DCC pals up with Chorus —gigatown and telecoms cabinets

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
Return of the Cabinet Art

This item was published on 05 Nov 2014

Chorus cabinet art DunedinThe Dunedin City Council is calling on Dunedin artists to send in designs for the second round of Chorus’ telecommunications cabinet art programme, adding to the city’s growing street art scene.
Earlier this year the DCC and Chorus worked together with artists to transform regularly vandalised cabinets into works of art, many of which reflect stories about the communities surrounding them.
Following the success of this first round of cabinet art, the DCC and Chorus have opened up a second round and are calling for proposals for cabinets in Caversham, Roslyn, Concord, Brockville, Bradford, Mosgiel, St Clair, Wakari, The Glen and Momona.

Artists wanting to submit proposals need to supply an A4 hand sketch of their design, clearly define which cabinet the design is for, a short description of what the design means and a brief biography of any relevant experience. Proposals should be sent to the DCC by 12 noon on 12 December 2014.

For each of the ten cabinets Chorus will again pay $1000 to cover the design, painting and application of graffiti guard to protect the works. Materials, such as paint and brushes, are paid for on top of the fee. Artists are also provided with instructions on how to prepare the cabinet and graffiti-guard it once the painting is finished, with payment being made once the work is satisfactorily completed.
The DCC is helping collate submitted proposals and organise consent for the works while Chorus is the final judge of the art work chosen. Chorus will also consult with any adjoining landowners, if necessary, and engage successful artists to do the work. It is expected chosen artists will be asked to complete the works in January-February, once consents are finalised.
A list of the specific locations for this round of cabinets and entry details can be found at http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/cabinetart. All finished art will be included on the Chorus website and already completed murals can be seen at http://www.chorus.co.nz/cabinet-art.

Contact DCC Policy Planner on 03 477 4000.

DCC Link

● 5.11.14 ODT More cabinet art for Dunedin city

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

*Images: chorus.co.nz – street box art by (from top) Sam Ovens (Castle/Dundas Sts), Jon Chapman (George/Warrender Sts) and Aroha Novak (Neville St)


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11 responses to “DCC pals up with Chorus —gigatown and telecoms cabinets

  1. ### dunedintv.co.nz November 6, 2014 – 7:29pm
    DCC calls on artist to continue beautifying Dunedin streets
    There’s a further push to beautify parts of Dunedin, with the city council calling on artists to help.

  2. Elizabeth

    The gigawankers who spam social media are universally HATED, as is Chorus, by genuine users of Twitter and Facebook.

    ### dunedintv.co.nz November 12, 2014 – 5:39pm
    Your word on gigatown
    The nationwide gigatown competition is in its final stage, with the social media component finished. For months Dunedin residents have been encouraged to support the city’s bid for faster internet, by using specific content online. So the 39 Dunedin News Word on the Street team asked members of the public if they’ve supported the city in its bid.

  3. Anonymous

    Dunedin City Council chief executive Sue Bidrose has said of the competition: ”I can’t think of another single thing that would make as big a difference to the Dunedin economy as winning this.”


    • Mike

      That’s completely silly – given that most people in Dunedin don’t have access to fibre yet and actual fibre take up rates are quite low.

      As I’ve pointed out elsewhere closing Tiwai and dumping screeds of cheap electricity on the local market would have a far bigger difference on the local economy than almost anything else – it’s also far more likely to happen than, say, striking oil or gas.

  4. An insured-covered event resulting in total destruction of the Fubar would do it better.

  5. Hello Sue? What about the ‘boost from China’ due to the modest investment of around $70,000 initiated by our Mayor Dave Cull? Surely that would be up there with the ‘gigatown’ ‘bird in the bush’ figment of the council’s imagination. No? Well what about the cycleways investment into making Dunedin one of the ‘best little towns’ in the world? So much to choose from, it must be difficult being a CEO of this ‘fizzing bustling metropolis’.

  6. Elizabeth

    Latest, a wee bit amateur in production values at DUD….. from dear Ian and the bright sparks (or something). Rosebud too.

    Otago Daily Times Published on Nov 17, 2014

    Gigatown Dunedin Stage2
    This #gigatownDUN video is part of Dunedin’s entry into the #gigatown New Zealand competition, the video is accompanying the written submission in the final round, the Plan for Gig Success.

  7. Elizabeth
    November 18, 2014 at 10:20 pm

    In the case of the DCC chief executive it seems that this proverb is apposite:
    ‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’
    In adverse circumstances actions that might have been rejected under other circumstances may become the best choice.

    As for the rest – pure hype.

  8. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Wed, 26 Nov 2014
    Dunedin wins Gigatown competition
    Dunedin has won the Gigatown competition it was announced tonight in Wellington.
    A crowd at Dunedin’s Gigatown office almost lifted the roof with cheers and screams as the city was announced the winner of the Gigatown competition. About 150 people had to wait a full 23 minutes after the announcement was expected to hear the result, and the release of emotion was after that wait was ear shattering. The result of the Chorus competition was streamed live from Wellington.
    Mayor Dave Cull, who was in the capital, said although the city has taken the Gigatown title, along with new ultrafast 1Gbps broadband and funding for $700,000 worth of UFB-related initiatives across the community, Dunedin has gained “so much more through its involvement”.
    Read more


    ### dunedintv.co.nz November 26, 2014 – 7:03pm
    Dunedin is the Gigatown champion
    Dunedin has won the gigatown competition. Chorus announced the city’s victory at a ceremony held in Wellington. Dozens of locals filled Gigatown Headquarters to watch the ceremony. Nerves gave way to cheers and tears as the city was crowned victorious. For full coverage on the city’s win, check out 39 Dunedin News tomorrow.

  9. Elizabeth

    27.11.14 ODT Giga winner

    $700,000 is peanuts — when placed in the hands of the wrong people.
    Plus the Chorus roll out for greater Dunedin is highly problematic.

    All Giga did was escalate social media spamming by social media novices.
    Good riddance.

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