Council – 15/12/2014 (PDF, 422.6 KB)

DCC Unconfirmed Minutes - Council - 15.12.14 ordinary meeting Item 4 [excerpt]

Minutes – Council – 03/11/2014 (PDF, 153.4 KB)

DCC Minutes - Council - 3.11.14 Item 20 [excerpt] 1

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