Paul Orders at Cardiff Council

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It might have cost more than £53,000 to recruit him, but new Cardiff council chief executive is impressing across the board.

“Members were presented with a highly competitive field of candidates from whom they choose Paul Orders, someone who had previous experience of the council combined with a unique perspective to city management drawn from his leadership role at Dunedin City Council, the second largest city on New Zealand’s south island.”

paul-orders-1a### Aug 08, 2014 16:57
Who is Paul Orders? Chief executive recruited at a cost of £53,000 is the right man for the job say councillors
By Cathy Owen
The new Cardiff council chief executive, who cost more than £50,000 to recruit, has been described as a “capable” pair of hands who has “impressed” so far in the top job. There has been controversy surrounding the appointment after it was discovered that Wales’ largest authority spent £53,499.63 on the process of hiring its new chief executive last year. Paul Orders, who earns a salary of £170,000 a year, was chosen as the successful candidate for the job last year. A Freedom of Information request revealed Cardiff’s bill for the recruitment process included just over £37,000 on consultants to do the assessment and scoring work of those who applied. Concerns were also raised about the lack of interest in such a high profile position with opposition councillors blaming the public in-fighting amongst the Labour group at the time as “off putting”.
[Councillor Judith Woodman, leader of the Lib Dem group, said:] “Paul Orders was an exceptionally good officer before he went to be the chief executive in Dunedin, New Zealand. It was a good move for him because the two countries are very similar and it gave him the experience that he needed coming back here. He is very capable, but he has a very difficult job to do and you must also remember that he gets direction from the political leadership. But from what I have seen of him so far, I have been very impressed.”
Mr Orders was selected by the cross-party Appointments Committee which included Conservative group leader David Walker.
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4 responses to “Paul Orders at Cardiff Council

  1. I think we could probably give Paul Orders a tick as the ‘one that got away’.

  2. jeff dickie

    Yes Calvin, you may recall the first question I asked Paul Orders when we met in his office to discuss the various fiascos in the DCC? I asked him, if when he applied for the CEO’s job, did he had any idea at all what a mess he was walking into and did he have any notion at all he would be surrounded by inept morons that couldn’t be trusted to run a hot dog stand in the Octagon, let alone manage a city and 100’s of millions of dollars? He turned and looked wistfully out the window. The body language said it all, and I asked, “are you thinking of Wales right now?”
    Yes, Paul was “the one that got away”. He clearly didn’t want Dunedin going down the toilet on his CV. When he got to meet the idiots he was expected to manage, I guess it was merely a matter of days before he looked for an exit strategy. He clearly was very bright and had an intellect which made him a very lonely figure in that organization!

  3. Anonymous

    I dunno. Paul was the one that signed off on Gigatown expenditure as he was walking out the door. Very clear that he was just using the job as a stepping stone to get the top job in Wales he really wanted.

  4. Elizabeth

    He definitely was briefed very early in his tenure at DCC that there was stuff going on at Citifleet – and he was provided with enough hard evidence there and then that any diligent CEO would treat as foundation to start a formal investigation. He elected not to do this. A cherry picker, while ratepayers kept paying for the 152 cars or more gone west, and god knows how many kickbacks to local businesses.

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