DCHL & DVML: Call for directors

ODT 4.10.14 DCHL directors advert p21ODT 4.10.14 (page 21)

Is it our collective good fortune that “Don’t you know who I am?!?!” Sir John Hansen is ending his tenure as chairman for the sympatico boards of DVML and DVL?

Although, here is evidence that the Fubar Stadium GOES ON………..

We know public release of the Stadium Review initiated by DCC chief executive Sue Bidrose is pushed out until November. It’s all VERY messy, that nothing will DIE —regrouping the DVML board for the $20 million pa loss-making stadium won’t turn the structure into crushed aggregate and salvaged steel (for sale) at pumpkin hour.

A few bunnies will apply. We’ve had bunnies all along at DCHL —look what that’s cost Dunedin ratepayers and residents. Same applies for DVL and DVML. No change will happen while the stadium continues to drain the finances of Dunedin City Council under Liability Cull’s mayoralty of disasters and increased spending.

Remember this BS?

Dunedin City Council – Media Release
DCHL Names New Directors

This item was published on 31 Oct 2013

Dunedin City Holdings Limited (DCHL) has announced the appointment of two new directors to the parent company board and another two to its subsidiary company boards. More than 50 applications were received for the DCHL Board. […] DCHL Chair Graham Crombie says the new directors bring strengths that will add valuable skill sets to the boards they have been appointed to. “We needed people that could make informed business decisions, but at the same time complement the skill set of the directors already around the Board table. Following on from last year’s result we needed people comfortable working in a highly visible public arena to help us build on the excellent work done by the previous directors and maintain the forward momentum.”
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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24 responses to “DCHL & DVML: Call for directors

  1. About ‘Bunnies’. There’s a ‘Bunny Run’ on. SDHB is to employ a ‘sick bunny’ to front its health education campaign (The Star Weekly). They really should get A Rabbit.

    • Elizabeth

      Hmmm. Meritorious aside from topic of this thread…

      ### ODT Online Sat, 4 Oct 2014
      Big health services shake-up looms
      By Eileen Goodwin
      The troubled Southern District Health Board is reaching crisis point. Health reporter Eileen Goodwin examines its challenges ahead of the announcement on Monday of the new health minister. The sense of drift and dysfunction at the Southern District Health Board, and tension between senior doctors and senior management, is expected to be addressed once a new health minister has been appointed.
      Read more

      Will it be sleaze A Rabbit/ Woodlice.

  2. Elizabeth

    Hunt begins for new directors
    ….Hanging over the process was also the soon-to-be-released stadium review, due next month, which was considering governance arrangements among other potential changes. Mr Crombie said no decisions had been made, and he did not know what the review could mean for the future shape of DVML’s board, but “all of that’s on the table”. Any changes to DCHL’s board would also require the approval of the council, as its shareholder, while changes to DVML and Dunedin Venues Ltd would be considered and agreed directly by councillors. http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/318910/hunt-begins-new-directors

    • Mike

      Imagine you join the DVML board, but not the DVL board, but the majority of the other directors are on both boards – you’d be powerless, unable to do anything with your poisoned chalice.

  3. Mike; ‘Oh yea of little faith.’ Like sustainability, boards are the “in thing”. We must have them, where else could you drive a nail?

  4. Mike

    I was more thinking of how it seems that DVL and DVML having the same board means they can just do things like have some of their subvention payments passed around under the table to make it look like DVML is close to making a profit and then passing them back to DVL as ‘rent’.

    Being the only guy on the DVML board who isn’t on the DVL board you’re going to feel pretty powerless because you’ll only ever have half the information and half the control that your fellow board members have … I bet you end up hearing “just trust us” a lot.

  5. “As a retired judge he should know better.” As a wily old chap he knows on which side his bread is buttered, and at whose tables artisan bread will continue to be most lavishly buttered for the rest of his life.

  6. “Sir John Hansen” is the embodiment of what has come to be seen as ‘independent’. That is why he was on the Stadium review panel. Terry Davies was the other stunningly ‘independent’ member of that panel. Probably helps explain why it was just another ‘boondoggle’.
    But you would have to love Sir’s hair do. Puts ridiculous into perspective doesn’t it? It’s much more flamboyant ‘half arsed’ thing Michael Guest used to wear.

  7. Russell Garbutt

    Proven to be a pompous expensive to run egotist. Won’t be missed at all by anyone other than his mates.

  8. Peter

    Hansen independent? He was once a lawyer with John Farry, stadium landowner. He’s right into rugby. He showed immature behaviour at a council meeting by slowly moving his legs to let Bev and I pass him to get a seat in the gallery.

    • Bev Butler

      That day at the council meeting, Hansen was pathetic, gave us a filthy look while ever so slowly moving his legs so we could get past. Only one thing worse than a bitchy girl is a bitchy boy.

  9. Elizabeth

    Don’t You Know Who I Am.

    The default statement dished at stadium whenever DYKWIA (was that dick or wanker) attempts to breach entry to controlled access areas.
    Visitor status at Suite 29.

  10. Elizabeth

    (ODT 17.9.08) “A retired High Court judge will head a new group looking after the interests of organisations funding the Awatea St stadium. Justice John Hansen, of Christchurch, has the role of non-voting independent chairman of the stadium stakeholders group, which had representatives from the Dunedin City Council, Otago Regional Council, University of Otago and Carisbrook Stadium Trust.”

    “The role of the stakeholders’ group, which would meet monthly, was to make sure the stakeholders’ interests were maintained, and the outcomes required were measured against what was delivered by the trust. Asked if that meant holding the trust to the conditions set down by both councils, he said it was.”

    Ref: http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/22672/new-stadium-project-appointments

    The ‘non-voting independent chairman’ didn’t appear to think any of the DCC’s 10 lines in the sand (conditions) for the stadium project were worth meeting in the rush to satisfy NZRU and the Key-led government that Dunedin could deliver a new stadium for one event – RWC 2011.

    Received from Bev Butler – Summary of Stadium Conditions
    Sat, 29 Nov 2014 at 7.44 a.m.

    [click to enlarge]
    Summary of Conditions Butler

    *Excel spreadsheet – reformatted via screenshot

  11. Bev Butler

    This spreadsheet shows the absolute FAILURE by Hansen to ensure the stadium conditions were met. Hansen is a bloody disgrace. Go now, Hansen, before you do any more damage to our city. We don’t want you hanging around until early next year.
    The information in this spreadsheet was obtained through numerous OIA’s, Ombudsman complaints and release of cabinet papers over a period of about 18 months, presented to council a couple of years ago and the ODT chose not to report it.

    • Thank goodness we have frightful nuisances like Bev Butler who relentlessly work away to extract information atom by atom, and this site to make it available to those who don’t mind knowing facts.

  12. Warwick

    Hope they don’t give Hansen a going away gift. Already scored himself a couple of cheap tellies. Did he also get a suit?

  13. Elizabeth

    Dunedin City Council – Media Release
    New Directors Announced

    This item was published on 23 Dec 2014

    The Dunedin City Council is pleased to announce the appointment of directors, Keith Cooper to Dunedin City Holdings Limited and Raewyn Lovett and Alan McConnon to Dunedin Venues Management Limited.

    Mayor of Dunedin, Dave Cull says, “These appointments will inject new blood and proven skills into our Council company boards and I am confident they will contribute towards meeting Council’s increasing demands on company performance.”

    The new directors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their new roles.

    Mr Cooper has experience in governance positions as the former Chief Executive of Silver Fern Farms and board member of the Otago Rugby Football Union. He brings to the role extensive experience in marketing, sales, exporting, financing, and health and safety. Having bridged the commercial and public sectors Mr Cooper is looking forward to taking on this role and contributing to Dunedin, which has been his home for the last 14 years.

    Mr McConnon is an experienced businessman growing the Mainland dairy brand from a regional operator to become a market leader in New Zealand and a strong market contender in Australia. He has had a diverse career in information technology, administration, sales, marketing, distribution and export marketing and held the position of Export Sales Manager for Australasian Food Holdings, following the formation of Fonterra. Mr McConnon has also held extensive director and board positions in varying industries and is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand.

    Ms Lovett is well versed in governance as the Deputy Chair of Quotable Value Limited and having previously been the Chair of Obex Medical Limited. She also has experience in the sporting sector as Chair of the Netball New Zealand Board, the High Performance Advisory Group and Auckland Sport as well as being on the board of TTNL Limited (responsible for the ANZ Championship). Ms Lovett is a qualified lawyer with experience in commercial, corporate, employment and property law and sees the value the Forsyth Barr Stadium brings to the city and community by adding vibrancy to Dunedin and providing access to world class events.

    Chair of Dunedin City Holdings Ltd, Graham Crombie, says he is delighted by both the quantum and quality of applications for the roles.

    “The three were successful from a strong group. They bring a wealth of experience and ideas to the boards. I am looking forward to working with them in their new roles.”

    [no DCHL or DVML contact information provided]

    DCC link

    • Elizabeth

      The appointments aren’t looking all that good for Dunedin ratepayers. Obviously.
      B’stards. Some interests being expanded here.

  14. Maxwell

    Silver Fern Farms: Interesting little story in the December 2014 NZ Farmers Weekly.
    Management has learned from past mistakes. SFF ran up about $280 million debt from 2011 to 2013 and sources within and outside SFF said the banks were demanding their money back.
    Who was the CEO during that time ?

    • Elizabeth

      Magic question for Mr Cooper.

      Not sure what the New Zealand Institute of Directors (NZID) would think about the appointments.
      Probably worth giving their CEO a call.

  15. Peter

    Incredulous. Don’t those morons on council do their homework?

  16. Elizabeth

    With Bill Baylis gone from DCHL, time to load up the board with an ORFU hoon who should explain his SFF performance; and the other guy who messed up big time (refer historic business pages, search Wrightson, PGG, Craig Norgate, McConnon family et al….). Read: Big Men with small willies.

    Then, why not get a High Performance Sport girlie into DVML.

    This says ALL heaps about the integrity of the current DCHL board chair, not.
    What a massive liability DCHL has turned out to be following release of the Larsen Report.


  17. Calvin Oaten

    All we need is another set of ORFU fangs embedded in the citizens’ backside. That will compensate fully for the exit of Bill Baylis. The addition of a High Performance Sport advocate into DVML completes the ‘Romantic Farce’ of the CEO Bidrose-sponsored Stadium Review. All that is required is for that other star of stage and screen, Dave the ‘fixit man’, to set it to music. then we can all either sing along, or more likely ‘hum it’.

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