NZ child poverty rates “stagnating”

### October 30, 2014 – 5:57pm
NZ child poverty rates haven’t improved since 2008
A new report from UNICEF shows child poverty rates in New Zealand haven’t improved since 2008. That’s prompted calls from locals for more governmental action to address the issue. And it seems even kids in Dunedin are feeling the effects of poverty. Video

Unicef - Children of the Recession (cover) Oct 2014### 29 October 2014
UNICEF cautions child poverty rates are “stagnating” in New Zealand
An international report by UNICEF has found that child poverty rates in New Zealand have barely changed since 2008, despite similar sized countries significantly reducing child poverty during the recent recession. UNICEF also revealed that youth unemployment has increased and more New Zealanders admit they do not have enough money to buy food.

The report, Children of the Recession, studied the impact of the global economic crisis on child wellbeing in 41 OECD and EU countries. It highlights the fact that the current and future lives of children have been – and are being – neglected in the global response to the Great Recession.

Read the full Children of the Recession report

Deborah Morris-Travers, National Advocacy Manager for UNICEF New Zealand, said: “The report shows that child poverty rates in New Zealand have stagnated, reducing by just 0.40 per cent since 2008. At the same time, Finland and Norway, states of a similar size to New Zealand, have reduced their child poverty rates by 4.30 and 3.20 per cent respectively. This strongly suggests that the government needs to review its approach to addressing child poverty and make policies for children a priority. There are many good examples of successful policies being implemented internationally, highlighting that child poverty is not an inevitable result of the recession if governments implement appropriate policy responses.”
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8 responses to “NZ child poverty rates “stagnating”

  1. Elizabeth

    Key attended some private functions in Dunedin yesterday….

    ### ODT Online Sat, 13 Dec 2014
    Key makes child poverty a goal
    By Dene Mackenzie
    Lifting New Zealand children off the National Deprivation Index is one of the main goals next year for Prime Minister John Key. He told the Otago Daily Times there were an estimated 60,000 to 100,000 children on the index, from 30,000 to 50,000 families regarded as materially poor.
    Social housing was also going to be a priority for the Government, with Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett set to play a major role, he said.
    Read more

  2. Hype O'Thermia

    “Lifting New Zealand children off the National Deprivation Index is one of the main goals next year for Prime Minister John Key.”
    (1) Task force to examine factors making up Deprivation
    (2) Redefine parameters of said factors
    (3) Announce stupendous drop in numbers of children on the National Deprivation Index.

  3. Jock Strap

    Before we start this debate on child poverty, could some one please explain in detail just what is child poverty?
    It would appear that child poverty has a different meaning according to which political party is speaking on the subject at the time.
    Let us get away from the political arguments on child poverty. Could some one explain just what is meant by child poverty in NZ.?
    Then let the debate begin.

    {See previous posts on the subject and the references these give to the definition(s). -Eds}

  4. Calvin Oaten

    Jock, it’s all on the ‘National Deprivation Index’. You’ll find that in the Prime Minister’s file somewhere near ‘sustainability’ and ‘Anti Terrorism’. John Key is giving his all (subject to President Obama’s approval) to those main goals. Not to mention the ‘Flag’, you’ll find that in his file as well, somewhere near the top. He has his priorities well set.

  5. Jock Strap

    Thanks for that info Calvin. I looked at the Key files that you suggested, but all the info was on the back of a postage stamp. On the other hand I looked at the Green files, and there were a truck load available, but none of their files made any sense. Everything that they suggested appeared to be race based. Do you have any other ideas Calvin, just what is meant by child poverty?

  6. Calvin Oaten

    Jock, the only thing I can think of is ‘poverty of opportunity’ but then that is not exclusive to children. John Key’s idea of egalitarianism is somewhere between average income (around $45-50,000 pa) and millionaire status like him. Anything less, or even a minimum wage is anathema to him, which suggests that any reference to ‘child poverty’ from him is ‘trite’ and populist, meaning whatever anyone wants it to mean.

  7. Mike

    Was it just me or were the ODT’s subs having a bad day yesterday, between “Key makes child poverty a goal” and “10,000ha expansion in no irrigation” ?

  8. Calvin Oaten

    Mike, it was just a layout error. Should have read; ‘Key has a goal of 10,000 in child poverty’ and, ‘A long dry spell in North Otago.’ It happens. You just can’t get good staff nowadays.

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