Auckland Council: Hark to DCC’s well-tried model of corporate welfare

Sky City International Convention Centre [via]Sky City International Convention Centre and hotel.

Somebody ruthlessly slips the word “National” into the name for Auckland’s proposed convention centre.

### Last updated 17:32, December 22 2014
Auckland Councillors blast Sky City ‘corporate welfare’
By Niko Kloeten
Auckland ratepayers should not have to pay for a blow-out in the cost of the Sky City National (sic) Convention Centre, councillors say.
Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce raised the prospect of the Auckland Council chipping in to help fund the project, after new estimates revealed the cost could blow out by as much as $128 million. The increase in cost could leave taxpayers on the hook for any shortfall, but Joyce said the council could provide some assistance. “If you look at the Wellington Council, they’ve just done a deal to do a convention centre there, a much smaller one, but they’ve under-written some operating costs and that might help was well,” he told Radio New Zealand.
Howick councillor Dick Quax said the money would be better spent on the city’s much-needed transport projects, several of which have been delayed due to funding pressures. “It could be the beginning of an endless group of corporates coming to the council with their hands out. I don’t support corporate welfare at all.”
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█ Dunedin City Council bought professional rugby and simultaneously lost 152 cars. But wait, there’s more.

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3 responses to “Auckland Council: Hark to DCC’s well-tried model of corporate welfare

  1. Elizabeth

    Comment at ODT Online:

    Highlanders paying their way
    Submitted by KPJ2014 on Mon, 22/12/2014 – 12:11pm
    With an average crowd size of 12,500 over the last season I fail to see how the Highlanders can’t be paying their way. The income from a crowd this side should be well above the costs to hire the stadium on game day. I’d actually encourage Highlanders management to put the figures out so the knockers on this site can see Jamie and the boys are paying their way.

    Um, ratepayers paid NZRU and Otago Rugby for every game at fubar.

  2. Elizabeth

    ### NZ Herald Online 5:00 AM Wednesday Dec 24, 2014
    Auckland revolts against Steven Joyce’s plan for SkyCity
    By Adam Bennett – political reporter
    Auckland City councillors have come out swinging against a Government suggestion that ratepayer cash be used to prop up SkyCity’s international convention centre. Opposition parties yesterday panned the proposal.
    Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce this week floated the idea of a ratepayer subsidy for the operating costs of the centre once it is built. SkyCity is already set to receive hundreds of millions of dollars of gambling law concessions in exchange for building and running the centre, now priced at up to $530 million – $130 million more than originally billed.
    “We’re probably as surprised as any Aucklander that the statement has been made by Mr Joyce”, Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse told the Herald.
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  3. Elizabeth

    Dementia-inclined RUGBY BLOCKHEAD SPEAKS

    ### NZ Herald Online 1:07 PM Tue, 15 Mar 2016
    Chris Rattue: Auckland’s waterfront stadium has to happen
    OPINION Seize the moment, Auckland. You don’t often get second chances in life, but the Queen City is being given a royal opportunity to get the sports stadium it deserves, wants, and desperately needs.

    The central part of Auckland has already lifted itself out of the doldrums, but a mighty stadium built for the people rather than a few towering egos would be the crown jewel.

    New Regional Facilities Auckland boss Chris Brooks appears to be doing his best to unlock the door. The rest of us need to barge on through, as a city united by a dream. Look ahead, to the buzz of a properly shaped football ground, something that could be an architectural masterpiece.
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    ● Chris Rattue is a sports columnist for the New Zealand Herald.

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