Stadium misses —like it would ever happen, Terry

DVML bought Rod Stewart for $350,000. It’s SO not the same.

Mmmm. Mt Smart. [Wanna excite a girl?]
The Rolling Stones! Icing on cake, great Aussie band Hunters & Collectors.

The Rolling Stones Published on Oct 5, 2014

New Zealand – The Rolling Stones are heading your way!
Ladies and Gentleman they are back! The Rolling Stones are ready to make their long awaited return to New Zealand. Following the sell-out European leg of the 14 ON FIRE tour, the most eagerly anticipated concert in years takes to the road for one big show in New Zealand at Auckland’s Mt Smart Stadium on 22 November.

The Rolling Stones 14 ON FIRE continues the exhilarating celebration of the band’s five decades, with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood bringing their iconic music and ground-breaking stage shows to audiences around the globe. Mick Taylor, former guitarist with the band from 1969-1974, will be a special guest.

14 ON FIRE hit Europe this summer travelling to sell-out venues and festivals across the continent on the tour. Critics praised The Rolling Stones shows as the “concert of a lifetime.”

Special guests have also been confirmed as rock group Hunters & Collectors.

More at:

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34 responses to “Stadium misses —like it would ever happen, Terry

  1. Mike

    Remember all those breathless articles in the ODT … someone’s doctor went to Otago once, or something, and that might mean the Stones will come here in gratitude (that same someone who confused Dunedin and Invercargill as being the armpit of the universe)

  2. Peter

    But, Gee, they are close. Like about 1200km away .

  3. Whippet

    Just a flight away. Trouble is once you leave town and see what’s over the hill some don’t want to come back.

  4. Mt Smart is for Tennis. In the eighties, we were told that ‘Girls just wanna have Fin’, ie an end to masculinist Stadium Rock. No-one mentions Bananarama or Melissa Etheridge any more!

  5. Elizabeth

    The Rolling Stones Published on Sep 18, 2014

    Australia & New Zealand – The Rolling Stones are coming!
    The countdown is on until the Rolling Stones bring their 14 ON FIRE tour to Australia and New Zealand! The 9 date tour starts at the Adelaide Oval on Saturday 25th October, followed by two dates in Perth, then onto Melbourne, the iconic Hanging Rock, Sydney, Hunter Valley, Brisbane and finally Auckland on Saturday 22nd November.


    The Rolling Stones Published on Jan 14, 2014

    The Rolling Stones – Miss You – Live 1997
    The Rolling Stones performing ‘Miss You’ in St Louis, MO, on the 1997 leg of the Bridges To Babylon tour.
    ‘Miss You’ was originally a single from the 1978 album Some Girls, and was composed by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and produced by the Glimmer Twins. This version features Mick Jagger on lead vocals and electric guitar, Keith Richards on electric guitar, Charlie Watts on drums, Ronnie Wood on electric guitar, Darryl Jones on bass guitar, Chuck Leavell on keyboards, Lisa Fischer, Bernard Fowler and Blondie Chaplin on backing vocals and Bobby Keys on saxophone.

    Miss You
    (M. Jagger/K. Richards)

    I’ve been holding out so long
    I’ve been sleeping all alone
    Lord I miss you
    I’ve been hanging on the phone
    I’ve been sleeping all alone
    I want to kiss you

    Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
    Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
    Oooh oooh oooh

    Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
    Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
    Oooh oooh oooh oooh

    Well, I’ve been haunted in my sleep
    You’ve been starring in my dreams
    Lord I miss you
    I’ve been waiting in the hall
    Been waiting on your call
    When the phone rings
    It’s just some friends of mine that say,
    “Hey, what’s the matter man?
    We’re gonna come around at twelve
    With some Puerto Rican girls that are just dyin’ to meet you.
    We’re gonna bring a case of wine
    Hey, let’s go mess and fool around
    You know, like we used to”

    Aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah
    Aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah
    Aaah aaah aaah aaah

    Oh everybody waits so long
    Oh baby why you wait so long
    Won’t you come on! Come on!

    I’ve been walking in Central Park
    Singing after dark
    People think I’m crazy
    I’ve been stumbling on my feet
    Shuffling through the street
    Asking people, “What’s the matter with you boy?”

    Sometimes I want to say to myself
    Sometimes I say

    Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
    Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
    Oooh oooh oooh

    Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
    Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh
    I won’t miss you child

    I guess I’m lying to myself
    It’s just you and no one else
    Lord I won’t miss you child
    You’ve been blotting out my mind
    Fooling on my time
    No, I won’t miss you, baby, yeah

    Lord, I miss you child

    Aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah
    Aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah
    Aaah aaah aaah aaah

    Lord, I miss you child

    Aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah
    Aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah
    Aaah aaah aaah aaah

    Lord, I miss you child

    Aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah
    Aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah aaah
    Aaah aaah aaah aaah

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Tue, 16 Dec 2014
      Opinion | Dazed and Confused
      The girls were way ahead of me in form 2
      By Roy Colbert
      Long-time Rolling Stones saxophonist Bobby Keys died at the start of this month after battling a suitably debilitating rock’n’roll disease, cirrhosis of the liver. If rock’n’roll anecdotes are to be believed, and it would be a very dull world if they weren’t. Keys first met the Stones in 1964, when, sequestered in a hotel room on one of what would be many more hundreds of rock tours, he heard an outrageous string of profanities in the hallway outside his door. It was Mick Jagger, loudly delivering the F-word in his London School of Economics voice, using the word, as school children do today, as a noun, verb, preposition and adjective. “I had never heard anyone use that word like that in public before,” Keys recalled in a later interview. “I decided I had to meet this guy, and spend time with him.”
      Read more

  6. Russell Garbutt

    I do have to say that whoever wrote the lyrics to some of these songs probably has speaking as a yet to be acquired talent. Nonetheless, the fact that the Rolling Stones are not appearing at the Foobar is not surprising.

    God, its long ago, but when I was a mere kid, the choice was really between the wholesome Beatles and the pretty wild Stones. Intriguing after all these years that the Beatles are nearly all either dead or look like it, and the totally unhealthy Stones are still going. Ah…..or should I say aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah?

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah
      Hey nonny nonny
      Too-ra-li oo-r-li oo-ra-li-ay
      Zippity do-dah, zippity-ay
      and a classic specially for you, Russell:
      Tutti frutti, oh rutti, tutti frutti, oh rutti
      Tutti frutti, oh rutti, tutti frutti, oh rutti
      Tutti frutti, oh rutti
      A wop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom

  7. Elizabeth

    So few words, so many many millions earned. Essay writing and journalism don’t often pay like that :)

  8. Elizabeth

    For the second time in little over a week, Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin has been transformed into a House of God. (ODT)

    At the Fubar’s zoo….
    28.10.14 ODT: Mass on grand scale as Catholics combine

    Earlier at the South Stand….
    18.10.14 ODT: From The Glasshouse to God’s house

    After all that, Terry, darling, I’m not sure The Rolling Stones would be welcome, ever.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Nonsense Elizabeth, ANYONE would be welcome, about whom there could be puff-blicity about how much money was flowing into Dunedin (even if a hell of a lot flowed out first, to bribe them to come here). And Mick is too astute a businessman to avoid a venue for religious reasons. Because the sound system is shite by his standards, because getting their gear here would be a logistical problem solvable only by divine intervention, sure. Because the Stones haven’t been so successful for so long by making dumb decisions – that too. But for “spiritual” reasons, nah. The Beatles went spiritual. Lennon developed a view of himself as deeply meaningful. The Stones knew what they were about, they were rockers. And they still are.

      • Elizabeth

        Hype :D
        Mick Jagger’s Religion and Political Views [in brief]

        Mick Jagger: Why he likes hard work and thinks his parents’ generation were the real rebels

        etc etc

        The Rolling Stones Published on Jul 10, 2012

        The Rolling Stones – Far Away Eyes – OFFICIAL PROMO
        The official promo video for the Rolling Stones’ 1978 single “Far Away Eyes”. The song reached number one on the US Billboard chart and number 3 in the UK. The track features on the 1978 album Some Girls, and was composed by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, and produced by the Glimmer Twins. The song features Mick Jagger on lead vocals, Keith Richards on guitar, piano and background vocals, Charlie Watts on drums, Ronnie Wood on guitar and backing vocals, and Bill Wyman on bass guitar. The video was directed by filmmaker Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who directed several promo videos for the band, including “Start Me Up”, “Jumping Jack Flash” and “Fool To Cry”. Lindsay-Hogg also directed promos for the Beatles and the Who.

        I was drivin’ home early Sunday morning
        Through Bakersfield,
        Listening to gospel music on the coloured radio station,
        And the preacher said: “You know you always have the lord by your side”
        And I was so pleased to be informed of this
        That I ran twenty red lights in his honour,
        Thank you Jesus, thank you lord

        I had an arrangement to met a girl, and I was kind of late
        And I thought by the time I got there she’d be off,
        She’d be off with the nearest truck driver she could find
        Much to my surprise there she was sittin’ in a corner
        Little bleary, worse for wear and tear
        Was a girl with far away eyes
        Well I tell you

        So if you’re down on you’re luck, and you can’t harmonize
        Find a girl with far away eyes
        And if you’re downright disgusted
        And life ain’t worth a dime
        Get a girl with far away eyes

  9. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sun, 16 Nov 2014
    Rolling Stones ready to rock NZ
    When the Stones roll into New Zealand a 300-strong army will mobilise to stage the greatest rock show on earth. Mick Jagger and his band will rock 47,000 fans at Auckland’s Mt Smart Stadium on Saturday.
    Read more

  10. Elizabeth

    The Rolling Stones Published on Oct 11, 2012

    The Rolling Stones — Doom And Gloom (Lyric Video)
    “Doom and Gloom” is the lead single taken from GRRR!, the 50th anniversary compilation album by The Rolling Stones. The single was recorded in Paris. It was premiered on BBC Radio 2 on 11 October 2012. The song marks the first time that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood have been in the studio together for seven years, since the recording of their last album, A Bigger Bang. The lyric video was released on YouTube the same day. (promo video)

  11. Elizabeth

    The Stones had agreed to pay to replace the grass at Mt Smart if there was any damage.

    ### Last updated 14:35, November 21 2014
    Behind the scenes of the Rolling Stones juggernaut video
    By Michelle Duff
    The finishing touches are taking place at Mt Smart Stadium as the stage is set for The Rolling Stones. If Keith Richards breaks a guitar on stage tomorrow night, it’s no cause for alarm – there’s 74 more where that came from. In a behind-the-scenes tour of Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland today, it was revealed the Rolling Stones carry no less than 75 guitars with them across continents. Tomorrow night’s show, the last on the Stones 50th anniversary calendar, is an epic undertaking. Two Boeing 747’s worth of gear – including the stage, lighting rigs, pyrotechnic equipment, and countless speakers – winged their way across to New Zealand for the concert.
    Read more + Video + Stadium Flyover Map (animation)

  12. Elizabeth

    Postcard from AKL
    Brunching at the Viaduct this morning after hotel checkout, following a devastating time at Mt Smart last night. Stones in brilliant form. Shallow review at Stuff, written like she didn’t attend. Today I can hardly think. Fantastic to get out of Dunedin for a REAL blast !!!!

  13. Elizabeth

    It’s a lacklustre write-up but Shabnam did attend….

    Shabnam Dastgheib (@Shab_d) tweeted at 6:05 PM on Sat, Nov 22, 2014:
    So I had planned to help rip out our old kitchen tonight but hanging with Mick Jagger might be more fun. Last minute rock and roll face on

    ### 6:58PM Saturday November 22, 2014
    Revellers get ready for Rolling Stones concert (1:20)
    Source: ONE News
    ONE News reporter Sharon Fergusson is live from Auckland’s Mt Smart ahead of the Rolling Stones concert.

    ### 10:33AM Sunday November 23, 2014
    The Rolling Stones give Kiwi fans some satisfaction (1:36)
    Source: ONE News
    New Zealand fans rave over the legendary band’s Auckland show.

    Auckland 22Nov2014 Setlist – (Official) The Rolling Stones
    Setlist 22Nov2014 official [The Rolling Stones]

    Item 18. You Can’t Always Get What you Want
    (with the Auckland members of the New Zealand Youth Choir)

    More information:

    Start Me Up (from Tattoo You, 1981)
    It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It) (from It’s Only Rock N Roll, 1974)
    You Got Me Rocking (from Voodoo Lounge, 1994)
    Tumbling Dice (from Exile On Main Street, 1972)
    Like a Rolling Stone (from Stripped, 1995)
    Doom and Gloom (from GRRR!, 2012)
    Out of Control (from Bridges to Babylon, 1998)
    Honky Tonk Women (single, 1968)
    You Got The Silver (from Let It Bleed, 1969)
    Before They Make Me Run (with Keith on lead vocals)(from Some Girls, 1978)
    Happy (with Keith on lead vocals) (from Exile On Main Street, 1972)
    Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor on guitar) (from Let It Bleed, 1969)
    Miss You (from Some Girls, 1978)
    Gimme Shelter (from Let It Bleed, 1969)
    Jumping Jack Flash (single, 1968)
    Sympathy For The Devil (from Beggars Banquet, 1968)
    Brown Sugar (from Sticky Fingers, 1971)

    You Can’t Always Get What You Want (from Let It Bleed, 1969)
    (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (from Out Of Our Heads, 1965)

  14. Elizabeth

    Tonight at Ch39, ODT’s Barry Stewart outlined an announcement tomorrow that a major act is coming to Fubar next year. Will it be geriatric (not a definition that applies to the Rolling Stones in their performance!) or is Lorde’s BFF Swift coming to grace the appalling acoustic properties.

    Just one. Like that will pay the +$20million annual losses currently/foreseeably being absorbed by Dunedin and Otago ratepayers and renters.

    The announcement that I wish was true (since this is the plague upon What if? this week) is that Terence has been offered a better job on the Australian subcontinent….

  15. Angus

    I wonder if Terry’s wife has moved from Adelaide yet. That might help to answer any questions as to his longevity here.

  16. “DIAMOND for DUNEDIN!!” When? October 24th. Brilliant! that gives me nearly a year to save up $80 or $350. Better still, it is estimated that $7million was expected to be pumped into the city’s economy. “Cringe cringe” there we go again, the begging mentality. Great news for Mr Davies and his connection with ‘Dainty Promotions’. It will be a popular event no doubt. But it can hardly be described as being part of a flood of activity for the stadium. DVML is celebrating the ‘coup’ of securing such a
    “massive name” for the city. The only thing he is very ‘coy’ about is what amount directly flows into DVML’s coffers. That of course would be ‘commercially sensitive’. We’ll just have to wait for the annual report 30th June 2016.

    • Whippet

      If they are able to estimate $7million being pumped into the city’s economy, they must know where this $7 million will land. Why not have a targeted rate, then only those that profit from this $7 million can contributed towards the stadium’s debt repayment? As it appears to have been built for them to profit from.

      • Elizabeth

        Whippet, I was speaking to someone yesterday who suggests Dunedin needs a bed tax, similar to the one being proposed at Queenstown!!

        ### ODT Online Thu, 27 Nov 2014
        Visitor levy mooted as fundraiser
        By Tracey Roxburgh
        A bed tax is back on the agenda for Queenstown, driven by the resort’s Chamber of Commerce. At its annual meeting on Tuesday night, chamber chief executive Ann Lockhart said the board was ”part-way” into lobbying the Government to allow a “visitor levy” to be applied in the area.
        Read more

      • Good point, Whippet. “If they are able to estimate $7million being pumped into the city’s economy, they must know where this $7 million will land.” If they can’t produce the details of how they arrived at this sum they’re simply picking a number and hoping it passes scrutiny.

        When I was at school we didn’t get a pass for the answer to a maths problem if we hadn’t set out the the steps of our calculations. The teacher needed to know we understood the procedure, otherwise the “right answer” could have been a fluke, or whispered by a classmate.
        As a stakeholder – ratepayer – I know what the teacher meant.

        Currently I have no reason to believe any of the rah-rah about $millions flowing into Dunedin. The only people who profited from the Fubar Stadium aren’t around, these days. I and the people I know aren’t winners from this influx of riches. We’re poorer because we’re forever, through rates and increased charges, paying for the ill-begotten Fubar Stadium plus its rah-rah merchants and the subsidies with which they procure the odd fragment to shout rah-rah about.

        Enough with selling us the sizzle, we bought that before and we’ve got the debt to prove it. Now it’s time to produce the steak. If you can’t do that it’s going to look as if all you’ve got is a recording of sizzle and an aerosol of Odor’O’Barbecue.

  17. Elizabeth

    Tragic. Hardly the highlight of anyone’s concert-going career.

    ### ODT Online Fri, 28 Nov 2014
    Diamond for Dunedin
    By Chris Morris
    Forsyth Barr Stadium is set to deliver another major concert with confirmation Neil Diamond is coming to Dunedin. The Labour Weekend concert will be staged on Saturday, October 24 next year, and is expected to draw thousands of fans to the city for the weekend.
    Read more

  18. Elizabeth

    fubar stadium? safe house for washed up artists and no-good rugby sponges

    ### November 28, 2014 – 5:41pm
    Neil Diamond to perform in Dunedin
    Dunedin audiences are set to be entertained by another major international act at Forsyth Barr Stadium.

  19. Elizabeth

    What can I say. Last night, a lot of dress leather jackets on well-kept middle-aged and older couples (from Central Otago and the South) hit McDonald’s for coffee and a bite after the concert.

    More on Monday at ODT.

    Never liked his music.

    • Peter

      Oh God. This Neil Diamond Concert is a wake up call. A reminder how us baby boomers are past it. I must stop listening to Joni Mitchell et al and get some advice on something more contemporary.
      Never thought we could be so tragic. Saw the video online of ND and felt washed up. Must listen to some Leonard Cohen.

  20. Elizabeth

    ND would have better suited the Town Hall or Regent. Or a Californian-style beer hall somewhere that we don’t have.

    Terry Davies can’t afford these “stadium misses” at any DVML venue. It shows.

    Luk as Published on Nov 26, 2014
    Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang AMA’s 2014
    watch bang bang live from the american music awards !!!!!

    Meanwhile here’s the layered video version….

    JessieJVEVO Published on Aug 25, 2014
    Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj – Bang Bang ft. Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj

    A bit too much woman power for TD ??!!??

    Wikipedia: “Bang Bang” is a song recorded by British singer Jessie J, American singer Ariana Grande, and Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj. The song was released on 29 July 2014 by Lava and Republic Records as the lead single from Jessie J’s third studio album Sweet Talker (2014). It is also included on the deluxe version of Ariana Grande’s second studio album My Everything (2014), serving as the third single from that album. As of August 2015, “Bang Bang” has been certified quintuple platinum by the RIAA.

    “Bang Bang” became a commercial success, debuting at number one in the United Kingdom and reaching the top ten of record charts of numerous countries including Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the United States. It was also favourably reviewed by music critics, who praised the song’s composition.

    The song’s accompanying video was shot over two days in Los Angeles, California and was directed by Hannah Lux Davis. The video was officially previewed and teased in a Beats by Dr. Dre commercial that aired on August 20, 2014. Following the ad’s airing, it was announced that the music video would arrive shortly after the trio’s performance at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards. On August 24, 2014 the official video was uploaded on MTV’s website and was available for international viewing. On August 25, 2014, the video was released via Jessie J’s VEVO account.

    Songwriting – Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Rickard Goransson, Onika Maraj.

  21. Elizabeth

    An early post on stadium form and function at this website, written by then site owner Paul Le Comte.

    5.3.07 (post)modern?

    Decorous, positive, I really quite like it — scripted well before Dunedin’s stadium took its current hayshed form. Paul chances on so much wasted opportunity for a city that could never afford the stadium or the acts. He’s absolutely right about architecture and design.

  22. Elizabeth

    We’d heard ticket sales were slow and not reaching the 20,000 hoped for. Old acts lessen the chance of a full stadium. Doh. Fleetwood Mac might fill the seats but what of (choke) Black Sabbath ?

    Even ODT sent out the aging Mackenzie to report Saturday night’s adventure. Did Nick Smith help sponsor the concert ? Good for him if so. I dare say Dunedin ratepayers have underwritten the loss, who else.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 26 Oct 2015
    Good times never seemed so good
    By Dene Mackenzie
    Neil Diamond proved to be a gracious and humble entertainer when he stepped on stage on Saturday night to entertain an enthusiastic if older audience. […] More than a few in the 13,073-strong audience arrived on walking sticks and other supports.
    Read more

    ODT: Glad gets a Diamond memento to treasure

  23. Elizabeth

    ### Tue, 27 Oct 2015
    Neil Diamond performs to thousands at Forsyth Barr Stadium
    Local fans of veteran crooner Neil Diamond turned out in their thousands to watch him perform live at the weekend.
    Ch39 Link

    39 Dunedin Television Published on Oct 26, 2015
    Neil Diamond performs to thousands at Forsyth Barr Stadium

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