Daaave develops a blood nose

This plagued text from an advertising feature in yesterday’s ODT (page 26), promoting the Westpac Otago Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards: [click to enlarge]

ODT 6.11.14 WestpacOtagoCOCBusExcAwards p26 (advert) nosebleed

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One response to “Daaave develops a blood nose

  1. Elizabeth

    ODT brackets:
    “(Incidentally – and encouragingly – the three finalists in the future business leader category were all young women.)”

    ### ODT Online Mon, 10 Nov 2014
    Editorial: Celebrating business success
    New Zealanders, particularly those in the south of the South Island, are not good at talking themselves up when it comes to business endeavours. While there is collective pride in the achievements of sporting teams, there seems a reluctance to praise success in business. The annual release of New Zealand’s richest business people, for example, often draws derisory comments. The question needs to be asked: why?
    Read more

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