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DCC core business: REAL infrastructure

The council has the power to require property owners to fix retaining walls threatening public property but, in the main, this is an information gathering exercise.

### ODT Online Wed, 10 Dec 2014
City’s retaining walls to be checked
By Debbie Porteous
Stability will be to the fore as the Dunedin City Council casts a critical eye over more than 4000 of the city’s retaining walls.
Over the next six months, contractors will be seen around Dunedin measuring and checking the soundness of about 3000 walls supporting roads or land and property next to a road.
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FYI Dunedin 24
Pipeline Renewals

This item was published on 04 Dec 2014

Residents may have noticed CCTV vans in Kaikorai Valley. These are part of a project investigating the condition of earthenware wastewater pipes in the area. These pipes make up about 40% of Dunedin’s wastewater network. Around Kaikorai Valley the pipes were largely constructed in the early 1900s and are fast approaching their use-by dates.
As the pipes age, cracks allow groundwater to infiltrate the system which causes flooding after heavy rain. During storms the pipes already operating at full capacity as a result of groundwater infiltration are then overloaded by stormwater. In the north west corner of South Dunedin this type of flooding occurs when sewerage flows infiltrated with groundwater from Kaikorai meet flows from other parts of the city. Along a flat gradient this results in a bottleneck effect.
As they age, there is also increased risk these pipes will collapse and cause blockages.
To address these issues, the DCC is undertaking the CCTV work to investigate upstream pipes and find those needing replacement. Similar filming work has already been done in Andersons Bay resulting in $5 million of wastewater pipe renewals being completed in 2013/14 and 2014/15.
The results of the Kaikorai Valley filming are so far showing pipes in poor condition. It is expected wastewater pipe renewals in the region of $5–7m will take place in the area over the next three years. Tenders for the work in Kaikorai Valley will be advertised in the New Year.

Contact DCC on 03 477 4000.

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