Vogel St. Street Party | Saturday 18 Oct 3pm – 11pm [2014]

Updated post 7.11.14 at 6:18 p.m.

What change, collaboration and vision can do!

Vogel St_Street Party Sat 18 Oct 3pm-11pm[click to enlarge]

████ Download Map Guide for activity locations and booking information at http://vogelandbond.org/assets/VogelStreetPartyGuide.pdf

Building Tours - Vogel St Street Party

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Photos by Glen Hazelton (Tumblr)

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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11 responses to “Vogel St. Street Party | Saturday 18 Oct 3pm – 11pm [2014]

  1. Mike

    I was talking to some of the people organising this the other day – it’s not really a DCC thing, though I think they’re helping organise it …. here’s some more links:


    • Elizabeth

      DCC is a sponsor. Glen and Co are working it.
      For projects and activities the collective is investigating use of crowdfunding.

      Add https://facebook.com/dunedinstreetart

    • Mike

      I think there are a couple of interrelated groups, yes the DCC’s probably funding it a bit – but it seems it’s not a top-down from the DCC sort of thing.

      • JimmyJones

        Well it seems to me that it is a top-down PR scheme from the DCC. Don’t forget how easily they can hide behind their stakeholders and pretend that it isn’t them. Also a number of building owners in the area should be grateful for the generosity of Dunedin’s citizens and may feel the obligation to play along.

  2. Elizabeth

    Post updated at top of thread (see Saturday building tours and open premises).

    ████ Download Map Guide for activity locations and booking information at http://vogelandbond.org/assets/VogelStreetPartyGuide.pdf

    Building Tours - Vogel St Street Party

  3. Elizabeth

    ### OD Online Sat, 18 Oct 2014
    Party after warehouse precinct revamped
    By Debbie Porteous
    Vogel St will come alive with music, artists, food vendors and families today as the community marks the end of the first stage of a Dunedin City Council plan to revitalise the city’s historic warehouse area. […] The area south of the central city, once the commercial and industrial hub of Dunedin, is regenerating, with office workers, residents and art as, slowly but surely, historic warehouses, factories and office buildings are restored and reused. That effort has in no small part been thanks to investors with vision, willing to spend money on buildings to save them, making them useful again.
    Read more

  4. Calvin Oaten

    Just come from a walk around the warehouse precinct and was impressed by the crowd, despite the chilly weather. To me it represents a bold exercise on the part of the developers. Let’s take nothing from them, they are to be applauded for their efforts. But all this aside, it is what it always was, a warehouse area, albeit tastefully revived. But just how that is going to make it into a people go/come to place eludes me. Apart from the people involved in living or working within the bounds I fail to see how any others will be enticed there just because of a few fancy pavers and some seats. Once again the Town Hall people have let their imaginations run away, not to mention the budgets. It’s that same ‘build it and they will come’ hope. just like the stadium. I would dearly love to be proven wrong on this, but only time will tell.

    While on the ‘negative’ vein I really cringe each time I pick up any item of activity different in the city. Today it was front page on the Jehovah’s Witness conference currently taking place in the Stadium. Excellent, lots of visitors, good to see. But can’t we just, instead of the constant harping on about the money side of it all leave it at that. Everything nowadays is distilled down to a monetary value of what it is worth to the city. Just welcome them warmly to Dunedin, provide the services with a smile, end of story. Embarrassing!

    • Peter

      I really like what is happening in the warehouse precinct. At least the private developers are putting their own money in. The street landscaping and street art cost money for an already indebted city, I agree, but at least the benefit of this development enhances the city as a whole as well as its reputation as a good place to visit for visitors.
      I wonder if the J W’s spend up large or will they be too busy doing house visits? Send them off to a shop near you.

  5. bing

    How many city council members own properties in Vogel Street and are pushing its redevelopment?

  6. Elizabeth

    Just once a year the street is alive, a good day out but….. otherwise DEAD, except for Vogel Street Kitchen and Wine Freedom.

    ### ODT Online Thu, 23 Jul 2015
    ‘Bigger, better’ Vogel Street Party in the works
    By Craig Borley
    Dunedin’s warehouse district will again play host to hipsters, families and everyone in between when the Vogel Street Party returns this year. The event will be held on Saturday, October 10. [2015]
    Read more

    Council officer overcome by vibes (plural) LOL
    Mate, stop spending our money on thrills, frills, coloured pavers…. and now, coloured light.

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