What if? swayed by celebrity, loveliness —and dirty politics

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33 responses to “What if? swayed by celebrity, loveliness —and dirty politics

  1. Peter

    Love it! Two unsavoury characters who deserve all the derision people want to heap on them.

  2. Elizabeth

    ### stuff.co.nz Last updated 18:15 06/10/2014
    Nicky Hager’s house raided by police
    Author Nicky Hager is planning legal action to stop investigators from looking at electronic records taken from his home in a police raid. […] Hager said the police raid was “dangerous for journalism in New Zealand” and he would not cooperate with efforts to reveal his source. “My investigative journalism work means I have an unnegotiable obligation to protect all my sources and the confidences of other people who approach me.” The author warned the action was chilling for other media in New Zealand. While he accepted the police had the right under the law to be there, he was critical of the powers they were afforded.
    Read more

    Interesting comment from “(Whaleoil) Cameron Slater:
    “Journalists call people they write stories about. Journalists give people a right of reply. Journalists tell the whole story, not massaged narratives that suit their politics,” Slater wrote.

    He should meet McPravda. And Ms Porteous.


    ### ODT Online Mon, 6 Oct 2014
    Police raid Nicky Hager’s home
    Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager has had his home raided by police searching for the hacker Rawshark. In a 10-hour search of his house, Hager said computers and papers were seized in what appeared to be an attempt to discover the identity of the person who provided information used in the Dirty Politics book. APNZ
    Read more

  3. Elizabeth

    The Evidence Act gives journalists rights to protect information that may reveal their sources.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 7 Oct 2014
    Hager search questioned
    By Claire Trevett – New Zealand Herald
    Labour’s acting leader David Parker says he believes Nicky Hager has a journalist’s right to protect his sources and questioned whether a 10-hour search of Hager’s home amounted to intimidation of the media. Mr Parker said while he respected the independence of the police, it was crucial journalists were not forced to reveal their sources and police needed to tread carefully to ensure those rights are not breached. APNZ
    Read more

  4. Whippet

    Just who are Labour trying to protect. Themselves?

  5. Peter

    This action by the police on the behest of the government is disgraceful. This is the very ugly face of the Key Government.
    The appointment of Michael Woodhouse as Police Minister could potentially be very handy for keeping the lid on what’s going on down here on his home patch. You know… wheels within wheels.

  6. Elizabeth

    Check out the latest at http://dirtypoliticsnz.com/, including Nicky Hager’s statement (6.10.14) about the police raiding his house and seizing property at http://dirtypoliticsnz.com/2014/10/06/statement-by-nicky-hager-on-police-seizing-property/

    Donations top $44,000 for Nicky Hager defence fund…


    Help from the crowd by Russell Brown at http://publicaddress.net/hardnews/help-from-the-crowd/

  7. Whippet.

    Donations top $44,000 for Nicky Hager defence fund.
    What has he been charged with, that requires a defence fund ?

    • Elizabeth

      That is the problem, police took possession of his property with no charges laid – that’s worth some money challenging at court in order to retrieve the property !!!

  8. Whippet.

    The police had a warrant, didn’t they. Issued by a judge.
    Did Nicky have a warrant when he received somebody else’s stolen property and wrote a book on what that property contained.
    Does that mean that next time someone handles stolen goods and the police come looking, that we set up a defence fund for them to defend themselves as being the receivers. If that’s the case we had better start a defence fund up for some of those involved in the stadium debacle.

    • Elizabeth

      But you think Hager (investigative journalist) is wrong to have published. And further you seem to have some idea that National types play by the book – yet the whistleblowers including Martin Legge publishing at this site show National ministers and that ningnong Peter Dunne (and those before them) do not play by the book in supporting white collar fraud and money laundering through pokie trusts in support of rugby, racing and other sport. Further, they shamefully expect NZ Police, DIA, OAG and SFO to bend to their politics – to keep their Old Boy pals in profit.

      If you don’t want to know how NZ politics works, if you don’t want to get to the heart of matters, suggest you vote Cull back in next election. And revisit Sydney Brown as his deputy. Oh, and throw Chin back in as mincemeat.

  9. Anonymous

    This charge of “receiving stolen property” that you cite. Please specify exactly why you think that applies in this case. Cite the appropriate statute. (Hint: it doesn’t)

    • Hype O'Thermia

      What stolen property? What went missing from C.Slater or anyone else’s computers?
      If someone removes the photo of my horse from my desk that’s theft. If someone takes a photo of my horse, i.e. photographs the animal, it isn’t. Even if they climb over the fence into the paddock to take the photo it isn’t theft. Trespass, not theft. The word “theft” has been chucked around with utmost ignorance by an assortment of people who for some reason don’t want dishonesty, treachery, collaboration with suppliers of dangerous legal drugs and other “dirty tricks” revealed to the public of NZ. I wonder why they are so adamant that those grubby deeds should remain secret. It’s an interesting set of priorities they display with their repeated squawks “Theft! theft!”

  10. Whippet

    It would appear that you have no problem with someone, without your permission taking a copy of your credit card account, that shows how many times and how much it cost you in visits to various massage parlors, and sending the information to your wife? You must have a very understanding wife.

    • Elizabeth

      I’m not married. Massage parlours are overrated.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Re disclosure of shameful behaviour, if it is something you would be ashamed of were it to be known by people you owe loyalty to, don’t do it. Simple.
      If it’s something you believe is not shameful it would be annoying but no more so than if they obtained records of where you bought petrol, how much you paid for rates etc. Going to massage parlours is not illegal. But if it’s a betrayal of your commitment to someone and you’re a lying cheating low-life you deserve to be outed and your wife deserves to know the truth so she can decide whether you’re the kind of person it’s worth giving her time, energy, loyalty and love to.

  11. Whippet

    If somebody had that information. How would you know it wasn’t a fake. The first thing would be to get anything passed to you from a dubious source authenticated. Did Hager do that ? If not why not? Some people would believe anything that suited their slant on life, whether it be true or false.

    • Elizabeth

      See diatribe at new post.

    • Hype O'Thermia

      Whippet, you now sound so desperate to diss Hager that you’re wandering awfully close to The Weird Woods where the Tinfoil Hat people dwell!

      • Whippet

        I have just come from there Hype. That was a lovely wave I got from you as you were going in, but I won’t tell anybody that I saw you .

    • Calvin Oaten

      “Did Hager get authentication? If not why not?” As an investigative journalist he lives or dies by deeply researching and verifying before publishing. His reputation depends on it. Personally I would put my money on Hager and his track record before any would-be politician looking for the main chance. But, as the saying goes, people will always believe what they need to believe when they need to believe it. That goes for Whippet as well.

  12. Elizabeth

    Get this.

    Cunliffe quits leadership race
    New Lynn MP David Cunliffe has announced he is withdrawing from the Labour Party leadership contest.
    ODT Link

  13. Cars

    Better to be thought a fool than proving it.

    and lots of others

  14. Elizabeth


    Garrick Tremain – 25 Oct 2014

    garrick-tremain-crush-25-oct-2014Source: National Library of New Zealand

  15. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Mon, 24 Nov 2014
    PM’s office targeted Goff – report
    A report by New Zealand’s intelligence watchdog has found blogger Cameron Slater requested and published politically damaging material about former Labour leader Phil Goff from the SIS after being instructed to ask for the material by Prime Minister John Key’s staff. Inspector General of Intelligence and Security Cheryl Gwyn has been investigating events around the declassification and release of SIS documents Slater used to attack Mr Goff in a series of blog posts in mid 2011 and will release her report tomorrow. APNZ
    Read more


    ### radionz.co.nz Mon 24 Nov 2014
    Checkpoint with Mary Wilson & Jim Mora
    SIS report criticises spy agency and PM’s office (4:33)
    17:08 A report on the Security Intelligence Service due out tomorrow is expected to heavily criticise both the spy agency and the Prime Minister’s office.
    Audio | Downloads: Ogg MP3

  16. Elizabeth

    Mr Goff said the report demanded accountability by Mr Key for the actions of his office, “for which – at the very least – he failed to exercise oversight and in all likelihood knew about and failed to rein in”.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 25 Nov 2014
    Dirty Politics: PM won’t apologise to Goff
    Prime Minister John Key says he will not offer an apology to Labour’s Phil Goff and is defending his office against any claims of wrongdoing over the involvement in the OIA request by Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater to SIS head Warren Tucker. A report on Dirty Politics allegations released this morning found former SIS director Warren Tucker failed to take adequate steps to maintain the spy agency’s political neutrality. APNZ
    Read more


    [Key] said he would recommending to the Governor-General that Ms Collins she granted use of the title “The Honourable” for life.”

    ### ODT Online Tue, 25 Nov 2014
    Dirty Politics: Report clears Collins
    A report from a government inquiry into National MP Judith Collins has found no evidence the former justice minister acted inappropriately. The inquiry found that while Ms Collins had provided information about Mr Feeley to blogger Cameron Slater, “there was nothing improper about the provision of this information”. APNZ
    Read more

  17. I wonder if there will be consideration given in the very near future to the provision of ‘vomit bags’ at every MP’s desk? It ought to be obligatory at least when John Key is scheduled to speak.

  18. “Buck passing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to “The buck stops here” – “The buck stops here” is a phrase that was popularized by U.S. President Harry S. Truman, who kept a sign with that phrase on his desk in the Oval Office. The phrase refers to the fact that the President has to make the decisions and accept the ultimate responsibility for those decisions.”

    NZ – land of the long white vapour trail left by the buck disappearing to another part of the galaxy while Glorious and Lesser Chain’d Leaders swear on their mothers’ graves there never was a buck and if there was, they personally were never informed of its existence.

  19. Mr Justice Chisholm says “I don’t understand it but I rule in Ms Collin’s favour anyway.” Now this is a remarkable consistency which parallels his comments when presiding over the case of the STS versus the DCC over the stadium issues. After hearing the perambulations in the affidavits submitted and presented by Jim Harland and Athol Stephens he said, “I don’t understand the financial details but I’ll rule in favour of the DCC.” And he did.

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