Clarke and Dawe (palliative care after extraordinary meeting at #DUD)

ClarkeAndDawe Published on Nov 19, 2014
Clarke and Dawe – Growth first. Then these other things can be dealt with, whatever they are.
“Joe Hockey, Australian Treasurer” Originally aired on ABC TV: 20/11/2014

ClarkeAndDawe Published on Nov 12, 2014
Clarke and Dawe – A Busy Time at the Great Hall as We Prepare for Guests
“Tony Abbott. Prime Minister of Australia” Originally aired on ABC TV: 13/11/2014

ClarkeAndDawe Published on Nov 5, 2014
Clarke and Dawe – The G20 explained
“Godfrey Marketz, Economic strategist.” Originally aired on ABC TV: 06/11/2014

ClarkeAndDawe Published on Oct 15, 2014
Clarke and Dawe – International Diplomacy. A Users Guide.
“Rowan Machine, a resident of Albury.” Originally aired on ABC TV: 16/10/2014

ClarkeAndDawe Published on Sep 17, 2014
Clarke and Dawe – Des is Eliminated Here But at Least he Isn’t at Work.
“Mr Desmond Traction. Fear Maintenance Officer” Originally aired on ABC TV: 18/09/2014 | |

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2 responses to “Clarke and Dawe (palliative care after extraordinary meeting at #DUD)

  1. Elizabeth

    Riotous local media equivalent —Chris Morris at ODT, reflecting on yesterday’s wise words from braindead councillors (excluding Lee Vandervis)and the (much improved) mayor who Do Not rein in consolidated council debt easily, if at all:

    Crystal ball ‘out’, but city needs to ‘get over’ debate

    Meanwhile, a thought for Terence at DVML when he’s not selling our world class stadium as a venue for Inquests involving the Otago Corrections Facility:

    “The Block NZ was a fascinating thing. I had not seen it before, but had read of its rating higher than an All Black test series.”
    —Roy Colbert, ‘Exploring Renaissance period a testing cultural experience’, at Dazed and Confused ( ODT 25.11.14 )

  2. Elizabeth

    Throw-up material at

    An apology is not nearly enough, DCC stop rorting the citizens. Stop paying professional rugby and the stadium companies our rates and rents.

    [see John Clarke about “growth”…]

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