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What if? Dunedin had been informed early this evening via a local heritage advocate via a local heritage group that resource consent had been granted for LUC-2014-259, NZ Loan and Mercantile Building, 31-33 Thomas Burns Street, Dunedin.


The site owner regrets the misrepresentation and sincerely apologises to applicant Russell Lund.

Mr Lund has generously responded and indicated the post which I took down this evening may have been a touch previous, in other words the Decision is due fairly soon. WHATEVER that decision may be.

She said, dying a thousand deaths (interim).

The hearing for the application closed on 22 September 2014.

█ For more, enter the terms *loan and mercantile* or *harbourside* in the search box at right.

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7 responses to “Retraction

  1. Elizabeth

    State of play for Decision: The DCC hearing panel comprising Andrew Noone (chairman), Lee Vandervis and David Benson-Pope is awaiting advice of one commissioner.

    Meanwhile some useful reading from English Heritage:

    ‘Heritage Counts’ is an annual survey of the state of England’s historic environment. It is produced by English Heritage on behalf of the Historic Environment Forum (HEF).
    ‘Heritage Counts’ aims to provide historic environment professionals and those interested in the historic environment with the information and data required to make decisions and influence policy about the historic environment. It will also allow them to make the case for heritage.
    Each year ‘Heritage Counts’ explores the social and economic role of the historic environment and focuses on a different theme. The theme of ‘Heritage Counts 2014’ is the value and impact of heritage.

    There is a national report as well as nine regional reports and a number of research reports undertaken each year to support the Heritage Counts theme. ‘Heritage Counts’ also provides national and regional datasets and maps, showing historic environment asset data. There is also a range of case studies relating to each yearly theme.

    Full article with links here.

    Heritage Counts 2014 – The Value and Impact of Heritage
    This year’s edition of ‘Heritage Counts’ provides an overview of research on the value and impact of heritage. ‘Heritage Counts’ 2014 explores the value of heritage by looking at three key areas:

    ● Levels of heritage participation and perceptions of heritage among members of the public.
    ● Different types of heritage impact: Individual, Community and Economic.
    ● The ways in which economists have tried to quantify the overall value that people place on heritage.

    The full reports for the research above can be downloaded separately from the Value and Impact of Heritage page.

    Research on value and impact
    The first piece of research was a study on the impact of visiting heritage on wellbeing, commissioned by Heritage Counts. It aimed to support the recent growth in interest in understanding the relationship between overall wellbeing and culture. Specifically, it aimed to fill the gap in knowledge on the relationship between wellbeing and heritage.
    The research looked at the relationship between wellbeing and heritage visits and found that, of the eight different types of heritage site, visits to historic towns and historic buildings have the greatest impact on wellbeing. A wellbeing valuation approach was also used to estimate the monetary value of visits to heritage sites.
    The impact on wellbeing is calculated as being worth £1,646 to the average heritage participant.

    Heritage and Wellbeing (PDF, 434.36 KB)

  2. Elizabeth

    Good news comes to those who wait…………
    See new post
    28.11.14 NZ Loan and Mercantile Building —Resource Consent granted

  3. GigaMerc! Break out the champagne and cameo creams!

  4. What a week!! Gigatown wins!! Neil Diamond saves the stadium!!! Now Loan and Merc building gets the green light!! Dave only needs the ‘second coming’!! and he’ll wet his pants.

  5. Elizabeth

    Back to thinking around ‘heritage’ ports….
    ….see content of a post I made in January, Tom McLean on works by Peter Nicholls #sculpture….

    ….and the link provided there to Tom McLean’s post at The Immigrationist:
    The Artist as Global Citizen: Cai Guo-Qiang in Brisbane (January 10, 2014)….

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