DVML on Otago Rugby and Rod

Received from Anonymous

DVML Otago Rugby waste

Interesting, when DVML and ratepayers have propped up Otago Rugby for such a long time….

DVML Rod-dollars

Nick Smith is being called on to help fund concert bids….

Really quite a sad situation. “DVML staff still bullied.”
“Board members spent a fair time in Suite 29 too.”

Where this will all end we don’t know….

Stadium Review due for public release this month(?) is unlikely to fix it.

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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17 responses to “DVML on Otago Rugby and Rod

  1. Peter

    Maybe Nick Smith/Allied Press should buy, and run, the stadium. Their hand is in there behind the scenes. Terry Davies was trotted up to the ODT offices when he first arrived and much direction, I understand, comes from there.
    Would they like to buy the stadium for the community they pretend to serve? I doubt it as it is far easier to bludge off public money rather than their own. Aside from the owners’ personal wealth, the ODT is not doing that well financially from what I hear.

    What a waste of money. $350k to pimp for an event….this time another ageing musician belting out the same old tunes…. and continue the pretence that the stadium is an attraction in its own right.It’s not.

  2. Mike

    Between the amount they lost on the soccer and this $350k where are they getting the money from?

    • Elizabeth

      Given the singer was astonishingly badly off key (televised to the world) at the Commonwealth Games it seems like $350k of anyone’s money down the toilet. Something no sound studio could fix let alone the bad acoustics at Fubar.

      • Peter

        Rod may have been happier with a blond half his age and forgone all the financial entitlements.
        It would have saved us $350k.
        Now we’ll never know.

        • Elizabeth

          Rod said as much in news this week, the case of his roving eye admitted. Mind you, we could all do with a blond half our age, I suspect.

  3. Mike, “Where are they getting the money from?” Silly question. You know as well as anybody where the money comes from. Ultimately the citizens. It is they who are bearing higher energy costs due to Aurora paying $7.292m pa to DVL. It is they (the few) who pay at the turnstyles. It is they who pay inflated costs of such as rubbish disposal, parking costs, annual rates increases etc. And most of all it is they who foot the bill for the exorbitant interest charges on the horrendous debt involved in the stadium finances. It is they who consistently toss more into the pot for subsidising rugby, concerts, freebies for various ad hoc groups such as Student nonsenses like paint warfare. Mike, when the city is run by the elected body and the administration we have, it is simply not a problem.

  4. Elizabeth

    By the way, are we taking wagers on when the (problematic if not dire) Stadium Review gets publicly released? September’s nearly done and Cinders hasn’t made it to the Ball.

  5. Elizabeth, I read recently about the origin of “FUBAR” Apparently, it was coined in the US navy during WW2. It related to “A f..k up beyond all recognition”. Seems about right.

  6. Elizabeth

    Yes Calvin. I believe it’s Hype O’Thermia who earns the credit for first coining ‘Fubar Stadium’. A+ for fit, eh.

    • Mike

      Actually I claim credit, I’m pretty sure I used it first (with full knowledge of what it meant) and snuck it under the ODT radar for ages until it became common – Hype joined me almost immediately – there was a point when I think they sort of banned it and then gave up.

  7. Cars

    Could someone tell me why the geniuses at DMVL have not contracted Rodriguez to play at the stadium?

    The Sydney Opera House shows were completely booked out in 15 minutes and tickets at $89 are now scalping at $600.

    He is playing at Auckland and Wellington, but not Dunedin, he doesn’t have a huge band or 747.

    He doesn’t need Guy Mulcastee to bok him, he’s just too profitable I guess.

  8. Cars

    Excuse the pun- Bok him

  9. Elizabeth

    Given the post at the top of this thread, and Terry Davies….

    Union general manager Richard Kinley confirmed the union was scoping out what its needs were in the future and that might include new offices.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 22 Apr 2015
    Otago union reviewing office space
    By Steve Hepburn
    The Otago Rugby Football Union is reviewing its office layout but any developments or possible shift could be years away and nothing has been set in stone. The union has its offices in the second mezzanine floor of the South Stand at Forsyth Barr Stadium and has been there since relocating from Carisbrook.
    Read more

  10. Calvin Oaten

    Does anyone know what rental the ORFU pays for their offices in the Stadium. Does anyone know what rental the ORFU/Highlanders pay for the use of the grandly upgraded facilies on Logan Park. Does anyone know if the Sports Acafdemy and or Highlanders are paying down the $10 million debt on that building? Does anyone know if the DCC is still gifting $850,000 pa to the Sports Academy? That sum curiously enough equates to what was stated as being the costs to service and pay down the $10 million debt.

  11. Rob Hamlin

    From the ORFU article above:

    ”We play at the stadium, we are 50m away from the training fields and there are some nice new changing sheds over at Logan Park so it is not too bad all round,”

    ‘the training fields?’

    ‘nice new changing SHEDS!!!?’

    ‘Not too bad?’

    Further to this comment I note that the publicly owned rugby playing field that is in front of the supposedly publicly owned (but usually locked and barred unless the Highlanders/ORFU are around) super-luxury rugby changing rooms on Logan Park has been in receipt of unusually assiduous and pricey looking grounds attention in recent months – This attention on top of the massive ratepayer funded floodlight arrays that this particular pitch received a couple of years ago.

    This now verdant public pitch has also received two further fixtures. At each end of it there is a large ‘white ‘KEEP OFF’ sign, which has been there for weeks.

    Don’t we look after them well?

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